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This webpage provides an overview of all innovaphone apps as well as all 3rd party apps available in the innovaphone App Store. Take a look at all the opportunities innovaphone myApps has to offer for your enterprise communications and virtual collaboration.

Please note: The displayed apps cannot be downloaded or bought directly on this webpage.

With innovaphone myApps, the collaborative work and communication solution for businesses of all sizes, a variety of functions is already included, without additional cost. These functions are: Telephony, video calling, presence status, chat messaging, remote call control (RCC), admin options, Office and mobile integration as well as screen sharing and application sharing.

Following apps are already included with the innovaphone PBX: Phone app, Softphone app, Chat app, RCC app and PBX Manager app. There is no need to download these apps separately from the innovaphone App Store.

The Alarms app is a monitoring tool for administrators. Individual PBXs or all devices within one network can extensively be monitored with this app. The Alarms app indicates active system errors to the administrator, and relevant information for each error notification is displayed.

App Platform Manager

App Platform Manager

innovaphone AG | free of charge

With the App Platform Manager, the administrator can install and manage the different app services. Apps can be activated, deactivated and managed with the App Platform Manager. Every admin of an innovaphone myApps platform (from V13) additionally has access to the innovaphone App Store via a function in the admin tool. All innovaphone apps and all available 3rd party apps are listed in the innovaphone App Store.

Admins can download apps for their installations via the innovaphone App Store. All available innovaphone apps as well as available 3 party apps are displayed in the store.

Calendar Admin

Calendar Admin

innovaphone AG | free of charge

This app provides detailed information on every user as well as the current synchronization status.

The Call List app lists every single incoming and outbound phone call (also group calls). Missed calls are indicated via an icon on the call history list. Detailed information can be accurately traced.

The Contacts app is a company directory. Users can look for contact information via the search field. This may be done by entering name, company name or telephone number.  Detailed information will be displayed with one single click.

All devices of a cloud solution or on-premises installation are displayed and managed in the Devices app, from VoIP gateways to the end devices. Backups and updates are set up and installed in the Devices app. 

The Events app is a monitoring tool for administrators, just like the Alarms app. All errors that have occurred are permanently stored in the Events app. Errors that have already been resolved are also listed here. Select or all events in the app can further be deleted.

Files can easily be stored and organized with the Files app. These files can further be assigned individually and announcements to waiting queues can also be managed here.

Another tool for diagnostic analysis is the Logging app. Administrators can use this app to view information on the installation in real-time.

Together with the Premium Chat license, this service is required for the Chat app and stores persistent chat messages.

The administrator configures the innovaphone PBX for the installation with the PBX Manager app. Waiting queues, Reverse Proxy, DECT systems and much more can be set up and managed with the PBX Manager.

The Profile app allows the user to individually configure the own user account (profile picture, e-mail address, password, username). The user can further set up Mobility and call diversions with the Profile app, in addition to joining or leaving groups and adding other devices.

All calls can be recorded with a Recordings license. All recorded calls are clearly listed within the Recordings app. The recordings can be played back within the app. This app is ideal for critical applications where it becomes necessary to record calls, for example if phone calls are contractually binding.

The Reports app can be used to display telephony enquiries by using individually configurable filters. Reports can further be created according to specific times or time periods. Continuous analysis of successfully answered, lost or rejected phone calls provides valuable information on issues and challenges of telephony behavior within a company. The reports can be exported in different file formats and processed accordingly. 

With the STT app, you can transcribe and translate audio material from conferences and calls into text. In order to do so, a connection to IBM Watson® is required. (please note: The STT app is an app for demo purposes only)

This app shows all users registered at the PBX. Simply select another user to begin a chat, start a call or to send an e-mail. It is further possible to attach the selected user to the own home screen by clicking onto the home button next to the username. If a user does not wish to be listed in this app, the privacy filter can be adjusted accordingly.

The web server of the innovaphone App Platform.

With the Provisioning app for Yealink, Yealink end devices can easily and quickly be integrated into an existing innovaphone PBX. All you need for the configuration (provisioning) of the respective end devices is the corresponding MAC address of the device. The Yealink phones that have been provisioned can then be managed via the Devices app. The app is a representative example for the integration of additional IP phones from other manufacturers. With our completely open and expandable platform architecture of myApps, we enable the development of provisioning apps for end devices from almost any manufacturer.

Camera allows an employee to easily access the MJPEG video image from one or more IP cameras. We welcome suggestions for future versions of this app. Licensing: One license per user with any number of devices. No floating licensing, only the users who got a configured license have access. For licensing and test licensing please contact myApps-sales@mediarunway.comYou can find out the current price at www.MediaRunway.com/myApps

The Diversion app allows users to set different destinations for callforwarding. depending on internal or external callers.

Doorbell displays a high-resolution image of the corresponding video doorbell in myApps even before the call is answered and enables direct door opening by means of a displayed button, instead of overburdening the user with poor image quality and key combinations that have to be remembered for such an actually simple process.Licensing: One license per user with any number of devices. No floating licensing, only the users who got a configured license have access. For licensing and test licensing please contact myApps-sales@mediarunway.com

With EasyConnect, XQTING makes it easy to integrate with innovaphone. It makes REST APIs available and, via webhooks, the EasyConnect app can notify your (low code) application of certain events, such as call monitoring or administrative changes.

With the Gigaset Provisioning App it is possible to automatically add and remove DECT devices via IPUI provisioning on the Gigaset Nx70 IP DECT. In addition, the LDAP configuration can be provisioned.

The PBX-Designer for innovaphone is a PBX management application that provides an easy and graphical user interface, without the need to use the innovaphone PBX-Manager app. Currently, the PBX-Designer app enables to manage: ·         Audio files (Upload and convert, record via the website, play and download) ·         Define pickup groups and program function keys ·         Define executive users and coworkers and program function keys ·         Mananage time switches more easily ·         Configure Exchange sync ·         Configure your waiting music ·         Call Flow Designer   The integrated Call Flow Designer allows the user to graphically design call flows. Individual flows can be created and each step can be annotated. The complex nesting and integration of announcements, DTMF functions, agents, call forwarding or timers are available in a simplified way as well as the integration of a voicemail box.  However, a reference to further flows is possible.

PBX-Designer [AUDIO]

PBX-Designer [AUDIO]

K-Businesscom | license through partner

The PBX-Designer can be activated by different license models. When activating the AUDIO function, the following features are available: - Management of audio files - Upload / download of *.mp3 files - Automatic offline conversion (no upload via innovaphone portal necessary) - Recording of announcements via microphone on PC - Setting of music-on-hold Installation of all PBX Designer versions is identical and only necessary once. The various features are activated by importing a license key.

PBX-Designer [GROUP]

PBX-Designer [GROUP]

K-Businesscom | license through partner

The PBX-Designer can be activated by different license models. When activating the GROUP function, the following features are available: Manage call pickup groupsPickup function keys individually and globally adjustableManagement of executive-secretary groupsFunction keys for executive and secretary adjustable The installation of all PBX-Designer versions is identical and only necessary once. The activation of the different features is done by importing a license key.

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