"Common Growth over 20 Years"

innovaphone: BarCamp Followed by a Party in Kraftwerk Rottweil

Sindelfingen, November 23rd, 2017 - innovaphone AG celebrated its 20th anniversary with a spectacular event under the motto “Communicate. Connect. Collaborate.” in one of the hippest event locations in Germany, Kraftwerk Rottweil. Almost all 100 innovaphone employees from all the company offices and departments took part. During the bar camps and subsequent evening event, some 400 partners, customers and friends shared inspiring discussions where new ideas were born and industry news was exchanged followed by some serious partying.

On the morning of October 26th, 2017, the presenter Carsten Hummel gave a short introduction to the bar camp rules before the guests, more than 250 in total, participated in some very interesting sessions. Expertise on the topics of cloud computing, the hardware of tomorrow, security and future technologies as well as marketing, sales and management was shared in a relaxed, laid-back setting during these “self-organising” conferences.

Further invited guests from 19 countries arrived during the course of the day. The last language barriers were broken down when a drum show and percussion workshop presented what it had learned in front of the 500 people present at the evening event. The intoxicating dance performance by “Fantastic 5” was one special highlight at the beginning of the evening programme, when the dance group transformed the milestones in innovaphone’s history into an audio-visual show. The fabulous live band “Fresh Music Live” kept the innovaphone party spirit high until the early morning hours.

Dagmar Geer, Chairman of innovaphone AG, says: “Our partners, resellers and distributors have also contributed greatly to our successful and consistent growth over the past 20 years. The barcamp was an experiment, we didn’t know how it would be received: But in the end, we were absolutely amazed to see how passionately our guests participated and what great ideas they brought forward. It was an excellent way to find new impetus and inspiration for our future.”

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