2014-12-09 | Newsticker
V11 brochure now available!

The new innovaphone V11 brochure is now available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish. Read more about the new innovaphone IP111 IP phone, the innovaphone  IP2X2-X extension module and many more interesting innovations. The PDF file can be found in the appropriate language on our Download page.

German  |  English  |  French  |  Italian  |  Spanish  |  Dutch  |  Polish

2014-11-28 | Newsticker
innovaphone stepped onto the winner’s podium of the funkschau Reader Awards

We recently had a wonderful experience, almost like an early Christmas present when we, together with our innovaphone PBX, stepped onto the winner’s podium of the funkschau Reader Awards. We thank everyone who voted for us, we are very proud of our funkschau Reader Award cup!

2014-10-17 | Newsticker
Security gap closed Bash Bug (ShellShock)

innovaphone has safely closed the newly discovered security gap in the UNIX-Shell Bash with the current patch. Installations of Linux Application Platform on innovaphone gateways or in a VMware environment may be affected. The innovaphone PBX and the gateways themselves are not at risk. It is strongly recommended that you update to the new versions V.10 sr15 or V9 hotfix31 on theLinux Application platform, that are available on the innovaphone Download server.

2014-10-15 | Newsticker
innovaphone Partner Days 2014

The innovaphone Partner Days will be taking place from 6 November until 4 December 2014 in 9 cities across Europe. At this year’s Dialogue events, we will also be presenting the 11th generation of our innovaphone PBX. Get to know the V11 with its wide array of features and make the most of the opportunity to meet other innovaphone partners and to discuss your experiences with them and us. Feel free to contact us for further information.

2014-10-08 | Newsticker
Review: workshop in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

A workshop took place in Ostrava (Czech Republic) on September, 24th. Our Area Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, Andreas Maier was pleased to have so many participants on site. Many thanks to our partner Annex Net s.r.o. for their great support. Here are some impressions of the workshop.

2014-09-18 | Newsticker
The last innovaphone V10 Advanced Training courses

The last V10 Advanced training courses will take place in October and December. Secure yourself a place and participate in the two-week online course. On successfully completing this course, the participant is certified as an innovaphone Convergent Engineer (iCE). Click here for all further information on the training course and to register.

  • 13 October 2014 (German, English, and with French and Italian language support)
  • 1 December 2014 (German, English)
2014-08-13 | Newsticker
innovaphone Voice Recording available from 9 September

Recording calls is very important for critical applications in emergency call centres, such as the police or fire department, or for banks and service providers, whose telephone calls are contractually binding. innovaphone Voice Recording is the perfect tool for such scenarios. The innovaphone Voice Recording is activated with relevant authorisation and the corresponding license, thus allowing the innovaphone PBX to record all calls if desired. It allows all calls, whether inbound or outbound, to be recorded. Calls can be recorded with IP phones, analogue phones, IP DECT devices and mobile phones. Look forward to the innovaphone Voice Recording, which will be available from September 9th!

2014-08-04 | Newsticker
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2014-08-01 | Newsticker
Time for modernisation - Design upgrade campaign

All four campaigns in our exchange campaign are valid in August. Don’t miss this chance - take this opportunity to modernise your telephone system now!

Have you had an eye on our award-winning IP222 and IP232 IP phones for a long time? Then buy now - from 1 August until 31 October  - and get either the complete UC functionalities from innovaphone (UC licence) for free for each newly acquired device (IP222, IP232), or choose 160 Software Service Credits, which you can use as you please in your installation. The choice is yours! For more information on this campaign, click here.

innovaphone customers can also still benefit from these campaigns:

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms here.

2014-07-11 | Newsticker
Product catalogue 2014/2015 now available in Spanish

The innovaphone Product catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in Spanish. It contains information about our current range of products. You will find the relevant PDF file in the download area of the corresponding language version.

Product catalogue 2014/2015 | Spanish

2014-07-09 | Newsticker
innovaphone Office integration with Microsoft Office 365

All the usual Presence information is available with Microsoft Office 365 and you have a perfect overview of who is busy, absent or available.

The Exchange Calendar Connector allows calender entries to be be processed from the Outlook calendar for the Presence information in the UC client, myPBX. The respective Presence icon is displayed graphically. For example, if the person you wish to speak with is currently in a call, the Presence icon is red showing the status "Busy".  Furthermore, the current calendar entry is added as a Presence note.

Read this Wiki article to find out what you need to be able to use the innovaphone Office integration with Microsoft Office 365.

2014-07-01 | Newsticker
New month - new campaign!

The first campaigns in our Exchange campaign started in June. Existing innovaphone customers are being given the possibility of benefiting from great offers every month.

Discard your old equipment now and benefit from the new products. There are interesting offers for all innovaphone customers with real savings as well as new features and enhanced performance.

June saw the first large DECT Exchange campaign. This campaign is a long-term campaign that is valid until and including October. It gives you the opportunity to modernise your existing DECT infrastructure easily and inexpensively.

The "UC-ready" gateway Exchange campaign also started in June. In the context of this campaign, existing innovaphone customers have the opportunity to modernise their existing Gateway infrastructure easily and inexpensively. Participate quickly, register now and save up to 40%.

There is more going on in July... with the license upgrade campaign. Update your PBX to the latest version now and benefit from many features such as Unified Communications at no extra cost. Take part in our great license upgrade campaign and save almost 60%.

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms here.

2014-06-25 | Newsticker
Product catalogue 2014/2015 now available in Italian

The new innovaphone Product catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in Italian. In the download area you will find the relevant PDF file.

Product catalogue 2014/2015 | Italian

2014-06-16 | Newsticker
Product catalogue 2014/2015 now available in Polish

The new innovaphone Product catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in Polish. It contains information about our current range of products. You will find the relevant PDF file in the download area of the corresponding language version.

Product catalogue 2014/2015 | Polish

2014-05-27 | Newsticker
Product catalogue 2014/2015 now available in French

The new innovaphone Product catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in French. In the download area you will find the relevant PDF file.

Product catalogue 2014/2015 | French

2014-05-27 | Newsticker
New voice - new technology partner

We are pleased to introduce you to our new technology partner, New Voice International AG. New Voice is a global, independent solution provider and system integrator in the fields of security, communication and IT.

See an overview of the performance characteristics of MobiCall here.
For more information about New Voice click here and read this wiki article.

2014-05-16 | Newsticker
Product catalogue 2014/2015 now available in Dutch

The new innovaphone Product catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in Dutch. It contains information about our current range of products. In the download area you will find the relevant PDF file.

Product catalogue 2014/2015 | Dutch

2014-04-28 | Newsticker
New innovaphone Queue Monitor Flyer now available

Ther innovaphone Queue Monitor is a call centre tool that is perfectly integrated in the innovaphone PBX for use in switchboards, service hotlines and call centres. In order to manage and control resources properly, it is very useful to have detailed information on call centre utilisation. The innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM) collects this realtime information from the innovaphone PBX and displays it in a concise diagram. Thus making it possible to decipher how well a telephone service system is running and pointing out any possible bottlenecks.

Read more about it in our new innovaphone Queue Monitor Flyer. Click here to go directly to the document in our download area.

2014-04-24 | Newsticker
innovaphone Operator now also in Norwegian

Would you like to gain a quick overview of incoming, outgoing, parked and transferred calls as well as calls currently waiting in the queue? This is no problem at all for the innovaphone Operator. The innovaphone Operator is a computer based software switchboard for the innovaphone PBX. It can access the innovaphone PBX’s waiting queue and forward calls at will. The calls can be transferred with or without consultation (blind transfer) across multiple sites. In addition to German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Czech, the innovaphone Operator software is now also available in Norwegian. Click here to learn more about the innovaphone Operator.

2014-04-18 | Newsticker
"Heartbleed-Bug" Fix now available

The Heartbleed bug is a security hole in the OpenSSL encryption technology. The innovaphone own operating system does not use OpenSSL. However, OpenSSL is part of the Linux Application Platform. Users who use the Linux Application Platform should urgently check their installation. Linux Application Platform Version 10 is affected and thus all of this version’s service releases installed in a VMware environment or on a gateway. Linux Application Platform Version 9, the firmware of the gateway and PBX are not affected by the error.

In order to close the security hole, it is necessary to change all of the Linux Application Platform passwords and to update to the Linux Application Platform V10.00 Service Release 9, which is available now. In the event that you have installed your own certificate on the LAP, you should also create a new server certificate and replace the old certificate with this. For instructions, see our Wiki.

Download the V10 firmware here. To keep informed about critical news items we recommend you subscribe to our RSS feed.

2014-04-02 | Newsticker
innovaphone Newsletter now available in Spanish

innovaphone has some good news for all Spanish speaking clients, partners and interested parties: our innovaphone Newsletter is now also published in Spanish! In addition to the German, English, French and Polish Newsletters, you can now sign up for the Spanish version. Click here to get innovpahone News on a regular basis!

2014-03-26 | Newsticker
IP38 is now available!

The first analogue VoIP gateway in the innovaphone product family is now available! We are looking forward to receiving your orders. Please click here for more information on the IP38 or read the innovaphone News 10/2013 once more.

2014-03-25 | Newsticker
CeBIT 2014 – thank you very much for your visit!

The CeBIT 2014 has already finished and has left many great impressions. We thank all the guests for their visit to our booth. We were motivated by interesting discussions with our visitors confirming our success. The innovaphone AG team thus looks back on successful exhibition days and looks forward to expanding the newly created partnerships in the coming weeks and months. For all those who did not have the opportunity to experience innovaphone at CeBIT, we would be happy to answer your questions and concerns at any time. As always, we have put together a few impressions from the show for you.

2014-03-24 | Newsticker
SIP Provider successfully tested

The provider Peoplefone has been tested successfully and is now a recommended SIP Provider at innovaphone. Further informationen on the individual test results can be read in this innovaphone Wiki.

2014-03-17 | Newsticker
New innovaphone partners since December

Since December we have eleven new Authorized Resellers (iARs) from all of Europe, whom we are introducing today in alphabetical order. We proudly present:


ConTeach.IT from Laatzen in Germany -

Controlware Kommunikationssysteme GmbH from Vienna in Austria -

LANtec GmbH from Berlin in Germany -

Menze Büro-, Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme GmbH from Berlin in Germany -

MilDef AB from Helsingborg in Sweden -

Rohwer & Mehrens GmbH from Neumünster in Germany -

ROMICO GmbH from Bad Homburg in Germany -

SYSCON GmbH Systeme plus Consulting from Bad Iburg in Germany -

Televis Telekommunikation & Service GmbH from Vienna in Austria -

Vallcom srl from Bergamo in Italy -

Van Roey Automation NV from Turnhout in Belgium -


We are looking forward to effective and successful cooperation.

2014-03-11 | Newsticker
Available now: New Product Catalogue 2014/2015

The new innovaphone Product Catalogue 2014/2015 is now available in English and German. It contains information about our current range of products. In the download area you will find the relevant PDF file:

German  |  English

2014-02-17 | Newsticker
New innovaphone myPBX flyer now available

Simple, easy and intuitive. The Unified Communications client myPBX by innovaphone is the perfect companion for frequent callers, knowledge workers or group workers who spend a lot of time and are frequently in contact with other people and therefore place high demands on  communication and IP telephony. Video telephony, Videoconferencing, Chat, E-mail, Fax, Presence or Collaboration sessions. The Unified Communications client myPBX provides innovative communication from the office, home office or on the road.

Learn more in our current innovaphone myPBX flyer. Click here to go directly to the document in our download section.

2014-02-14 | Newsticker
Review: IT Partners at Disneyland Paris

The fair IT Partners which was held from 4th to 5th of Feb. in Paris has finished. The result of our fourth participation is very positive: numerous guests visited our booth in order to get information on our solutions regarding Voice over IP and Unified Communications. We would like to thank everyone for their interest and the good conversations.

A big THANKS for his support throughout the whole fair goes  to our distributor and partner Wim Rapol from Com8.

2014-01-24 | Newsticker
Final countdown for the innovaphone UC campaigns

The final countdown for our UC campaigns has begun. Make the most of our current campaigns that are running until 31 January 2014: 10% discount on one or more IP810 and a free Mobility function when you purchase a myPBX licence.

We are looking back at 6 months of interesting campaigns and are pleased that our campaigns have been so successful with customers. The most popular campaigns amongst the monthly ever-changing offers were the campaign "buy one get one free", where customers were given one extra UC license for free when they purchase one and the campaign "5 UC licenses free". Learn more about the current campaigns that are only valid until the end of this month by clicking here.

2014-01-13 | Newsticker
SIP providers tested successfully

We are pleased to welcome two new providers, both of whom support all the required innovaphone features and have thus been able to qualify as recommended SIP providers. innovaphone tested M-Net whilst inikon tested IWay. Further information on the test results can be found in our Wiki.

M-Net | IWay