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We begin the new year with this January issue of our innovaphone news and wish you happiness, success and health for 2014.

Once again it is almost time for the most important exhibition fair in the ICT industry to open its doors. This year’s CeBIT will take place in Hanover from 10 March until 14 March 2014. As is the case every year, innovaphone will be participating and we will once again demonstrate  live solutions for IP telephony and Unified Communications. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand C34 in Hall 13 to personally convince you of our products and solutions.

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Have fun reading the first innovaphone news of the year!



Start what you want... With myPBX!

Did you know? The innovaphone Unified Communications client, myPBX, can be extended individually with external applications!


Any application can be started during a call or other current interactions by simply making a short click directly in the myPBX Unified Communications client. Thus, for example, a desktop sharing app can be integrated, which allows calling partners to see your screen during the call. Small settings in myPBX make it possible for those who often make use of desktop sharing software, to start the software conveniently directly from myPBX.


The application is stored behind a button in the myPBX activity area which appears and can be selected during current interaction.


The type of integrated application is irrelevant. Other applications used in the company, for example CRM or ERP systems, can thus be easily integrated and can be started directly from every interaction. All customer information that is required for the call is visible immediately.


Only a few steps are needed to integrate external applications in myPBX. The path for frequently used applications is easily stored in the External Applications tab via the myPBX configuration. In the case of CRM or ERP applications, parameters can also be added e.g. number and master data. Thus, the data of the person on the other end is visible immediately.


Click here to read the Wiki article for the exact instructions on application integration in myPBX.


A case study for integrating a desktop sharing application can be found in this Wiki article.




Multi-client capability - feature in innovaphone Reporting

innovaphone Reporting provides the perfect opportunity to get an overview of the communication taking place in a company quickly and easily. It is the perfect way of evaluating call behaviour within a company. The relevant information on calls and responses is delivered and presented clearly. There are various possibilities of grouping the information and specific filters can be set to allow customized reports to be generated. The data is updated in real time and can be saved, exported or printed at any time.



With version 10, innovaphone has extended the reporting tool by a feature, multi-client capability.
Multi-client capability renders it possible to define dedicated user access and filters in the call analysis process. Thus, multiple users can use the same reporting application independently, and only see information that is relevant to themselves.


This is especially interesting for Hosting scenarios. Many companies decide in favour of a Hosting solution to save investment costs and expenditure in their own IT Department. For many companies, Hosting represents a stable and low-cost alternative to purchased telephone systems. Client capability brings one special advantage in this case: It allows the hoster to set up separate configuration and billing for each customer. The analysis of calls and responses can thus take place individually according to customer, while access to the data and the competences and responsibility are clearly allocated. For new customers, the system can be extended easily without any restrictions in total size.



For more information, see our new Reporting Flyer or our website.




innovaphone in practise: Veterinary clinic of Kerzourat

The veterinary clinic Kerzourat at Landivisiau in Brittany chooses an innovaphone system to optimize availability and call management while reducing costs. Optimizing the telephony services has very much helped to make the organisation of the medical and surgical services easier and more effective.


Dr. Frédéric Arzur, veterinarian and owner of the clinic says, "High quality care requires high-tech equipment. One must gain knowledge about the innovations when it comes to products and facilities. Our veterinary clinic regularly makes considerable investments: the quality of the care and comfort of the animals have their price. Several problems concerning availability, call management and costs prompted us to restructure our telephone system." The telephone service provider, VoIP telecom, installed the VoIP and UC solution by European specialists, innovaphone, as a Centrex system. The installation took just 2 days at both locations of the clinic and ran smoothly. Both clinics can now call each other for free.



The new function of "answering mode/on-call service" on the IP240 phones is highly valued by the medical assistants. The solution allows calls to be redirected around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dr. Arzur summarizes, "Two important problems have been solved by the restructuring of our telephony system: availability and costs. We often get called to private homes, and owners of farms in the surrounding areas often call for help. Being available on the phone when we are on the road, especially at night, is an important factor, which significantly improves the quality and speed of our emergency services. In addition, our calling costs, which were burdened in the past by calls between the clinics, have reduced considerably."



This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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