Newsletter 03/2013

Dear Newsletter reader,

CeBIT has always been a special event for us and for the entire communication industry. All the time spent preparing the event was definitely worthwhile for us! We had a fantastic and successful week in Hanover with a great number of trade fair visitors and highly interesting discussions. A heartfelt thank you goes to all our guests and we have, of course, brought a few impressions for you to enjoy here. All that is left for us to say is that we are looking forward to meeting you again at CeBIT 2014! We will be there again!

CeBIT 2013 was focused on the innovaphone PBX Version 10. We were able to give our visitors a first insight into these innovations with live demonstrations. If you would like to have an overview of the V10 highlights, please take a look at this V10 Highlights flyer. Keep reading for more information about the Unified Communications client myPBX, Video, Presence, Fax or about the innovaphone Voicemail.

Please note! Final countdown! The IP230 will no longer be available after the end of this month. Don’t forget that the IP230 will soon be discontinued. It hasn’t been included in our product catalogue for some time, but was still available for on-going projects. This will change: Last-Time-Buy on 31 March 2013. We guarantee that we will deliver all orders that reach us by close of business on the 31 March.


Enjoy our March edition of the innovaphone Newsletter.



Facelift and complete redesign of the innovaphone UC client myPBX V10 – PART 2

It is myPBX preview time again. Last month we gave you first insights in to what the Unified Communications Client myPBX will look like under the innovaphone PBX Version 10 (V10). The UC client has undergone a complete change-over and now looks totally different: with a more modern design, in black, grey and orange and so much easier to use. Overall, the Unified Communications Client myPBX is much clearer and better organised and can be used intuitively without a manual.


In the innovaphone News 02/2013 we informed you about the telephone functions, favourite lists and the Presence functionalities with the Microsoft Office integration. Today we will introduce you to LDAP search and Chat including Application Sharing.


LDAP search: a search field in myPBX enables you to undertake a search for contact information without having to adhere to any certain sequence of attributes in an LDAP database. This can take place by entering names, company names or telephone numbers. By moving the mouse over a certain search result it is possible to display further information about the contact by clicking on the Information icon (address, e-mail address, position etc.) Furthermore, it is possible to send this information to somebody via e-mail, to call the person directly or to add them to the favourite list.


Screenshots: Standard LDAP search by name | Detailed contact information | Sending contact information by email


Chat plus Application Sharing: if you would like to initiate a chat, you can add participants easily via the favourite list or LDAP search by clicking on the Chat icon. At the beginning of the session it is possible to determine a discussion topic. myPBX informs you if anyone joins or leaves the chat. Furthermore, any number of users can be invited to join an existing chat. There are barely any limitations to myPBX. If you need to exchange information about certain documents, Application Sharing is easy to use needing just a few clicks to share the documents via an applicable software (e.g. GoMeetNow, WebEX etc.)


Screenshots: Inviting subscribers to join chat | Determining the discussion topic | Inviting other subscribers to join an existing chat | Chat with several people | Application Sharing from a chat


Have we whet your appetite? Then test myPBX before it is released. You can experience our Unified Communications Client live today in the V10 Beta Forum. We would also be happy to receive your feedback on the V10 innovations. Just click here.


innovaphone Voicemail now with new menu announcements

The innovaphone Voicemail has been a well-liked feature of the innovaphone PBX for a long time. It is an integrated professional answer machine solution available across the network for any innovaphone PBX subscriber. If a user is not available, callers can leave a voicemail message, and the user can be informed about the message waiting via Message Waiting signal (lamp or text/icon on the telephone screen) or alternatively via e-mail.


Control via the function keys on the telephone and the use of the Message Waiting Indication render using the innovaphone Voicemail extremely simple and convenient. A Compact Flash (CF) card in the gateway allows for announcements and incoming messages to be stored. The innovaphone Voicemail thus works independently from any external PC servers.


The Voicemail menu can be used via any DTMF telephone and is available in a wide array of languages. It guides the user comfortably through the various menu items: call back, listen to message, save, delete or repeat; jump to next/previous message, record personal announcement such as e.g. personalised welcome message, change PIN etc.


New: the menu texts on the innovaphone Voicemail have been recorded professionally. The announcements are mostly no longer generated electronically, but have been recorded by native speakers and will soon be available in the languages German, Danish, English (UK), French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (EU), Swedish, Spanish (Castilian) and Czech. The Finnish Voicemail menu continues to be available electronically.


License changes under V10: until now it was necessary to have the same number of  voicemail licenses and the same number of port licenses on the innovaphone PBX – no matter how often Voicemail was actually needed. Under V10 you will in future have the choice. You can either decide in favour of the current model: number of Voicemail licenses = number of Port licenses. Or you can choose the model in line with your specific requirements: 1 Voicemail license per user.


Please note! The different licensing models cannot be combined with each other nor is it possible to use the Software Service Agreement to change to the new license model. If you are already using V9 Voicemail licenses, you automatically stay with the old license model. In some cases it can be worthwhile changing over to the new license model. However, V10 Voicemail licenses would then have to be purchased for all users. The innovaphone Voicemail solution is part of the new V10 UC Bundle. If you take advantage of this offer, the individual UC modules are on average less expensive. This could mean that there are enough V10 Voicemail licenses for the foreseen Voicemail users.


Further information and a more detailed description of the innovaphone Voicemail features can be found in this flyer and on the innovaphone website.


innovaphone in practise: Karl Storz

The family-run company KARL STORZ is one of the leading international manufacturers of endoscopes, endoscopic instruments and devices. The company is also the leading supplier of integrated solutions for the modern, networked operating theatre. More than 5,800 people are employed at the company’s headquarters in Tuttlingen and in the sales and marketing subsidiaries based worldwide, as well as in its production facilities. The distinctive international structure of the company and its strong growth dynamic demanded a new, VoIP-based telephone system. (…)


One reason for selecting voice-over IP technology by innovaphone was that it allowed both existing and new locations to be integrated easily and straightforwardly into the infrastructure – a serious advantage in light of the intrinsic dynamic of the medical technology firm. Thanks to the welcome growth of the KARL STORZ Group, many systems in the existing subsidiaries had to be expanded, while new locations needed to be integrated. The innovaphone PBX made a large impact with the possibility of “smooth migration”, with which the technology is introduced gradually, thus enabling existing telecommunications systems to be integrated into the new infrastructure in stages. Only when the existing maintenance contracts expire will the old system be replaced completely, and all functions will be transferred to the innovaphone PBX. (…)


By now – as of 2013 – 1,500 subscribers at the headquarters in Tuttlingen 1500 are connected to two innovaphone PBXs on the basis of IP6000 VoIP gateways. In all, KARL STORZ has acquired 1,250 port licenses (V8) in Germany. In the Swiss location at Schaffhausen the existing systems has been replaced completely by two innovaphone PBXs with a total of 180 licenses. All innovaphone PBXs were installed simultaneously and went into operation at the same time. There were no problems during installation. In the summer of 2012 the systems in Tuttlingen were set up in a master-slave scenario, so that in the event of a breakdown, the constant availability of one PBX is guaranteed.


As well as the locations in Tuttlingen and Schaffhausen, four further subsidiaries in Germany and Asia have already been integrated into the telephony infrastructure. All of the locations are equipped not only with innovaphone IP communications systems, but also with IP200, IP230, IP232, IP240 and IP241 innovaphone end devices. (…)


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.


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