Newsletter 06/2014

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As already mentioned in the last newsletter, innovaphone will be offering attractive campaigns with real savings from 1st June to 31st October. innovaphone customers can benefit from four different campaigns during this period. Learn more about it in this edition...

In this newsletter, you will also find information about innovaphone PBX security and the current firmware version.

Not to mention some news concerning innovaphone Office integration: Presence information and the Outlook integration are available as usual with Microsoft Office 365. 

Read more about it in the June edition of innovaphone news. Enjoy! 


Time for modernisation

The innovaphone products are known for their stability and durability. But even if your innovaphone PBX keeps running and running and running... the time is now right to update. innovaphone customers can benefit from our versatile exchange campaigns from 1 June to 31 October, which are all under the motto "Time for modernisation". Choose the appropriate products from four campaigns and start sorting out your old equipment now. You can expect: higher performance, new features, and a saving of up to 50%.


The great DECT Exchange campaign (1 June – 31 October 2014)

IP1202 in a double pack! Save a fabulous 50% and get two IP1202 base stations for the price of one.

Order an IP1202 base station and get two IP61 handsets (incl. charger) for free.

Handset bundle: If you need more handsets just order the bundle of ten IP61s for the special price of €1,190 (incl. charger). This can save you 30% compared to the normal price.


Be "UC ready" with the Gateway Exchange campaign (1 June – 31 August 2014)

When buying a current gateway (IP6010, IP3010, IP810) you will get the interface licenses of the "old" gateway free of charge.

Turning “old” into “new” with the license upgrade campaign (1 July – 30 September 2014)

Option 1:  Get one UC license free of charge from innovaphone for each new PBX port license purchased The UC license includes the myPBX client, Video, Voicemail, Mobility, and Fax.

Option 2: Get 1 year of software service credits for each PBX port license purchased for free!


Design upgrade campaign (1 August-31 October 2014)

Option 1: Buy a new IP phone (IP222, IP232) and receive one complete UC license for each device purchased.

Option 2: Buy a new IP phone (IP222, IP232) and receive 160 SSCs to be used as you please for each device purchased.

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms on our website. If you would like to look at all the campaigns in the pdf file overview, click here.


Security - well armed against hacker attacks

We repeatedly see hacker attacks. VoIP telephone systems are unfortunately not spared from such. Therefore, innovaphone places great emphasis on the issue of security. The development department is constantly updating the firmware to counter any attacks.

"Heartbleed bug", which occurred some time ago, is one example that was much quoted in the press. The Heartbleed bug is a security hole in the OpenSSL encryption technology. The innovaphone PBX- and Gateway Firmware has not been affected by this. However, to prevent the threat of the Linux application platform, the hole was closed with a new version V10. 00 SR9, which we were able to provide shortly after this problem became known.

However, in general terms, the introduction of the innovaphone PBX gives companies substantially improved security in the telephone environment. What many users are unaware of is that conventional PBXs often do not have a dedicated security concept. The telephone system is rather considered to be a "technology island" largely closed off from IT and operated as such. The innovaphone PBX is very different: exactly the same IT security mechanisms can be applied as in all other applications that are successfully and safely operated in the company network.

The best protection is guaranteed when the innovaphone PBX is operated in the intranet. This is because the IP telephone system can not be reached at all from outside and only has to be protected against internal attacks. It is a different case of course if the innovaphone PBX is connected via an SIP trunk. In such case, the innovaphone PBX can be reached via the Internet and is therefore, theoretically, vulnerable. In this case, additional precautions should be taken. The proper configuration of the telephone system is crucial. Normally, the internal IT team can perform these configurations even without external help. Thus, companies can largely take charge of the security within their telephone systems themselves - unlike conventional telephone systems.


To date, it has been possible to prevent hacker attacks known to us generally through consistent implementation of the innovaphone security recommendations. Therefore, we would like to expressly point out again, that all recommended security precautions should be undertaken and the latest firmware should be used at all times. The issue of security and proper protection of the innovaphone PBX is discussed among other things in detail in the "Security" chapter of the the compulsory part of our advanced iCE training course (innovaphone Convergent Engineer). 

Another security feature was recently added to the innovaphone Firmware. Information on which can be found in this wiki article.

To be on the safe side, you should always use the current v10 service release version.

Download the V10 firmware here.


innovaphone Office Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Did you know that you can use myPBX functionalities with Microsoft Office 365? All Presence information is available for you as usual with Microsoft Office 365, and provides you with a perfect overview of who is busy right now, absent or available. The Exchange Calendar Connector enables personal calendar entries for myPBX Presence information to be processed and represented graphically by a Presence icon. For example, if someone is in a meeting, this is indicated by the presence icon "Busy".


By integrating Microsoft Office, all Presence information is also incorporated into the Office applications - information from the Outlook calendar as well as the Presence set in myPBX or on the phone. For example, if you are writing an email in Outlook and you add a recipient, the availability of contact person is represented by a coloured bubble next to the name. Go over the name and/or bubble with the mouse and an Info window with the complete Presence memo will appear. Furthermore, a chat or a phone call can be started with the person at the click of a button in myPBX.


In addition to an innovaphone PBX version 10, the innovaphone Office 365 integration requires the innovaphone Exchange Connector for v10sr11 and an installed desktop version of Office 365 package. For more information about the Exchange Connector, see this wiki article. Which Office 365 plans are supported by the desktop versions can be seen here.


innovaphone in practise: World Rowing Masters Regatta 2013

The World Rowing Masters Regatta took place in Schiranna on Lago di Varese in Northern Italy at the beginning of September 2013. 2014 the under 23 World Rowing Championships are also taking place there. An innovaphone solution was used to communicate both on land and on the platforms above the water.

Following the various events in previous years, the organisers decided to build a communications infrastructure for this important event that should provide excellent service on land and on the platforms anchored above the water. A closer analysis of various solutions was undertaken, and the innovaphone system fared well compared to radio communication that had been realized in the preceding years.

"Of course, working data connections to all places where telephone equipment was required were fundamental to the decision in favour of the VoIP solution," says Stefano Caragnano, who was responsible for the organisation of the event. "The innovaphone PBX was installed in the middle of the competition field. All strategic points could be reached from this point via fibre-optic connections, as well as other radio links.”

Regarding the fact that guaranteed communication had to work during the entire event, two identical IP800 innovaphone VoIP gateways were implemented, one of them in the master PBX mode and the second as a standby slave, which would smoothly take over the job of the master PBX in the event of failure. Thanks to the efficiency and low bandwidth consumption of the innovaphone devices, voice quality was maintained at an optimal level, even when there were multiple simultaneous wireless connections.

This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.


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