Newsletter 11/2015

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The demand for All IP is increasing on the market. innovaphone is regularly certifying SIP providers to give the customer a wider selection when choosing their SIP provider. You will find some of the SIP providers who have already been tested successfully in this, our Novembre issue of the newsletter. 



innovaphone’s history goes back 18 years and a lot has happened meanwhile since the first gateway IP400 was born. We are even sometimes surprised ourselves by the sheer number of options that the innovaphone solution has to offer. For this reason, we have created the innovaphone V11 portfolio overview for you. It is available in DIN A1 format in our download area. The PDF file has been designed so that you can print it out yourself or have it printed. We will be curious to see whether you find something new that you didn’t know about before when looking at the V11 portfolio overview. 

Did you know?

The myPBX mobile flyer is now available in all languages: EnglishDutchGermanPolishFrenchItalian, and Spanish


And now, have fun reading!



Discontinuation of ProCall 4+

Our supplier Estos has given us notice that ProCall 4+ will be discontinued on 31st December 2015. The successor version ProCall 5 has already been listed in the latest price list.  The following dates apply for the announcement of Estos discontinuing ProCall 4+:

  • End of Sales on 31st December 2015
  • End of Support on 31st December 2016

In our pricelist this concerns the following articles, which will not be available for purchase from 1st January 2016:

  • 51-00030-070 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 5 User EUR 545,38
  • 51-00030-071 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 10 User EUR 965,55
  • 51-00030-072 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 25 User EUR 2.100,00
  • 51-00030-073 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 50 User EUR 3.696,64
  • 51-00030-074 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 75 User EUR 5.125,21
  • 51-00030-075 ProCall 4+ Enterprise, 100 User EUR 6.385,71

Please note that it concerns recommended retail prices plus VAT. The prices can deviate in single countries and per distributor and currency.


Individual Key Module IP2X2 

The prices for the individual key module IP2X2 are reduced by EUR 25,00 from 1st November 2015 and will be delivered without base. In future the base will have to be ordered seperately. The base for one individual key module costs EUR 25,00 and the base for two units is EUR 50,00. Which means that the total costs will not increase.


Please note that for a transitional period we might deliver the old individual key modules with narrow base. However this will be at the reduced price to enable the change to the new base.


From 1st November 2015 the following prices apply:

  • 01-002X2-001 individual key module for IP222 and IP232 (Black) without base EUR 175,00
  • 01-002X2-002 individual key module for IP222 and IP232 (White) without base EUR 195,00
  • 03-002X2-001 base (long) IP2x2-X for one phone IP222 or IP232 including one individual key module EUR 25,00
  • 03-002X2-002 base (long) IP2x2-X for one phone IP222 or IP232 including two individual key modules EUR 50,00

Please note that it concerns recommended retail prices plus VAT. The prices can deviate in single countries and per distributor and currency.


innovaphone tests the compatibility of SIP providers

Demand for All IP is increasing as analogue and ISDN networks throughout Europe are currently being switched over to standard Internet Protocol (IP). In some countries, the conversion to All IP is already almost finished everywhere and the ISDN switch-off is thus almost fully completed. Telephony, television, video or mobile communication: soon all communication channels across Europe will only be operated via Internet Protocol. Providers are currently expanding their offerings to include SIP connections as demand is increasing thus enabling customers to switch to All IP. innovaphone is constantly busy with compatibility tests for new SIP connections that are to be certified to the innovaphone PBX.


A list of successfully tested SIP connections can be found here in our wiki. Below is a selection of providers, whose SIP connections have been tested by innovaphone in recent years: 

  • O2
  • Peoplefone
  • Phonect
  • Proximus
  • Vodafone


innovaphone in practice: Ganter Interior 

Ganter Interior deploys an innovaphone communication solution on a global scale


Armani and de Beers, Nespresso and Luis Vuitton, Prada and Lindt & Sprüngli - the list of Ganter Interior’s reference customers reads like the Who is Who of international premium brands. The company, registered in the Black Forest, realizes room concepts to perfection on a global scale and according to the highest functional standards and at a splendid design standard. Some 350 employees work at Ganter in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, England, China and the US.


The starting position at Ganter Interior in Waldkirch was typical: The longserving telephone system of a renowned manufacturer had become obsolete and was no longer able to fulfill the requirements placed on a modern communication infrastructure. The new infrastructure considerably reduced administration efforts. In particular, companies with multiple branches can draw significant advantages from the central administration of the innovaphone PBX because the PBX can be managed across multiple sites - encrypted and convenient via the Web browser.


As modern Unified Communications applications in general and especially video telephony were to be made available at company headquarters, the newest innovaphone firmware was implemented and the innovaphone PBX was set up virtually as a software application. The innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA) is installed in a VMware environment and comprises of the complete scope of service of the innovaphone PBX. “We have never had a failure on the innovaphone hardware. It has been running for months without any problems.From an ecological viewpoint, the innovaphone PBX is great. The components are made of robust stainless steel, do not radiate much heat and do not require any power-consuming fans. Thus, the new PBX really fits to our sustainable company philosophy.” Steffen Olbrich explains, IT manager at Ganter Interior.

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