STASTO Automation

The Austrian company STASTO Ing. Stocker KG is an international trading and service company engaged in the field of automation technology, with a focus on pneumatic and hydaulic processes. Founded in Innsbruck in 1974, around 50 people are employed in Austria with another 40 people in the sister companies in the Czech Republic and in Poland. In addition, STASTO has several branches in various other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

STASTO established new ways in business development and employee participation as early as 1993. Since then, employees are invited to be involved in the company’s success by becoming partners (“MitUnternehmerModell”). Recently, the outdated telephone system has been replaced with a modern VoIP solution by innovaphone.

When planning the new telephone system, one of the central requirements was to ensure that the new solution should integrate seamlessly into the existing CRM system. Some years before, STASTO had already come into contact with innovaphone when the Czech location in Tynec was equipped with an innovaphone VoIP solution. “’The overall experience in Tynec was very positive”, says Ing. Christoph Stocker, Management of STASTO, and continues: “So we considered installing an innovaphone system in Innsbruck as well.” In the long run, the idea was to integrate all of STASTO’s branch offices (apart from the locations in Austria, there are ten further locations in Central and Eastern Europe) into one standardized IP infrastructure. The implementation of the new telephony solution was carried out with the help of Czech consulting firm Amenit Software Solutions, based in Novy Jicin which had already been charged with the innovaphone installation in Tynec.

Installation process and the employee satisfaction with the new communication system

Head office Innsbruck, Austria

The traditional telephone system in Innsbruck has been replaced by an innovaphone IP810 VoIP-Gateway, which provides the hardware platform  for the innovaphone PBX, the IP telephone system as well as Unified Communication solution of Sindelfingen-based innovaphone. The employee’s office workstations were equipped with innovaphone IP232 designer IP phones. The latter have both a large touch screen and a large colour screen. Apart from their very modern and innovative design, they also set new standards concerning voice quality and energy consumption. However, the office workers were not completely satisfied with the voice quality of their new IP phones: “Unfortunately, some of our employees considered the new telephones a step backward, as far as voice quality is concerned. Especially those who phone frequently claimed that voice quality had deteriorated. Fortunately, IT consulting company Amenit and manufacturer innovaphone were very quick to solve the problem. By installing additional headsets, the flaws in voice quality could be compensated. Today, voice quality is absolutely satisfying”, says Ing. Robert Storer who is responsible for IT at STASTO. Apart from that, the switch to the new IP232 IP phones caused no problems whatsoever for the employees. “The logic of the new IP phones is very similar to that of the former phones. So, it was a rather simple matter to instruct the staff on the operation of the new devices”, explains Robert Storer.

Positive cost balance

The implementation of the new telephone system in the existing CRM system went off with no problems whatsoever. Supporting standard protocols and interfaces is a fundamental part of the innovaphone product philosophy. Thus, innovaphone systems work together perfectly with solutions from many different manufacturers. Furthermore, maintenance and administration work is much easier compared to the former system, says Robert Storer: “Certain routine tasks such as “adding users”, “time scheduled switching” or “routing setup” can be carried out easily by our inhouse IT department. We are now able to do almost any job in connection with the new telephone system and no longer need to rely on external maintenance and service companies. Apart from the fact that we are much faster and more flexible, this also leads to significantly lower running costs. Maintenance costs have been reduced considerably”, Robert Storer continues. Storer sums up positively: “The new innovaphone solution is a lot more economical than the previous solution – running costs have dropped significantly.”

Further planning

Product design at STASTO Automation

Especially companies with a distinctive branch structure like STASTO benefit most from a consistent, unified IP infrastructure and the advantages of a centralized solution such as a standardized phone numbering plan and free phone calls between the individual branches. As far as future planning is concerned, Christoph Stocker explains: “Our final aim is to include all branches in one consistent system – that is what has to be tackled in the long run.”

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