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Last month we showed you a few impressions from CeBIT 2013. This month we have a couple of “moving” impressions for you. We take this opportunity to invite anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to watch our CeBIT 2013 film to do so. You will find it on our YouTube channel innovaphone TV or on our innovaphone website. Enjoy!

Get to know more about the new features on the innovaphone Unified Communications Client myPBX. In part three of our Preview, you will find information about the myPBX History and Video functionalities. Moreover, you can learn more about the interoperability test with LifeSize video conference systems.

We hope you enjoy reading the April edition of our newsletter.



Facelift and complete redesign of the innovaphone UC client myPBX V10  - PART 3

myPBX Preview - the third. Over the past two months we have given you some first impressions of what the Unified Communications client myPBX will be capable of with the innovaphone PBX Version 10 (V10). Traditional telephone functions, Favourite lists, Presence functionality with Microsoft Office integration, LDAP search and Chat including Application Sharing with myPBX from innovaphone: you are already familiar with all of these features. There is more to come this month. Today you can learn about History lists and the Video solution that is integrated in myPBX.


Don’t miss anything anymore | History list: Thanks to innovaphone Reporting, all incoming and out-going calls are listed in the myPBX History list. You can also call a contact, add contacts to a favourite list or start a chat directly from the History list. Any missed incoming calls are indicated with an icon in the History list. You can track what happened to a call using the detailed information: Was the call answered by the operator? Did the operator try to put the call through again?


When a group call has been missed and a group subscriber returns the call, this is also noted for all to see in the History list’s detailed information. Thus, all group members are informed that there is no need to act. If you answer a call for a colleague who is currently not able to answer the phone, you can request a callback at the touch of a button. An email opens and the reference line automatically includes all of the necessary information for returning the call. (name, company, telephone number).


Screenshots: Icon History list with the number of missing calls | History list with icon call information | Call information with icon “please call-back” | Email with call-back details


Telephone calls face-to-face | Video: Thanks to myPBX video calls no longer pose a problem. The video connection is set up automatically as long as the recipient has the necessary equipment and the video feature has been activated. Three party conference calls are also possible without an additional MCU (Multipoint Control Unit). myPBX configuration makes it possible for you to decide if you want audio video or just pure audio-telephony. An icon above the Presence display indicates whether video telephony is activated. Before the call is set up or before answering the phone, the user can make a conscious decision in favour of or against a video call by simply clicking on the icon. If the user changes the default settings for one call, the settings automatically return to the default settings once the call has finished. It is not possible to switch between video telephony and pure audio telephony during a call. However, if you park a call you can change the settings and continue the call with or without the picture.


Screenshots: myPBX Video configuration | Video window | Video window 3 party conference | Video icon


Have we aroused your interest? Yes? Then how about testing myPBX before it is released? You can experience our Unified Communications client live today in the V10 Beta Forum. Just click here.


Did you miss the first two parts of our myPBX preview? Feel free to look through the innovaphone News 02/2013 for the topics Traditional telephone functions, favourite lists and Presence functionality with Microsoft Office integration or in the innovaphone News 03/2013 on the topics of LDAP search and Chat including Application Sharing.



innovaphone and LifeSize speak the same lingo

Ad-hoc video telephony will not be a problem in the future with the innovaphone Unified Communications client myPBX (see also innovaphone News 12/2012). But what about if the person you want to call hasn’t yet :-) installed myPBX? Can you still have a video telephone conference? The answer: Yes, you can!


We have looked into this question in depth and have tested the interoperability of several LifeSize solutions. LifeSize is the manufacturer of professional video telephony and video conferencing systems that work across the globe, even with low bandwidth. The solutions are user-friendly and can be extended flexibly.


Firstly, we successfully tested simple video calls with two or three participants from the innovaphone UC client myPBX to the LifeSize Passport, LifeSize Unity 50 and LifeSize Softphone clients. Clients register to the innovaphone PBX over SIP and video calls between innovaphone and LifeSize can be started immediately.


Secondly, the conference solution LifeSize UVC Multipoint also successfully passed the interoperability test. It is part of the LifeSize UVC platform and enables on-demand video conferences with several participants from various terminals. Conference rooms can be set up and the Unified Communications client myPBX can dial in as soon as the  innovaphone PBX is registered to the LifeSize conference server.


We are pleased how well video communication between innovaphone and LifeSize works, and would like to recommend you to read this Wiki article if you would like further information about the tests.



innovaphone in practise: HI Life

The HI Life eco-design hotels select GreenIT technology and the innovaphone design


True to its eco-design concept and oriented towards sustainable development, the HI Life group entrusted its communication to the VoIP specialist, innovaphone. The HI Life hotels have been representing a new idea of contemporary and environmental tourism for the past decade, based entirely on a design by the French industrial designer, Matali Crasset. On selecting innovaphone, HI Life has confided its communication to a pioneer of energy efficiency. The innovaphone solution was installed as a Centrex VoIP by the operator, VoIP telecom. (…)


Assistant managing director at HI Life, Laurence Shukor, looks back on the initial situation: ”Our main objective was to connect our three hotels, HI hotel Nice, Hi Matic Paris and Dar HI Tunisia over VoIP as well as our head office in Nice in order to reduce the group telephone bills. Conscious of our role as a pioneer, we were also looking for a communication system which would fit in with our ecological concept. The design and the energy efficiency of the innovaphone phones was approved across-the-board.” Since 2003, HI Life has had a traditional telephone contract with Orange and the hotels use a DECT system with portable telephones. Rémy Vuilleumier, technical manager at VoIP telecom recommended and installed the  innovaphone solution, he assures: “we have been working with innovaphone for some years and immediately realised the potential of the innovaphone product range for HI Life. The VoIP specialist has been making VoIP systems since 1997, both the hardware and the software and entirely non-proprietary with a pure design and excellent energy efficiency. The design IP telephone product range also won the coveted red dot design award” in 2011. For HI Life to meet innovaphone was a real stroke of luck.” (…)


The internal number plan is homogeneous across the sites, the VoIP network manages all incoming and out-going calls via the innovaphone IP800 gateway including those for the PABX at the Nice hotel. Rémy Vuilleumier assures: “The IP800 allows up to 10 calls simultaneously as well as loop through to the existing lines. This allows smooth migration from the traditional telephone system to VoIP. Made of robust steel and with a quick cooling function, the gateways do not have any fans or other moving parts. The operating system has been reduced to a minimum, power consumption is low; these are qualities which fit perfectly to the HI Life concept.” (…)


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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