Newsletter 05/2013

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The final spurt to the official release of the innovaphone PBX Version 10 has begun and this month’s innovaphone News really shows how close the release is. Because this is the last myPBX preview for the time being! We will be showing you some great myPBX functionalities that you will soon be able to try out live to your heart’s content.

Furthermore, you can now learn more about the innovaphone V10 licenses that have been available since 1 May 2013 and that are ready to be ordered.

We hope you enjoy reading the May edition of our newsletter.



Facelift and complete redesign of the innovaphone UC client myPBX V10  - PART 4

myPBX Preview - the fourth. Over the past two months we have given you a good impression of what the Unified Communications client myPBX will look like with the innovaphone PBX Version 10 (V10). This is the last round of introductions. Learn more about the myPBX features Call diversion, positioning windows, visibility settings and messaging in this, the last introduction before the official release.


Guaranteed availability | Call diversion: A grey bar in the myPBX activity area allows you to determine call diversion for three different statuses: Always, busy or on no reply. The desired target extension or switchboard can be changed at any time. If you enable one of the call diversions, the corresponding tile or the call diversion bar at the side is coloured orange. If you close the window and if you had enabled the call diversion “unconditional”, this setting will additionally be indicated to you in a very clear way the myPBX activity window. Practical: The call diversion setting is automatically synchronised with the corresponding telephone.


Mobility subscribers have a fourth possible setting under Call diversions. In additional to the mobility destinations (e.g. terminal, mobile phone) configured for a user by the administrator, the user can also determine a different mobility destination via the “Mobility” tile. This could e.g. be a PBX extension, a mobile number or any landline number. 

Screenshots: Inactive call diversion bar in myPBX activity window | Call diversion possibilities | Determining call diversion | Active call diversion | Unconditional call diversion | Mobility



myPBX always visible | Positioning the window Left? Right? Or preferably in the background? Every user can decide individually where the myPBX window should be positioned on his screen. All it takes is a simple setting in the configuration. You can decide under the item “docking” whether the window should be fixed to the left or right-hand side of the screen, or whether you prefer to always have it in the background. Before you decide on the setting, you should adjust the width of the myPBX window to a suitable size. The window takes on this size automatically when it docks onto the side of the screen and can only be changed using the configuration parameters.


Screenshots: Configuration “Docking”



Privacy | Visibility setting: The “Visibility” setting allows you to define how much of your activity certain contacts can see. An administrator can set certain central rules, which users can then add to individually - these user settings takes precedence. Simply set a tick to determine who may see your online status, Presence, busy status and calls.


Screenshots: Setting options | Overview of visibility options | Determining new visibility settings



Always up-to-date | Messages: Messages from myPBX informing the myPBX user about incoming calls and chats are particularly advantageous if myPBX is kept in the background and is not docked to the side of the screen. A special message window shows call details when there is a call and it is possible to pick up or reject a call directly from this message window. A message also appears for calls that have not been answered - a window appears and remains on the screen until it is either clicked away or the History list is opened for more detailed information. One click on the message window takes you directly to the History list. If there is an incoming chat such a window also appears and remains in place until you enter the chat. If you don’t do this directly you can read the chat messages in this window if you are already receiving them.


Screenshots: Call message | Missed calls | Chat messages



Have we aroused your interest? Then how about testing myPBX before it is released? You can experience our Unified Communications client live today in the V10 Beta Forum. Just click here.


Did you miss the first three parts of our myPBX preview? Feel free to look through the innovaphone News 02/2013 for the topics Traditional telephone functions, favourite lists and Presence functionality with Microsoft Office integration or in the innovaphone News 03/2013 on the topics of LDAP search and Chat including Application Sharing or the innovaphone News 04/2013 on the topics of History list and Video.



V10 licenses available now

Fully-fledged innovaphone V10 licenses have been available since 1 May 2013.
Your advantages:
With the innovaphoneV10 licenses you can operate an installation permanently under the current innovaphone V10 Beta and thus benefit from a wide range of new V10 functionalities already before the official release. You thus no longer need test licenses! As soon as V10 is officially released, a simple update can convert the innovaphone PBX software from V10 Beta to the full V10 version.


Of course, as in the past, you can convert past licenses such as e.g. V9 or V8 and use them for your installations, accordingly.


Please note! V9 licenses continue to be available until V10 is released! They can be ordered as usual, but are no longer part of the new V10 price list. As soon as the new release is available, V9 licenses will be completely stopped and only V10 licenses will be available.


The relevant guidelines have been revised in order for you to be able to gain extensive information on the innovaphone licenses and software service. They are now available to be downloaded.



License guidelines | SSA guidelines



innovaphone in practise: Lerros

Since the company was founded in 1979, LERROS Moden GmbH has been offering real casual wear in line with the exact wishes and needs of its customers. With 12 collections per year, the company can react very flexibly to current fashion trends. The clothes are sold at more than 1200 places in 50 countries.  The existing communication system was no longer able to cope with the increased requirements, and the decision was made to modernise the communication infrastructure based on an innovaphone PBX. (…)


Those responsible decided in favour of a “smooth migration”, which means the existing PBX should continue to exist with gradual introduction of the new VoIP technology. The core of the new IP based communication solution is an innovaphone PBX based on an IP6010 VoIP gateway. It was integrated in the existing network and linked to the existing Tradicom Coral PBX. This allowed, on the one hand, all of the existing end devices - an omnium-gatherum of analogue (Gigaset), digital (Tradicom) and VoIP-based devices (also Tradicom) - to continue being used on the traditional PBX, whilst on the other hand, the new IP end devices, namely innovaphone IP222 and IP240, could be integrated in the infrastructure. Together with the IP202 DECT station, wireless communication could be realised using the IP61 and IP63 end devices. Smaller VoIP gateways are mostly to be found in the branch offices, namely model IP305, which is well-suited to smaller offices and branch offices. (…)


The new communication solution has also been completely worthwhile from an economic viewpoint. Except for the significantly lower electricity consumption, the effort necessary for standard tasks is also much lower.  Furthermore, the fact that there are absolutely no expenses for internal calling costs between the individual sites has a huge effect. Accordingly, there are extensive plans to extend the innovaphone solution: “We will use innovaphone to gradually connect further locations”, says Thomas Laaser.


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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