innovaphone IP222: Designer IP phone with colour display and function keys

The IP222 telephone unites a very modern design with groundbreaking technological details. It belongs to the innovaphone product family that won the popular "red dot award: product design". At first glance, the innovative handset cradle is particularly striking, suggesting the handset is floating. The IP222 has a large colour display with perfect resolution and 12 freely programmable function keys. The design telephone is not only attractive to look at, but also sets new standards concerning voice quality and power consumption. The three standard USB interfaces on this telephone are perfectly suited for versatile extensions. These interfaces can be used to easily connect headsets, extension modules and other peripheral devices.

The new wideband G.722 audio standard has been implemented on this phone. It enables voice quality to be better than comparable ISDN telephones and sets completely new quality criteria with MOS values >4.5.

Sustainability is a leading criteria for innovaphone when developing new products. Integration of the brand new Green IT standard 803.3az proves this fact. innovaphone is one of the first manufacturers on the market to integrate this “Energy Efficient Ethernet” standard in its devices. It applies the approach that an Ethernet port only uses electricity when data is really being transmitted. Usually, in 99 percent of the time no data is transmitted on the phone and the respective port could be set to idle mode. Thus, the IP222’s energy consumption is drastically reduced.

The IP2X2-X extension module extends the IP222 telephone. It allows 32 additional favourites to be managed on two pages. Furthermore, another 32 function keys can be programmed. Up to two by extension modules can be connected to one IP222. They are automatically recognised and immediately put into operation without any installation.

innovaphone Wiki - Link

A list of compatible and tested USB headsets for the IP222 and IP232 IP telephones can be found in our innovaphone Wiki.


Technical data are in the Wiki:

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