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Learn why you are financially on the safe side when you use the innovaphone PBX in the October issue of our newsletter. We would also like to draw your attention to the last two remaining Exchange campaigns, which you should not miss! You can benefit from the campaigns and save up to 50% until October 31st.

In the last section, you will gain information about the current service release, which closes the security gap in the UNIX Shell Bash.

And now... have fun with the October issue of innovaphone News!



Cutting costs with the innovaphone PBX

There are many ways to cut costs with the innovaphone IP telephone and Unified Communications solution. For example, with the mobility solution, mobile subscribers are perfectly integrated into the innovaphone PBX: As a subscriber to the PBX, mobile phone users can make use of the PBX features and are recognized as internal subscribers. Thus minimizing telephone costs. Video Conferencing, Application Sharing, and Presence information allows project processes to be optimised and accelerated, while travel expenses can be reduced significantly. The innovaphone PBX captivates by its low need for maintenance, because it has an operating system developed specifically by innovaphone and the hardware has absolutely no moving parts.


Would you like to know more about it? We have summarised the 10 most important points as to how the innovaphone IP telephone and UC solution can help to cut costs on the innovaphone website:


“Time for modernization” - innovaphone campaigns

Make the most of the last days and benefit from our versatile exchange campaigns until 31 October 2014, which are all under the motto "Time for modernisation". You can expect: higher performance, new features, and a saving of up to 50%. Select the Design Upgrade campaign if you have your eye on our award-winning IP phones IP222 and IP232. Or let your IP1200 retire and move on to the current IP DECT generation by innovaphone. You have the choice!


Design upgrade campaign (until 31 October 2014 / limited to 50 units)

The great DECT Exchange campaign (until 31 October 2014)


You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms on our website. If you would like to look at all the campaigns in a pdf file overview, click here.


Security gap closed Bash Bug (ShellShock)

The security gap in the UNIX Shell Bash does not affect the innovaphone PBX as such, because it has its own operating system. However, installations of the Linux application platform on innovaphone gateways or in a VMware environment may be affected. With the current patch, the security gap has been closed safely. It is strongly recommended to update to the new versions V.10 sr15 or V9 hotfix31 of the Linux application platform, which are available on the innovaphone download server.


innovaphone in practice: Novitas BKK

Novitas BKK looks back on a long tradition and is now one of the largest company health insurance funds (Betriebskrankenkasse) in Germany. In 2010, the company merged with ktpBKK. In the wake of the merger, the desire for a single telecommunications infrastructure arose. 


The merger of BKK Novitas with ktpBKK brought together not only two companies but also two PBX infrastructures. As is often the case, this resulted not in a uniform system, but in a heterogeneous jumble of different manufacturers and systems. There were two particular challenges in connection with the order being placed: on the one hand, the entire new installation had to be completed in a time frame of max. 5 months; on the other hand, the individual sites had disparate networks from different providers, partly with Network Address Translation (NAT).


An IP6010 VoIP gateway was installed as the central system at the Schifferstrasse headquarters in Duisburg. A virtual image of the innovaphone VoIP solution was installed in the existing VMWare environment. This created an additional level of security. The existing call centre system was connected to the main system in Duisburg. In Essen, an IP6010 VoIP gateway was set up as a so-called slave. Therefore, it was possible to obtain full redundancy with an additional, redundant PBX system - the IP6010 in Essen takes over all of the functions if the system in Duisburg fails.


Initially staff had to deal with a "luxury problem" – they had to get used to the improved voice quality, which was initially sometimes considered to be disturbing. Once the G. 711 codec was enabled, this problem was eliminated. The company is playing with the idea of integrating other innovaphone UC applications into the infrastructure in the future. They definitely intend to integrate more sites into the infrastructure within the scope of future mergers.


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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