Newsletter 08/2014

Dear Newsletter reader,

The summer months have begun and innovaphone has some exciting campaigns for existing customers. Take advantage of our current campaigns under the motto "Time for modernization". The next attractive campaign for innovaphone customers starts on August 1st and is our “design upgrade campaign”. This edition brings you detailed information about this new campaign and all ongoing campaigns. 

You will also find information about the silent alarm feature that can be triggered by a panic button on innovaphone IP phones.

Special promotions for XCAPI until 30.08.2014 !
Our partner TE-Systems offers interesting promotions for extending licences  for existant customers:

- 1 year service extension: 15% (instead of 20%)
- 2 years sesrvice extension:  20% (instead of 30%)
of the total price of XCAPI licenses

Please contact your reseller and save up to 45%.

For the first time innovaphone is now offering an iAR (innovaphone Authorized Reseller) training course in Spain. The training course takes place on 21 – 24 October in Barcelona and will be held in English. All information on the contents of this course and registration can be found here.

And last but not least: Watch our new myPBX video in Italian with easy-to-understand explanations of all the features. Click here to watch the video.

Have a wonderful summer and we will be back with the next Newsletter edition in September. And now have fun with the July/August edition!


Time for modernization - innovaphone campaigns

The innovaphone campaigns for existing customers are already under way with tempting offers for end customers. Even if your innovaphone PBX is running and running and running... now is the time to modernize your innovaphone PBX. Until the end of October, innovaphone customers can benefit from various campaigns under the motto "Time for modernization”, which bring real savings of up to 50%.


The design upgrade campaign has started on August 1st. Design aficionados will be thrilled:

Design upgrade campaign (1 August-31 October 2014)

Option 1:  Replace your old IP phone (IP110, IP200, IP230, IP240, IP241) by a modern IP222 or IP232 and receive one complete UC license for each device purchased.

Option 2: Replace your old IP phone (IP110, IP200, IP230, IP240, IP241) by a modern IP222 or IP232 and receive 160 SSCs to be used as you please for each device purchased.



innovaphone customers can also continue to benefit from the following campaigns and dispense of old innovaphone products:

The great DECT Exchange campaign  (1 June – 31 October 2014) 
For innovaphone IP-DECT (IP1200) user:

DECT campaign bundle 1: IP1202 in a double pack! Save a fabulous 50% and get two IP1202 base stations for the price of one.


DECT campaign bundle 2: Order an IP1202 base station and get two IP61 handsets (incl. charger) for free.


Handset bundle: If you need more handsets just order the bundle of ten IP61s for the special price of €1,190 (incl. charger). This can save you 30% compared to the normal price.



Be "UC ready" with the Gateway Exchange campaign (1 June – 31 August 2014)

When buying a current gateway (IP6010, IP3010, IP810) you will get the interface licenses of the "old" gateway free of charge.

Turning “old” into “new” with the license upgrade campaign (1 July – 30 September 2014)

Update your innovaphone PBX (V9 or older):


Option 1:  Get one UC license free of charge from innovaphone for each new PBX port license purchased The UC license includes the myPBX client, Video, Voice, Mobility, and Fax.


Option 2: Get 1 year of software service credits for each PBX port license purchased for free!

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms on our website. If you would like to look at all the campaigns in the pdf file overview, click here.



Silent alarm with innovaphone IP telephones

innovaphone also helps in emergency situations.


A signal that is not noticed from the outgoing telephone can be important in emergency situations.

innovaphone telephones can thus become a “saviour in an hour of need”:
A silent alarm can be initiated by pressing a configurable panic button on the innovaphone IP phone. This alarm is not audible on the device transmitting the alarm. Simple configuration allows any key on the innovaphone IP phone to be determined as the panic button. When the panic alarm is initiated, an alarm signal is sent to the number(s) that have been predetermined as the destination for alarm calls in the configuration, e.g. the local police station.  A voice message or a text can also be stored in advance. This is then sent to the recipient when the panic button is pressed. With a special configuration the group of recipients can talk to each other which is, of course, not audible for the sender.


Read more about this feature and how to configure this in this wiki article.



innovaphone in practice: Maison de santé

The interdisciplinary health centre in the Val de Touvre in southwestern of France has thoroughly modernized its communications system by implementing IP telephony and the Unified Communications solution by the German manufacturer, innovaphone.

innovaphone’s Unified communications client, myPBX, made it possible to optimise call management at the health centre. Thus, the availability of the medical personnel and access to the wide array of medical services have been improved. The innovaphone Unified Communications system innovaphone PBX was installed by the company VIDEOCOM 2000.


Prior to installation of the new solution, the health centre used a simple computer network architecture, over which telephone calls were also managed. This system was no longer modern and could no longer cope with the enormous number of of calls every day.


So a new architecture was implemented with a dedicated virtual local area network (VLAN) for telephony. The innovaphone PBX was used as a DHCP server. Voicemail with music on hold allows for the recording of and playback of customized announcements and messages. An interactive voice response system (IVRS) categorises calls. The caller is forwarded directly to the appropriate extension, whilst emergency calls are always put trhough to a free channel.


The reliability of the new solution convinced all users as well as those in charge of the health centre. The latter are now planning to equip the entire centre and all doctors with the innovaphone IP telephony and UC solution.


The complete case study and other reports on successful installations with innovaphone can be found here. Click here to see the case study as a PDF file.


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