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Type Name Date Size
application/pdfNewvoice_Flyer_innovaphone (DE)2017-03-175318
application/pdfJabra compatibility overview 2016 (EN)2016-10-186675
application/pdfNovalink - Zertifikat Technologiepartner (DE)2016-10-18261
application/pdfSennheiser_innovaphone solution overview 2016 (EN)2016-09-132581
application/pdfJabra Anschlussübersicht 2016 (DE)2016-09-132930
application/pdfeffexx flyer - eConference (EN)2016-07-28170
application/pdfeffexx Flyer - eConference (DE)2016-07-28173
application/pdfC4B Flyer - Kontaktdaten-Integration für innovaphone (DE)2016-05-021659
application/pdfC4B flyer - Contact data integration for innovaphone (EN)2016-05-021655
application/pdfD81 - robustes DECT Handset (de)2015-04-01207
application/pdfPortable Device Manager, Windows version (Installation and Operation Manual)2013-09-20722
application/pdfDECT/WIFI Multi-Handset Charging Rack CR32013-06-0769
application/pdfDECT/WIFI Multi-Battery Pack Charger CR42013-06-06141
application/pdfD81 - robust DECT handset (en)2013-01-30111
application/pdfUniversal 17 Watt PoE injector2012-11-13283
application/pdfDirectional single antenna2012-11-1338
application/pdfOmnidirectional single antenna2012-11-1346
application/pdfDirectional dual antenna2012-11-1381

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