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This webpage provides an overview of all innovaphone apps as well as all 3rd party apps available in the innovaphone App Store. Take a look at all the opportunities innovaphone myApps has to offer for your enterprise communications and virtual collaboration.

Please note: The displayed apps cannot be downloaded or bought directly on this webpage.

With innovaphone myApps, the collaborative work and communication solution for businesses of all sizes, a variety of functions is already included, without additional cost. These functions are: Telephony, video calling, presence status, chat messaging, remote call control (RCC), admin options, Office and mobile integration as well as screen sharing / application sharing.

Following apps are already included with the innovaphone PBX: Phone app, Softphone app, Chat app, RCC app and PBX Manager app. There is no need to download these apps separately from the innovaphone App Store.

ilink CRM Extensions

ilink CRM Extensions

ilink | innovaphone license

ilink CRM Extensions is a slim and flexible Windows application for inbound caller recognition and for dialing phone numbers through company phones with a click. And it works in home offices, too!A popup window displays information like caller name, company, location, and phone number for inbound calls. This information is directly taken from your CRM system, from your address book, or from public telephone directories. Using the „Open Contact“ button, the user directly opens the corresponding contact view of his CRM client. Dial with single click from many CRM systems, or use the hotkey to dial from almost all Windows applications.Supported CRM systems include:Act!, Datev, Goldmine Premium Edition, HCL Connections, HCL Notes, HubSpot, Maximizer CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook + Exchange Public Folder, Netsuite, ODBC databases - customizing through SQL commands, Sage CRM, Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM, Tigerpaw CRM, vCard / LDAP.Supported online telephone books: telefonbuch.de (Germany), Das Örtliche (Germany), local.ch (Switzerland), search.ch (Switzerland), herold.at (Austria), whitepages.com (USA).

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