innovaphone IP240: Extendable IP phone with alphanumeric keyboard

The IP240 IP telephone has an ergonomic integrated alphanumeric keyboard. It enables you to select names quickly using the dial-by-name feature. The flexible LDAP interface to databases and directories enables large databases to be checked and provided at top speed. The selection is narrowed down with every letter typed in, until the required name is shown on the 7 line display.

Sending and receiving messages between telephones is possible with the IP240. The alphanumeric keyboard is also perfect for writing these quick messages. Furthermore, this telephone has a special LED indicator for new messages.

The IP240 also supports the digital interface for headsets (DHSG). The headset interface enables calls to be picked up and called off by using a button on the headset itself. This interface also allows the mute function to be used as well as volume to be regulated.

Beistellmodul für IP240 und IP241

An extension module with 30 extra direct dialling keys is available for the IP240 and IP241 telephones. An LED on the key shows the partner’s status. Each key can be labelled individually. Up to 3 extension modules can be connected to one telephone. Electricity supply should be dimensioned accordingly in order to operate several extension modules on one telephone. 


Technical data are in the Wiki:

Please note: The IP240 is End-of-Life and has been discontinued. Please get in touch with your reseller to check current availabilities of the IP240.

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