Newsletter 02/2013

Dear Newsletter reader,

Today we are in a position to provide you with a first impression of our updated UC client myPBX, which will be available with the upcoming innovaphone PBX Version 10 (V10). Not only has its operating concept been optimised, but also the design has been changed entirely. At innovaphone, we all love it, we don’t want to ever be without it again, and we hope you will soon feel the same way :-) Prior to the official release, V10 and thus also myPBX can be tested via our Beta forum.

You can also get a live demonstration … in less than two weeks at CeBIT 2013 in Hanover! We are already busy getting prepared and are looking forward to greeting you at our CeBIT stand C34 in Hall 13 from the 5th to the 9th of March 2013. Come for a coffee and experience our Voice over IP and Unified Communications products. You can arrange your personal meeting with us today and get hold of your CeBIT entrance ticket free-of-charge. Just click here.

Would you like to gain an overview of the features provided by the various innovaphone gateways and IP adapters? No problem! Simply click here to reach the overviews, recently updated in PDF format.

Don’t forget that the IP230 will soon be discontinued. It hasn’t been included in our product catalogue for some time, but was still available for on-going projects. This will change: Last-Time-Buy on 31 March 2013. We guarantee that we will deliver all orders that reach us by close of business on the 31 March.

Enjoy reading!


Facelift and complete redesign of the innovaphone UC client myPBX V10 – PART 1

You may already know our UC client, myPBX. Look forward to the innovaphone PBX Version 10 (V10), because you may not recognise it in the future. The UC client has been through a complete change-over: the original dominating white and turquoise colours has been to a more modern design in black, grey and orange which will surely be popular. Furthermore, myPBX is more clearly redesigned with intuitive usability without a manual.


In our innovaphone News we will be introducing you to great myPBX functionalities every month. Look forward to exclusive previews! On offer this month: the myPBX telephone features, favourite lists and Presence.



Telephone features: with the UC client, myPBX, users have all of the traditional telephone features available such as dial, ring-off, hold, park, 3 party conference, switch, connect, set diversion, pickup – all of this is no problem. You can determine individually which end device is to be used over myPBX because all devices that are consigned for the user in the innovaphone PBX are available (e.g. office telephone, home office telephone, DECT telephone etc.).



One active call | Two calls active and on hold | Three party conference | DTMF keypad for voicemail


Favourite lists: various favourite lists can be set up for a clear overview of the most frequently used contacts (e.g. Sales, Marketing favourite lists). New contacts can easily be added via an LDAP search. As the favourites are shown with Presence information, you always know whether someone is available or not. Slide the mouse over a favourite and you can click on the favourite to make a call, start a chat, send an email or make changes to your favourite (e.g. delete).



Add favourites | Favourite list incl. Presence


Presence with Microsoft Office integration: in myPBX you can use a drop-down menu to set your own Presence (present, away, busy, at lunch, meeting, vacation) and also to include a note. If you make a change to the Presence on your end device, this information also goes to myPBX and is shown there. In addition, the Microsoft Office integration from innovaphone (from V10) also shows Outlook calendar entries in myPBX. In the other direction, the Presence information set in myPBX or at the end device is included in Outlook: bubbles indicate the availability of a person (green= available, yellow = away, red = busy, etc.) If you click on it the Presence note is also shown. More detailed information on the topic of MS Office integration from innovaphone can be found in the innovaphone News 01/2013.



Select Presence | Enter Presence note | Presence info via favourite list


Have we got you interested? Then test myPBX already before its release. The V10 Beta forum allows you to experience our UC client live, and you can also provide feedback to us. Just click here.



Keeping an eye on everything: innovaphone IP telephones as door intercoms

Do you have a video door intercom system and you would like several people in your company to have access to the video picture and be able to operate the intercom system? This will be very easy with the innovaphone PBX Version 10. You and your employees and colleagues will easily be able to conveniently see who is at the entrance door on the telephone display. There is not much that has to be done to enable this. All you need is, of course, a suitable video door intercom system, one of our innovaphone IP232, IP222 or IP241 IP telephones and after just a few specific settings you can start immediately. The IP telephone regularly takes a new camera snapshot and loads it into the telephone screen as the background picture, whereby the movement is almost natural. Certain door intercom systems allow video stream to be transmitted (mjpg). But more bandwidth is needed to be able to do this. Detailed information on the individual settings and requirements can be found in this Wiki article.


Concerning the background picture: make the most of the time before V10 is released to pimp your innovaphone IP phone :-) You don’t want to miss your dog or cat whilst you’re working? You enjoy looking back on your holiday in the Caribbean under palm trees? Then personalise your phone by decorating it with the best pictures. This is so easy with our IP232, IP222 and IP241 IP phones. You can change the telephone screen via the web interface.


One picture is not enough? Then select several, set the time and let them scroll through - just like the door intercom function. You decide how many pictures. It is just important that the pictures are set to the size of your IP telephone screen and are saved in the correct format. One thing is certain: your photos will look fantastic on the innovaphone IP telephone high resolution colour displays. Details can be found here.


At innovaphone we have already pimped our telephones. If you are looking for suitable background pictures, then try these:


IP232 (480 x 272 px):

Zoom Gateway 1 | Zoom Gateway 2 | Zoom Gateway 3 | Zoom IP-Telephon 1 | Zoom IP-Telephon 2


IP222, IP241 (320 x 240 px):

Zoom Gateway 1 | Zoom Gateway 2 | Zoom Gateway 3 | Zoom IP-Telephon 1 | Zoom IP-Telephon 2



innovaphone in practise: Il Giornale

The "Società Europea di Edizioni S.p.A." is a registered listed company in Italy and the publisher of the daily newspaper "Il Giornale" which is steeped in history. The company also has three editorial departments in Milan and Rome with affiliated private printing centres spread across the country. (…) Publishers, editors, journalists, back office staff, graphic designers and employees in the printing centres: they are all players in a very complex production process making access to communication tools necessary 365 days a year. (...) The VoIP solution from innovaphone was proposed as the new platform for the future communication infrastructure with the assurance that the innovaphone system could fulfil all requirements.


The initial assignment of the innovaphone VoIP solution for "Il Giornale" goes back to the year 2008. Dr Stefano Gaetani, responsible for Technical Services in the publishing house and IT Manager at "Il Giornale" remembers, "Back then we opened a new editorial office in Rome, and relocating 30 employees to the new offices resulted in the need for a new system. (…)” An IP6000 gateway was switched in front of the existing PBX in order to enable a VoIP connection between the carrier and the TDM PBX. Incoming calls should then be distributed and forwarded - either to the new location where other new VoIP devices had been installed, or to the existing PBX. This ensured not only external communication during the entire move but also internal communication between the two offices. The degree of interoperability was thus much higher than just basic calling, also comprising call forwards and access to voice mail services.


The installation was completed with the introduction of a unified platform, consisting of two IP6000 VoIP gateways as PBXs, configured as Master-Slave. These manage both the PRI interfaces to the ISDN connection as well as three BRIs and 30 innovaphone IP telephones (IP240 and IP110). (…)


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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