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Smiling May comes into play, making all things fresh and gay?! That is not quite fitting for our new website, but it did go on-line in May and we are pleased to say that the entire Italian version is now also up and running. We are working on improving the innovaphone website each and every day and cordially invite you to go on a voyage of discovery on a regular basis. The new column "Breaking news" has been created to keep you up-to-date with new press releases, case studies, dates and other ad hoc news and newsticker reports. Of course, you can also go directly to the relevant page. You will immediately see the most recent press releases and case studies.

We look forward to many visitors on the website and hope you also enjoy reading the newsletter

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FAQs on the topic of security, availability and cost effectiveness of the innovaphone PBX

Decisions concerning new IP telephone systems are often accompanied by many questions. This is very understandable as substantial costs are usually incurred with such an investment in a relatively young technology and you are probably lacking the relevant experience. Usually security, availability and cost effectiveness of the new communication solution are the topics that are carefully scrutinized in the decision phase. innovaphone intends to have an answer to every question. Therefore, we have collected a list of our "Frequently Asked Questions" on IP telephone systems and especially the innovaphone PBX to which we provide clear answers. You will find the answers to the following questions in our paper on the topic of FAQs on the topics of security, availability and cost effectiveness of the innovaphone PBX".

  • What are the main implications of the innovaphone PBX for our IT security architecture?
  • Does the introduction of the innovaphone PBX heighten the risk of network attacks?
  • What happens in the case of network outage – would we still be reachable by phone?
  • What’s the voice quality like with the innovaphone PBX?
  • We are growing very fast. Can the innovaphone PBX keep pace?
  • ...
The detailed pdf file with all FAQs can be found here or in our download area.

DECT, DECT and even more DECT

IP1202, IP61 and IP63 are available
Good news! The innovaphone IP1202 DECT gateway and the innovaphone IP61 and IP63 DECT telephones have been available since the beginning of May. We look forward to your orders :-)

innovaphone training course including DECT lesson
There is now a DECT lesson for all those who would like to become acquainted with innovaphone DECT. It will be available as an optional lesson starting from the next Advanced training course (11-22 June 2012)

Catch up on the DECT lesson
Have you recently participated in the V9 Advanced or Update training and now want to learn all about the new innovaphone DECT? No problem! For a small fee of just € 75 you can participate in the DECT lesson during a regular Advanced training course. You will get full support from our innovaphone trainer, can participate in webinars and ask questions in a discussion. It is not necessary to take an examination on the topic of DECT.

Training pack 2 (DECT)
No matter whether you are participating in the regular DECT lesson or catching up at a later date - you will need the Training Pack 1 (Standard) and Training Pack 2 (DECT). It contains 2 x IP1202, 1 x IP63, 1 x IP61, 1 x EU charger and 1 x EU programming charger. It can be ordered directly from innovaphone under the product number 88-00010-041 when you book an Advanced training course or a special DECT lesson. Click here for more detailed information on the training packs. Click here to order directly.

Deployment support On-Site finished
As the Advanced training course now includes a special DECT lesson, we will no longer offer our previous Deployment support on-site (product number 06-00010-006) - which was on-site support of one of your technicians in illuminating on-site conditions.

Changes to the DECT illuminating kit
Last but not least, there is also a change to the DECT illuminating kit (product no. 50-00060-022). This kit will now also include a headset which is necessary for convenient on-site illumination at customer premises. For more detailed information on the DECT illumination kit please contact your reseller or distributor.

innovaphone in practise: Lyoness International AG

The Austrian company Lyoness is an international, cross-industry purchasing group and loyalty programme for the trade sector. Founded in 2003, the company is expanding rapidly and now operates across the globe, with 550 employees supporting about 2 million members. A new telephone system was supposed to easily keep pace with company growth as well as the widely spread branch network – requirements that make the innovaphone PBX the ideal choice due to its almost unlimited scalability and sophisticated site concept. (…)

Like many companies on a strong growth course, just a few years after being founded Lyoness was facing a real proliferation of completely different telephone systems from various vendors. In addition to that, support terms and functionalities varied greatly from site to site. (…)

Today, innovaphone systems are already being used at more than 30 sites across all continents. Smaller branches run the PBX on the innovaphone IP800, while larger branches use IP6000 VoIP gateways. In-house technicians have taken over the maintenance of all systems, guaranteeing rapid reaction times and uniform standards. The number of subscribers per site varies greatly, ranging between 5 and 120 connections. (…)

Lyoness is using the innovaphone PBX Operator, a computer-based switchboard for the innovaphone PBX. The operator can access the innovaphone PBX’s wait loop and forward calls anywhere – also across several sites. Some CTI applications are used via Outlook as well as a connection to videoconferencing systems; there are plans to implement and provide staff with more comprehensive features. (…)

This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.

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