innovaphone IP29-4: analogue adapter with four analogue interfaces

The innovaphone Analogue Adapter IP29-4 provides four analogue interfaces for the innovaphone PBX. These interfaces can be used for any analogue devices including telephones and faxes. The Fax over IP protocol T.38 is supported by all channels to provide stable fax transmission.

The IP29-4 adapter can also be used to integrate analogue telephones and special telephones. The innovaphone PBX’s features can still be available thanks to conventional control character combinations. Thus call waiting and switching are also possible using simple devices.

Additionally, the Analogue Adapter IP29-4 supports the voice codecs Opus and G.722. Opus supports HD voice at low bandwidth so that the bandwidth can be further reduced with analogue connections while voice quality remains constant.

  • Four analogue interfaces
  • 400 MHz CPU with 256 MB of memory
  • Voice codecs Opus and G.722
  • Powered by PoE


Technical data are in the Wiki:

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