Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze - Update 2014:

"UC by innovaphone": Large installation with sites across the world and mobile integration:
Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH has made the most of extending its communication infrastructure and relocating its headquarters to update its innovaphone PBX. The update means that Sumitomo now has all of the “UC by innovaphone” solution functionalities, and mobile devices are seamlessly integrated into the corporate infrastructure.

New premises - innovaphone PBX facelift

The telecommunications infrastructure was put to the test when the Sumitomo Electric bordnetze GmbH company headquarters relocated to a new, larger site in Wolfsburg. In particular, the innovaphone PBX, which has been used for many years at the company’s headquarters, was extended by adding new UC functionalities. Some applications that could be implemented with the modern "UC by innovaphone" solution were on the wish list - Video, Mobile integration, a Web meeting system. Edward Krüger, Manager Service Team Communication & Collaboration at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH, comments: "The innovaphone PBX means we are extremely flexible and can quickly respond to the changing needs of a dynamic company with little effort. We had backlog needs concerning the integration of video phones as well as desktop-sharing systems and mobile devices. All of this has been solved by the most recent innovaphone V10 firmware update."

Historic events: From an IP400 to a worldwide location concept

Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH

It all began with two IP400 VoIP gateways, which were set up in Turkey in order to connect the local site with the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg over IP. Other innovaphone PBXs and gateways were delivered to the Ukraine, Mexico and Morocco. When the conventional PBX at the headquarters in Wolfsburg became outdated, it made sense to look into IP technology. For investment protection reasons, the first step took place as a smooth migration before the conventional PBX with about 350 subscribers was completely replaced in a second step. Edward Krüger, Manager Service Team Communication & Collaboration at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH, was responsible for the project and he explains: "Because of the positive experience we had had with innovaphone products abroad, we decided to install an IP6000 at our headquarters in Wolfsburg. Starting with the master PBX in Wolfsburg, the innovaphone location concept was rolled out at other company sites across the world. This way, the administration and accounting could be done centrally for all branches."

Edward Krüger gives a concise answer as to why the decision was made in favour of an innovaphone solution: "Well priced, fast, stable, easy administration, SIP compatible, scalable, seamless connection to other sites via the existing infrastructure - the innovaphone solution was a perfect fit for our requirement profile." Additional branches followed one after another in subsequent years. These were equipped from the outset with innovaphone and integrated into the existing infrastructure. On the whole, there are now some 2,300 users in 15 countries integrated into the innovaphone system, including sites in Morocco, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Spain, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Russia. The administrators in the respective countries have been trained at the innovaphone training centre in Sindelfingen and can look after and maintain the innovaphone systems for the most part themselves.

The next step: the new Unified Communications solution “UC by innovaphone”

As the Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH has continued to grow strongly in recent years, the decision was made to relocate the headquarters to a larger site within Wolfsburg. Overall, it meant one company building and about 500 employees who are employed in three subsidiaries. Thus, the opportunity arose to again modernize the company’s communications infrastructure from scratch. One new feature immediately shouts out: the new innovaphone designer IP222 phones have replaced the previous innovaphone IP240 phones on employees’ desks. These were coveted with the "red dot award: product design" award and combine modern design with ground-breaking technical details - such as, for example, the large colour display with excellent resolution. Sumitomo also decided in favour of the innovaphone UC client "myPBX", the "UC by innovaphone" solution, and has, as a result, ordered 600 myPBX licenses in Sindelfingen. This means that especially frequent callers and employees who place high demands on their communication infrastructure get their fill: whether traditional telephony, Audio conferencing, Presence information, Instant Messaging, Collaboration or Video conferencing - myPBX brings together these different communication channels under one single application interface. The Cisco Video conferencing can also be reached from a myPBX workplace.

Wire harness of VW Golf

Sumitomo is especially pleased with the Video functionality: "The innovaphone myPBX video solution is very smart. The user can start a video conference by clicking on the Video icon, a third person can be added to the video conference, if necessary. It is simple and fast to use, in many cases it cuts travel costs and helps to protect the environment", Edward Krüger confirms. Furthermore, the Web meeting system GoMeetNow runs on the innovaphone PBX. GoMeetNow allows webinars to be set up quickly and easily.

Seamless integration of mobile devices was one crucial factor to be included when designing the new communication infrastructure. Employees should be available under one and the same phone number and all features should be available no matter where they are or what device they are using: in their home office, on their Smartphone or tablet, on business trips or at the workplace. By integrating all mobile devices as an internal subscriber in the VoIP system, the same interface is available on each device no matter where the subscriber is. "It is not actually possible to be any more flexible than this," Edward Krüger comments with a smile. "Our mobile device management means we can ensure the seamless flow of business processes. And we win on both sides - employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. "

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