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you may have already noticed that our new website went live on March 5th! This is currently only available in German and English and we are working full speed ahead to make it available in the same languages as before. During this transition phase you can still reach the old website as usual – for example under

In addition to the changes on our new website, there will also be changes to our newsletter. Instead of receiving a link to the newsletter, you will be able to start reading immediately you open the newsletter email. The smaller notices which were previously available at the end of our newsletter can now be read on the website under Press -> Newticker. You can go there directly by clicking on the quick links on the right-hand side of every newsletter or by pressing the Newticker icon. Otherwise, the newsletter is the same as always - jam packed with interesting innovaphone news and we will be presenting interesting innovaphone topics to you once a month.

There are a couple of exceptions for the French and Italian websites, as the new websites are not yet available. As a result, the newsticker and other links in this month’s newsletter are only available in English, but they will be added in French and Italian soon!

CeBIT took place again from 6-10 March 2012 in Hanover, innovaphone was of course present at the most important ITC industry exhibition. Our stand was very well frequented and we welcomed international visitors from all over the world to exchange information on Voice over IP and Unified Communications. You can find some impressions of this year's CeBIT in our Newsticker! We thank all our exhibition guests for visiting us and are already looking forward to CeBIT 2013!

We have some important news for all IP222 and IP232 users! Every now and again we have been receiving complaints about scratched telephone displays. We have of course looked into the matter and found out that the protection film on the screen had not been removed. The film is so inconspicuous that it is hardly visible. Therefore, we ask you to check whether you have removed the protection film if you think the display on your IP222 or IP232 is scratched :-) Thank you!

And now... sit back and enjoy reading our newsletter!

IP810 Preview

You surely know all about our relatively new VoIP gateway product range…! The devices can be recognised by the 10 at the end of their model number and stand out mainly due to their increased memory and more powerful processing performance. A Dual Core processor each with 800 MHz guarantees sufficient output. There are various gateways of various types and with different numbers of interfaces that can be activated as necessary using licenses.

The powerful IP6010 is suitable for enterprise environments, the IP3010 closes the gap between the proven IP800 and the IP6010, and the "pure PBX platform" IP0010 is perfect for connection to a SIP carrier.

We unveiled another new gateway in the 10 series at this year's CeBIT and we take great pleasure in presenting it to you now: the IP810. The IP810 is the big sister of the IP800 and is faster and more powerful with the typical attributes of the 10 series, meaning it has increased memory and a more powerful processing performance. The IP810 is equipped with 5 BRI, 20 channels, 2 Ethernet 100 MBit and 1 compact flash card slot. The power supply takes place using Power over Ethernet, there is no need for a mains adapter.

The IP810 is so powerful that it is able to run the innovaphone Linux application platform - as are all gateways with the 10 at the end of the model number. Additional applications that run on the Linux operating system can be installed directly on the gateway and make use of the compact flash memory. Therefore, for example, the innovaphone Reporting software does not need to be installed on a separate server, but can also be installed directly on a gateway in this series.

To guard against any misunderstandings: the IP810 is not a replacement for the IP800 – the IP800 will continue to be available! The innovaphone News will let you know as soon as the IP810 is available.

Subsequent information on IP1202 and IP1200

We received queries concerning the announcement in the innovaphone News 02/2012 that our IP-DECT gateway IP1200 is reaching its end-of-life and will be replaced by the IP1202. Therefore we are picking up on this topic and answering the "Frequently Asked Questions":

When will the IP1202 be available?
The IP202 and handsets will be available from April.

Is it possible to run the IP1200 and IP1202 in parallel?
Yes it is possible, but there are limitations. Roaming and automatic handover are not possible between IP1202 and IP1200! You will not be able to use the "old" IP56, IP55, IP64, IP54, IP52 and IP50 handsets with the new IP1202. The same goes for the IP61 and IP63 handsets, which will no longer work with the IP1200.

Can the "old" DECT range still be ordered?
Yes, all handsets, accessories and multi-cell repeaters can be ordered at innovaphone until further notice. However, please bear in mind what we have already mentioned: these devices can only be used with an IP1200. The IP1200 is still available at the moment and can be ordered as long as stocks last!

Can the IP1202 also be connected to telephone systems from other manufacturers?
No. The IP1202 only works together with the innovaphone PBX.

How do I deal with repairs and complaints regarding the IP1200 and the entire "old" DECT range?
Repairs and complaints can be dealt with as normal using an RMA order until June 2014.

Will there also be a repeater for the IP1202?
No, there will not be a repeater. You have to combine several IP1202 devices if you wish to extend a DECT installation, increase the coverage or improve the illumination.

Will there still be a multi-cell license?
No, there will be no multi-cell license for use with the IP1202. Instead there will be the so-called DECT-SARI certificate. You will always need one DECT-SARI certificate for each DECT installation, no matter how many IP1202 devices you use.

We hope we have answered any questions you may have had. For further information, please contact your innovaphone contact person.

innovaphone in practise: GlobeAir

Exclusive, efficient, excellent: the Austrian airline GlobeAir is setting new standards above the clouds. With its excellent crew and choice aircraft, the company provides business flights without time-consuming journeys to airports and waiting times in the business lounges. Ten of the quietest jets start and land for GlobeAir from 1500 airports in Europe. State-of-the-art software is not only being used in the cockpits, ground staff is also using state-of-the-art communication technology, namely the innovaphone PBX. (…)

The decision was made in favour of an innovaphone PBX because it not only met all requirements concerning integration of mobile terminals, but also had a sophisticated location concept. In addition to the company headquarters in Hoersching, other GlobeAir company offices in London, Lugano as well as Verona and Siena should be integrated into the telephone infrastructure. (…)

Once an IP6000 had been set up at the company headquarters, the company locations abroad were integrated using IP240 devices. Employees in England, Italy and Switzerland dial into the system using the PPTP client. Simon Rudlstorfer, Technical Engineer at ACP and project manager, confirms this was a cost-efficient measure: “This enables them to dial out and be reached over the Austrian number. Calling costs are thus very low whilst convenience is high. All employees have access to the central telephone directory.” (…)

Click here for the pdf version of this case study.

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