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innovaphone has activities and dates to be remembered even now that the CeBIT trade fair has finished. Our new website is developing nicely. For example, on our Events page you can find out when you can meet us at which event and where. Our newsticker will also keep you informed about innovaphone news. Take a look and click through our news.

By the way: A Beta version of the USB headset integration is available for the IP telephones IP222 and IP232 from Version 9 Hotfix 7. Click here to reach a Wiki article dedicated to the headsets recommended by innovaphone. And don't worry: DHSG headsets can usually still be used by purchasing a "USB adapter" (e.g. Jabra Link, 14201-30). We hope you enjoy reading our colourful newsletter.

innovaphone Conferencing with professional menu prompts by GM Voices

Did you know that Version 9 has brought a powerful conference solution to the innovaphone PBX? innovaphone Conferencing makes it possible for you to set up audio conferences easily with many participants. Multiple telephone conferences can be made available on one gateway in various virtual conference rooms. Depending on how many DSP channels a gateway has, it is possible for up to 60 people to be in one conference room. The best news: thanks to innovaphone Conferencing, ad-hoc conferences are also possible at the touch of a button from the UC client, myPBX.

An innovaphone gateway with conference unit (IP6010, IP3010, IP1060, IP0010 or IP810) is required for the conference solution. Depending on the hardware resources, the gateways have up to 60 channels. If that does not suffice, any number of conference capable devices can be cascaded.

Announcements can be generated for innovaphone Conferencing with XML scripts. Professional conference menu prompts for innovaphone Conferencing have been created with our technology partner, the American company GM Voices. They conveniently guide all conference participants through the menu, informing about everything that takes place. All participants are required to name themselves on entering a conference room. The first participant is also required to give the conference a name. Persons who are already present in the conference are always informed when someone joins or leaves the conference. On joining the conference, the new participant is welcomed and all current conference participants are listed.

The announcements are available in this innovaphone Wiki article and can be downloaded free of charge. They are available in the languages German, Danish, English (British and American), French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. They are XML scripts which are to be installed on the innovaphone gateway's Compact Flash card. Other announcements can be created individually and independently in any language. A description and the corresponding script can be found here.

GM Voices is a worldwide leader in professionally-recorded voice prompts for telephone, PBX and IVR applications. Customers benefit from tailor-made instantly available voice data for wait queues, voicemails etc. Professional speakers compose business prompts in more than 100 languages and dialects providing distinctive voice branding. Click here for more information on GM Voices in our Wiki, or here to go directly to the website with voice examples.

Comprehensive simplicity with the automatic SSA extension

A new "comprehensive carefree feature" has been added to my.innovaphone. It simplifies every-day life for all those who do not want to have to deal with on-going extensions of the SSA agreement. It is now possible to put an entire project under software service and to take advantage of an automatic SSA extension service. You enter into this agreement with us for projects and we take care of everything else. For example, you will no longer have to be careful about missing an SSA expiry date and having to pay twice as many software service credits (SSCs) for the transition period. You will also not have to watch whether you have enough SSCs on your balance sheet. Furthermore, all software components installed at a later date will be included in the SSA agreement without you having to do anything. We will look after all of these tasks for you.

The automatic SSA extension service is entered into with the project end customer. Pre-requisite for entering into this automatic extension service is that the entire project with all of its components is already under SSA when the contract is signed for the extension service. The service can be found in my.innovaphone when you click on "Software Service" in one of your projects. Orange lettering then appears with the words "innovaphone SSA extension service". Here you are able to either request the appropriate agreement information or to make an appointment for personal consultation. An innovaphone employee will then get into contact with you at short notice to discuss as necessary.

Click here to go directly to my.innovaphone.

innovaphone in practise: Vergölst GmbH

Service is extremely important at Germany's most renowned tyre specialist. It includes customers being able to reach their Vergölst specialists easily – even when droves of customers flock to them at the beginning of the winter and spring seasons. In order to be able to better control the distribution of calls, to simplify the maintenance of the systems and at the same time to reduce the effort needed, about 200 specialist branches at Vergölst GmbH have been equipped with new telephone systems from innovaphone. (…)

Vergölst was especially taken by the fact that the innovaphone solution meant that maintenance could take place centrally and that all changes could be replicated easily to all active subscribers. This innovaphone principle would reduce maintenance efforts significantly. The central maintenance of the system thus brings the tyre specialist tangible cost advantages. In the past it had been necessary for even small maintenance jobs to be done by external service technicians directly in the branches, now internal specialists are able to do this easily from the company headquarters. The IT department can access any device in any location over a web browser.

The innovaphone solution also has very convincing flexibility. The company required the existing DECT systems to be integrated into the new solution. This was not a problem as the innovaphone concept is based entirely on open standards. The good price/performance ratio also spoke in favour of the Sindelfingen based manufacturer. The IT managers were looking not only at the pure investment costs but also at the running and maintenance costs. Taking total cost of ownership into consideration, innovaphone was ahead of all other manufacturers. (…)

This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.

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