Gateway Upgrade Promotion 2017

Objective of the campaign:

The “Gateway Upgrade Promotion 2017” gives existing innovaphone customers employing the IP6000, IP2000, IP800, IP305 or IP302 gateways the opportunity to upgrade to the latest innovaphone hardware platforms (IPxx11) at an attractive price. Invest in the future now!

Campaign information:

Buy an IP311, IP411, IP811, IP1130 or IP3011 and innovaphone will give you cashback of up to EUR 150 (the exact amount depends on the gateway purchased) and transfer the hardware and software licenses that you previously employed to the newly acquired device free of charge. This requires that you fully register for the campaign providing all of the mandatory details and that you send the previously used gateways (P6000, IP2000, IP800, IP305 or IP302) back to innovaphone in Sindelfingen.

After receiving the goods, innovaphone will subsequently transfer the following amounts to the account stated in the registration mask: 

  • EUR    75 for a newly purchased IP311 or IP411
  • EUR 100 for a newly purchased IP811
  • EUR 125 for a newly purchased IP1130
  • EUR 150 for a newly purchased IP3011

Please note: Multiple gateways may be exchanged within the scope of this promotional campaign. The quantity of old and new devices must be identical.

Promotion period: promotion period ends September 30th, 2017.

What do you have to do? Step-by-step

  1. You buy a current innovaphone gateway model (IP311, IP411, IP811, IP1130 or IP3011) from the supplier of your choice.
  2. Please confirm here that you have the MAC address of the gateway that you wish to exchange and the corresponding MAC address of the newly purchased gateway and click on "register".

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