innovaphone Technician Advanced Training
Become innovaphone Technician Advanced (iT Advanced)

Become innovaphone specialist with the innovaphone Technician Advanced Training. In this training, you will learn how to autonomously install complex innovaphone PBX and myApps installations & scenarios. The iT Advanced Training is based on module 1, the iT Connect Training. Before you can participate in the innovaphone Technician Advanced Training, you will need to obtain the certificate as iT Connect (innovaphone Technician Connect).

After successful participation of the iT Advanced Training, the participant is an "innovaphone Technician Advanced" (iT Advanced) and receives an official certificate. This certificate permits the participation at the training module 3 (innovaphone Technician Advanced Pro Training).

PLEASE NOTE: innovaphone iT Advanced Trainings - Part I - currently only available as online trainings!

Due to the current global travel and gathering restrictions caused by COVID-19, we have introduced our new training format “Virtual Classroom Trainings”. These will be replacing all the on-site trainings* for the time being and will take place via video conference and Application Sharing with full-time support and moderation of a trainer (opposed to the already existing self-study online courses).

*Applies to all trainings directly carried out by innovaphone. The majority of our certified Training Centers also offer “Virtual Classroom Trainings”.

The iT Advanced Training is divided into two successive parts:

Part 1: 

  •  2-day onsite training directly at one of the innovaphone locations (Sindelfingen -DE, Carcassonne - FR, Verona - IT)

    PLEASE NOTE: this training is currently offered online as a “Virtual Classroom Training”. This is currently NOT an on-site training and will currently not take place at one of our locations.

Part 2: 

  •  3-day self-study online training to conclude the iT Advanced Training.

Advanced Training - Part 1

Course Type

On-site training in the lab. Please bring your own laptop.
this training is currently offered online as a “Virtual Classroom Training”. This is currently NOT an on-site training and will not take place face-to-face. Please check the information on the technical requirements for the “Virtual Classroom Training” stated below.


2 days

Target Group

iT Connect V13


Depending on the date of the training, the training will be held in German, English, Italian or French. Please note: the training material and the online material will be provided in English.


  • Successful completion of the iT Connect Training
  • Basic knowledge in the field of telecommunication
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Understanding of technical texts in English
  • Administrator rights and skills concerning your laptop
  • Experience with web-based applications
  • Participants need to complete a preparatory online exercise
  • Please bring your own Windows laptop with a browser that is up-to-date (IE, FF, Chrome), in addition to e-mail and administrator rights

Technical Requirements for the "Virtual Classroom Training":

In order to participate in a “Virtual Classroom Training”, you will require certain training hardware. *
For most efficient communication between the trainer and the participants, we also recommend using a webcam and a headset with microphone.

We will provide additional information on the preparation and set-up of your training environment in a separate e-mail which you will receive once you have registered for a training.

Training Location
(cancelled until further notice – trainings are offered exclusively online)

  • innovaphone headquarters - 71063 Sindelfingen, Germany: German, English and French trainings
  • innovaphone branch office - Ospedaletto di Pescantina, Italy: Italian trainings
  • innovaphone branch office - Carcassonne, France: French trainings

Advanced Training - Part 2

Course Type

In contrast to the Virtual Classroom Trainings (please see above), part 2 of the iT Advanced Training will be in form of an online training in self-study with an introductory webinar. A trainer will be available via chat, e-mail and the forum if you have any questions or issues.We will further provide support in form of online documentation.

You will need specific innovaphone training hardware to participate in the course. *


3 days

Target Group and Certification Levels

innovaphone Technicians that have successfully completed part 1 of the V13 iT Advanced Training.


All training material is provided in English. The participant can opt for communication (e.g. via chat, e-mails, forum, webinar) between the participant and the trainer taking place either in German or English.


  • Pre-qualification innovaphone Technician Training as described
  • innovaphone training hardware * installed
  • Workplace with Windows 10 OS, a browser that is up-to-date (FF, Chrome - no Internet Explorer), e-mail and admin rights
  • Unrestricted internet access (no blocked ports, no Web Proxy, enabled PPTP)
  • Telephone at the workplace
  • Mobile phone with Android or iOS. WiFi access point with direct connection to IP411RIGHT. Mobile phone must be able to register at WiFi access point.

* Please note: In exceptions, it may be possible to lend the required training hardware for the duration of the training course as an alternative to purchasing it (in agreement with the training provider).

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