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La app innovaphone Switchboard integra las funcionalidades de una consola de operadora profesional en la PBX innovaphone para la gestión de llamadas entrantes (ya sea para una única ubicación o un sistema distribuido) e independientemente de si el sistema está instalado on premises o en la nube. La gestión de las llamadas y los desvíos se lleva a cabo de forma sencilla y eficiente.
Switchboard Admin

Switchboard Admin

innovaphone | Licencia innovaphone

La aplicación Switchboard Admin App permite a los usuarios a los que se les ha asignado esta aplicación realizar ajustes como la asignación o gestión de colas de espera, gestión de la información de presencia de los usuarios, establecer desvíos de llamadas para otros usuarios, etc.
Callback is an app, which manages the callbacks of your company. Instead using email, paper, you got a modern interface for myapps that is compatible with your smartphone. In the Interface you can manage your own callbacks and have the possibility to create callbacks for other users. Every callback has a priority level, a status and an optional notice. These attributes can be changed by the sender or creator. Callbacks can be passed to other users or when finished moved into a history. All data changes of a callback are saved and can be seen by the users related to this. If you want, you could use the app to do some call notice instead of callbacks. Licensing: One license per user with any number of devices. No floating licensing, only the users who got a configured license have access. For licensing and test licensing please contact myApps-sales@mediarunway.com


aurenz GmbH | Sin coste

DynamicTeamsUse the DynamicTeams from aurenz to turn normal hunt groups into flexible service teams in which the agents can log in and out independently as required. The presence status of the agents is displayed on a team basis. A group-related call journal with callback status allows lost calls to be followed up in a targeted manner. With the supervisor dashboard as a monitoring tool, the team leaders keep track of the workload of the teams, which is a challenge especially today in home office times and teams that work from distributed workstations.This app enables the integration of DynamicTeams into the myApps client. In order to be able to use DynamicTeams, you also need the fee-based server component UC-Analytics. For information about licensing, please contact your system house.
The app inno2TANSS needs the ticketsystem “TANSS” and a licensed innovaphone reporting. The app pushes the call information to the ticketsystem. In the ticketsystem you can use the integrated call lists and you got visualise the call information in your timelines. Everything will be configure in the inno2TANSS admin app, and then it works in the background, no app for the user needs to be started. Licensing: You need one license for one PBX and ticketsystem connection. No user licensing. For licensing and test licensing please contact innoapp-sales@mediarunway.com


effexx | Sin coste

The Sendnumber app allows users to choose which phone number they want to use to make outgoing calls. All extensions of existing waiting queue objects are automatically available for configuration. 
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