Redundancy: How Fail-Safe is your Communication Infrastructure?

“Redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system - usually in the form of a backup […] - or to improve actual system performance.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Internal and External Communication

Communication is one of the most crucial functional units in a business. It secures the internal flow of information within a business, as much as contact between customers and business partners. Outage of communication may have enormous economic effects on businesses. Even if only parts of the communication system are affected (such as waiting queues or integration of the CRM system), impact on productivity and employee satisfaction may be tremendous.


Download the White Paper “Redundancy: How Fail-Safe is your Communication Infrastructure?” for free.

The White Paper Includes Following Aspects:

  • Which components are “mission critical”, meaning that failure could jeopardise my business in a worst-case scenario
  • Which outages can my business cope with (if there are any at all)
  • Which risks need to be considered
  • Emergency concepts and resources involved
  • Which redundancy concepts are offered by manufacturers and integrators?
  • Have the implemented solutions been tested, are there objective experiences on reliability and availability
  • Who is in charge of supplying redundancy?

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