Newsletter 01/2015

Dear Newsletter reader,


Voilà, the first innovaphone newsletter in 2015! We report back from our short winter break and are pleased to provide you with innovaphone news again as usual. Of course, we hope that you had a pleasant holiday and have seen a healthy start to the new year!


The innovaphone PBX software version 11 is drawing closer and will be accompanied by lots of new products and product details. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join the V11 update webinar on 6 February 2015 where we will give you an overview of the new IP111 phone, the extension module for the IP222 and IP232 phones, the "myPBX for Android" Smartphone app, as well as innovations in relation to the issues of usability, security, and mobility. Look forward to it! You can find the registration page and further dates here.


Would you like an overview of the features of the innovaphone PBX? That’s easy! Simply click here and download the current innovaphone PBX data sheet.


And now... have fun with the January issue of innovaphone News!


CeBIT 2015: We look forward to greeting you!

The year has barely started, and the CeBIT 2015 is rapidly approaching as it opens its doors from March 16th-20th. innovaphone is, of course, participating once again and we look forward to welcoming you to our stand. You will find us in Hall 13, stand C38. Click here to arrange a specific appointment with an innovaphone employee. Are you looking for an exhibition fair ticket? We will send you one when you request your appointment with us. Simply tick the box "Ticket wanted".

We have some helping hands at our stand this year: as if that wasn’t enough, you can experience not only innovaphone live and in colour at this year’s CeBIT, but also meet 5 of our partners at our booth. The seamless integration of the innovaphone PBX in a variety of the areas of expertise provided by our technology partners, can usefully complement and complete our IP telephony and UC solution. This year, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to have discussions with our partners and together we look forward to presenting the high number of possibilities that the innovaphone solutions provide.



You can meet with the following partners at the innovaphone CeBIT stand:

With the byon vTK, byon gmbh successfully offers hosted solutions based on the innovaphone PBX. byon gmbh is a Reseller and cloud provider of solutions in the field of call center technology, traditional & virtual PBXs, virtual ACD and video conference systems. As an innovaphone partner, they develop high-quality industry solutions and location concepts in close dialogue with customers.


CloudKom provides cloud-based communication solutions, which can be purchased exclusively via partners. The CloudKom PBX is an "all inclusive" offer and, in addition to the cloud-based innovaphone PBX with backbone SIP access and web admin interface, it provides a flexible and customer-oriented service for innovaphone phones and gateways at a monthly fee without long fixed terms.


Software products from estos extend the scope of the innovaphone PBX features, in particularly by adding high quality Unified Communications features with convenient CTI and a wide range of integration possibilities. estos has been developing professional standard software for companies since 1997, allowing them to improve their business processes in communication-intensive areas. Technically, the focus on the development is on easy-to-use and easy-to-install communication software modules based on webRTC, SIP, XMPP and LDAP. The long-standing collaboration with estos guarantees perfect integration of software components to the innovaphone PBX.


Jabra headsets and hands-free solutions are the perfect addition to all innovaphone PBX devices. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, GN Netcom has been developing and marketing an extensive portfolio of hands-free communications solutions under the brand name of Jabra for more than two decades. With its divisions for mobile users and professional users in contact centres and office environments, Jabra produces corded and cordless headsets and hands-free solutions that enable users and companies to communicate more comfortably and more efficiently, regardless of where they are.


The software solution XCAPI from TE-SYSTEMS has been enabling the migration of CAPI compatible voice and fax applications to the innovaphone PBX over many years. We have now also overcome the last SIP communication hurdles with anynode as the pure software Session Border Controller (SBC) and the tool for SIP protocol adaptation. TE-SYSTEMS GmbH is specialized in the development and distribution of software in the field of telecommunications for ISDN and VoIP.


The Voxtron Communication Center is a modular application that is adapted to the customer’s workflow. The flexible structure of the solution led to many successful projects based on the innovaphone PBX. Voxtron has had an international reputation in the telecommunications industry since the 1990s as a manufacturer of professional software systems for customer interaction. Voxtron joined the Enghouse Group in October 2014, one of the major players in the global market for customer interaction.


V11 promotional campaign calendar

innovaphone is dedicating the new year to Software Version 11. The new year is starting with a very special colourful firework display especially for existing innovaphone end customers but also for those who would like to become innovaphone end customers. Look forward to attractive offers every month with our innovaphone promotional campaign calendar. From free licenses for UC over hardware to Application Sharing – there is something for everyone. Sign up for the first campaign and make the most of the opportunity to get to know the wide range of possibilities that the innovaphone PBX offers!

  • 5 UC Lics for free (1 February – 30 April)

  • IP810 Lics included (1 March – 31 May)

  • Buy one get one free (1 April – 30 June)

  • IP111 UC Lic included (1 May – 31 July)

  • Buy myPBX get Application Sharing (1 June – 31 August)

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms on our website. If you would like to look at all the campaigns in the pdf file overview, click here


Advent calendar review and solution to window no. 13

The innovaphone lucky fairy didn’t rest until the 25th of December, this was the last prize day and thus also the day of the draw of the main prize in our advent calendar - a Samsung Galaxy Tab4. The tablet went to Ralf Kuschela from Switzerland. We say congratulations and hope he enjoys using it!

Of course, we don’t want to withhold the solution of window number 13. This was obviously the most difficult of all the questions in our advent calendar. The question refers to the new user interface of the V11. You can see the solution here:

Question: How many partner keys, including the favourite keys, can be assigned to an IP232 IP phone with two IP2X2-X extension modules?
Partners + Favourites =?

The answer: On the phone, there are two Home app pages each with 8 function keys that can be moved as Partner keys - thus 16. Each extension module has two pages with 16 functions keys each, 2 x 32 = 64. A total of 32 Favourites can be created. It doesn’t matter where they are displayed - on the phone or on the extension modules. A total 16 on the phone + 64 on the extension modules + 32 Favourites = 112 partner.

80 partner + 32 Favourites = 112


We take this opportunity to thank you for the active participation in the advent calendar. We hadn’t expected such a large number of participants and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the high number of new registrations each morning. Therefore, we are of course highly motivated to find something fun for the 2015 advent calendar. Look forward to it!


innovaphone in practice: Bitburger Brewery Group

The Bitburger Braugruppe is one of the leading brewery groups of in Germany. With 1,800 employees, the family-run company has breweries in five German states and its headquarters are in the Eifel region.

A precise catalogue of requirements was created once the managers at Bitburger had made the decision to invest in a new telecommunications infrastructure. A unified communications solution for the entire Bitburger Braugruppe should definitely be introduced. In order to achieve a high degree of availability, the innovaphone Redundancy concept came to the fore. One innovaphone IP6010 VoIP gateway was installed as a master and one as a standby PBX at the headquarters in Bitburg. The master system in Bitburg also serves as the standby PBX for the brewery company’s other sites. Each site has its own innovaphone PBX, but they all merge together on the master in Bitburg.


Office workers at Bitburger work via Thin-Client in a virtual Citrix Desktop environment. It makes use of the Mobility function of the innovaphone PBX, which enables employees to “take” their own extension number to other sites as well as to their home office. The Presence application and the innovaphone Chat are used intensively via the innovaphone myPBX UC client.


Installation of the innovaphone PBX at sites in Bitburg (Bitburger brewery) and Duisburg (König brewery) went very smoothly. In Bitburg, over 500 users were connected and received training for the new solution in just three weeks. Accordingly, Uwe Siller, CIO of the Bitburger Braugruppe, praised: "I’ve never experienced such a smooth introduction of a new telecommunications solution!"


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.



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