innovaphone video films

The innovaphone video library. Our 5 minute corporate film will tell you all about Unified Communications and IP telephony. With case studies and tutorials we will inform you about the entire innovaphone product range. Select  which film you would like to watch in line with your desired topic.

innovaphone IP phones

innovaphone provides IP phones for use with the VoIP PBX that have been made to cater for any imaginable situation. The IP telephones described here for desktop use are state-of-the-art with large displays, touch control and are powered via the network. Usability is divided into apps and thus very simple to use and intuitive. Extention modules, headsets and various Unified Communications solutions complement the IP phones specifically to suit your needs. Mobile subscribers make use of software solutions of the same quality for smartphones (Android & iOS) and PCs (WebRTC).

innovaphone widgets - Call Me button

Whilst browsing through a company’s website, a visitor to the website comes across questions that the website doesn’t answer. The “Call Me Button” from innovaphone gives the prospective customer the possibility to get a direct expert answer to his questions with just one click of the mouse. The innovaphone PBX in the company forwards the call from the web browser directly to the right customer service expert: turning prospective buyers into customers. 

Assembly instructions for the innovaphone extension module IP2X2-X

Watch this video to see how to assemble the innovaphone extension module. The extension module is ready for use in just a few steps. In this video, we show you how to set up one or two extension modules. Please be sure to use a plastic sheet or a similar underlay to prevent scratches on the devices.

Changeover to All IP - Easy changeover with the innovaphone PBX

Currently, analogue and ISDN networks throughout Europe are being migrated to standard Internet Protocol (IP). The innovaphone product philosophy makes the transition from the old to the new technology easy. "Smooth migration", allows a gradual entry into the IP world, in several stages of innovation. The customer determines the speed of transition.

innovaphone Switchboard "light"

Version 11r2 has brought switchboard "light", which allows you to make calls easily using the "+" icon. This is possible for a total of four calls. After which no further calls can be triggered, but incoming calls can still be accepted. Scroll the display using the arrow buttons. It is possible to switch between individual calls simply by pressing the play button.

innovaphone at CeBIT 2015

innovaphone’s presence at CeBIT 2015 was marked by All IP. Switching to All IP with innovaphone couldn’t be easier – thanks to an IP telephone and Unified Communications solution that leaves nothing to be desired and a product philosophy that enables you to switch over to All IP in several innovative steps.

innovaphone IP111 + Baudisch SIP video door intercom

The innovaphone PBX makes it possible to watch video images on the display of an innovaphone telephone (IP111, IP232, IP222 and IP241) if you have a suitable video door intercom system. StentofonBaudisch GmbH integrates the innovaphone IP2x2 models as well as the new innovaphone IP111 IP telephone into a Baudisch SIP video door intercom. If there is an incoming call, the video image can be displayed before the call is answered and even before the door is opened. The door can be opened then conveniently via your telephone keypad. The light can also be controlled via the keypad.

innovaphone CeBIT film 2014

Hanover once again opens its doors this year for CeBIT 2014. And once again joining the more than 3,000 national and international exhibitors: innovaphone! The German manufacturer and long-term specialist in IP communications systems is setting new standards.

innovaphone corporate film

innovaphone. It is "Pure IP Communications made in Germany". Learn more about us and our product range.Our corporate film will inform you about the topics of IP telephony and Unified Communications.

innovaphone CeBIT film 2013

The international communication industry meets again this year in Hanover to present current developments and innovations at the world’s largest ICT trade fair, CeBIT 2013. Among them, of course, innovaphone. A recognised technology leader in the market for IP communication systems, innovaphone presents the latest trends in the Voice over IP and Unified Communications areas at its exhibition stand which increases in size each year.

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