The innovaphone PBX’s programming interfaces

Supporting standard protocols and interfaces is a fundamental part of the innovaphone product philosophy. The innovaphone PBX’s open interfaces provide versatile application possibilities to integrate both existing and other solutions.

The innovaphone PBX`s high performance Linux Application Platform enables Linux applications to be used in parallel to the innovaphone PBX. This is the case for all gateways with a 10 at the end of the model name. It enables both third-party applications and existing programmes to be operated on these gateways using the Linux Application Platform. A separate server is not necessary as the applications are operated directly on the innovaphone box’s Compact Flash card. The application innovaphone Reporting is the first application to be set up on the Linux Application Platform.


SOAP-API is an extremely versatile interface on the innovaphone PBX, which is used for a wide range of applications and tools. It used e.g. by the TAPI interface, operator and a wide range of CTI applications from various manufacturers. Useful applications for free use are available on the innovaphone download server.

The LDAP interface serves for direct access to other software solutions’ address databases. This address data can be accessed centrally over the PBX or separately by the individual telephones. Furthermore, the innovaphone PBX constantly writes Call Detail Records (CDR) for all external calls. CDRs are setup according to industry standards and are imported by billing solutions and processed according to the requirements.

XCAPI provides an ISDN CAPI 2.0 interface, thus enabling fast migration from an ISDN application to VoIP.

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