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News 07/2023 | english

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innovaphone Explains: Test innovaphone Conferencing Free of Charge

innovaphone explains, Test innovaphone conferencing

Are you looking for a modern conferencing solution where all data remain within the system on your own business premises? Would you like to take a look at what to expect with innovaphone Conferencing?

Via our website, you can easily access our virtual myApps test rooms. Invite your colleagues to join you and test innovaphone Conferencing free of charge and without having to register.

Watch the video with our colleague Lars, where he explains how customers and prospects can participate in a myApps meeting - without having to sign up or download any plugin.

NEW: innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium

Teaserbild von innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium

With our innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium, we set new standards in terms of availability and security of cloud-based work and communication platforms.

Read our newsticker and get more information on myApps Cloud Premium with all its advantages.

innovaphone Blog: What do Your Company Building and Enterprise Communications Platform have in Common?

Newsletter Bild, Blog - myApps Struktur - Datenschutz

The term architecture (from Latin “architectura”) is oftentimes used in context with phone systems, referring to its PBX architecture. We also like to use this term when referring to our solution as the “PBX architecture” or the “myApps platform architecture.”

In our blog post, we would like to show you that the structure of our solution has a lot more in common with the structure of a building than you might first assume. You will see: Starting off with a solid foundation, then moving to the ground floor with the lobby, then towards the first floor with the development lab before you reach the top floor where your creativity can flow.

NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Callback Manager App by effexx

“All lines are busy right now. The next available agent will soon answer your call. Thank you for your patience.”

Have you had such a situation where you just hung up the phone? Calls like these are not only a nuisance for the customer, but if worse comes to worst, the business might lose a customer.

The new Callback Manager app by effexx is the right tool to manage dynamically and intelligently multiple nested queues. Additionally, missed calls can be recorded and called back directly from within the app.


effexx will be presenting the new Callback Manager app during our webinar series of our technology partners & app partners. Make sure to register for the upcoming webinar now and join us online.

Date & Time:
July 27th, 2023 | 11am

Highlights of the Service Release V13r3 SR7

innovaphone Release-Notes V13r3 Mann steht im Hintergrund an einer großen Tafel und malt mit weißer Kreide darauf
  • Conference Web Access: More Information if Access to Conference is not Possible
  • VoIP Gateways: Support H.323 Local Domain
  • Softphone App: NEW Configuration Option "No Physical Location"
  • myPhoneKeys App: Now Available in the Release Store
  • Additional improvements concerning headsets, the RCC app & the Softphone app
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