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Audio and Video Calls with One Single Click

“Cloud”, “apps”, “mobile” or “UC&C” are only some of the buzzwords that show where enterprise communications has been heading. Triggered by developments in the private sector, employees expect not only to be available directly at the office but also remotely from home or when on the go. All the while, the phone is right by our side so we can always be reached.

All typical telephony functions are available with the Phone app, as well as video telephony and Application Sharing.

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What does the Phone App Offer?

The Phone app includes typical functions of classic IP Telephony such as: dial, hang up, put on hold, park, 3-party conference, toggle, connect, set call forwarding, pick-up etc., in addition to functions such as Video Telephony and Application Sharing. This app enables ad hoc Video Telephony and 3-party video conferences without any hassle. Further, innovaphone Application Sharing can be activated with one single click so that the colleague will be able to view selected contents of your computer screen.

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The User-Friendly Phone for Everybody

All it takes is one single click to start audio and video calls as well as Application Sharing. You can further send an instant message to individual users or to a group directly via the Phone app. Use the search field to quickly look up internal and external contacts. Add specific contacts to your favorites list and the indicated presence status of each user will quickly show you whether the person you would like to call is available. The Phone app further provides an integrated call list of all inbound, outbound and missed calls.

Advantages of the Phone App

  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • typical telephony functions included
  • View the presence status of other users
  • Personal directory always available

myApps Tutorial 03 - Basic Functions of the Phone App and Softphone App

In this video, we will be introducing the basic functions of the myApps Phone app and Softphone app. We will further show you how to customize certain settings.

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