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innovaphone     News 09/2014 | english

Dear Newsletter reader,


We are back from our short summer break to send you some interesting news about the world of innovaphone.


This month we are announcing a new feature on our website: There is now a button “Support” on the right-hand side of the menu bar. Under this menu item, you will find a Configurator, designed especially for iAS partners. The Configurator allows small projects to be created with the appropriate number of licenses required. It is currently available in German, English, French, and Italian. Secondly, there is also an Audio Converter that converts your personalized greeting and corporate music-on-hold to a file format that can be read by the innovaphone PBX.


Get your calendar! The last two V10 Advanced training courses will take place in October and December. Hurry up and secure your place on the training course now for one of the two following dates:

  • 13 October 2014 (online / / German, English, as well as French and Italian language support)
  • 1 December 2014 (online / / German, English)


We hope you enjoy reading the September edition of our newsletter.


innovaphone Voice Recording - recording made easy

Recording calls has become a breeze with the new innovaphone Voice Recording that has been on the market since September 9.


Recording calls is necessary for critical applications in emergency call centres, such as the police or fire department, or for banks and service providers, whose telephone calls are binding. innovaphone Voice Recording is exactly the right tool for such scenarios. The innovaphone Voice Recording is enabled with appropriate authorisation and the corresponding license. 


The innovaphone PBX records all desired calls - both inbound and outbound. It also does not matter which end devices are used. The calls can be recorded to the innovaphone PBX with any IP phone as well as with analogue phones, DECT telephones and mobile phones.


Calls can be recorded quite freely in various formats with the innovaphone Voice Recording tool:

  • entire calls,
  • just business calls,
  • certain snippets of a call,
  • calls that are marked manually or automatically,
  • threatening phone calls.

The start of the recording can be triggered directly on the IP phone.

The recorder can also use encryption technology and automatically creates a backup copy so that maximum security is guaranteed. Non-encrypted recordings can be listened to on any Player capable of .wav or .mp3 formats. Encrypted recordings can only be listened to on the free innovaphone Player.


Failure is prevented in the usual innovaphone manner, by redundancy. Data is not lost and malfunctions and in the case of malfunction, an alarm email is automatically sent.


More information about innovaphone Voice Recording can be found in the product flyer and this wiki article.

“Time for modernization” - innovaphone campaigns

Existing innovaphone customers can still benefit from our versatile exchange campaigns until 31 October 2014, which are all under the motto "Time for modernisation". Choose the appropriate products from three campaigns and start sorting out your old equipment now. You can expect: higher performance, new features, and a saving of up to 50%.


Turning “old” into “new” with the license upgrade campaign (only valid until 30 September 2014)

Design upgrade campaign (until 31 October 2014 / limited to 50 units)

The great DECT Exchange campaign (until 31 October 2014)

You will also find all promotional campaigns with their exact terms and conditions and the appropriate registration forms on our website. If you would like to look at all the campaigns in the pdf file overview, click here.


Hands-free vs. Open listening

Do you know the difference between hands-free and open listening?


With hands-free, the microphone and speaker in the unit are switched on. This enables you to make a call even if your hands are full or if several people in a room want to listen to the call.


In the case of Open Listening, the microphone on the handset and the speaker on the unit are switched on. The person on the other end of the line can therefore be heard by the persons present in the room. But only the person located close enough to the microphone on the handset can lead the conversation.


innovaphone in practice: Adriatica Press S.p.A.

The mission of Adriatica Press S.p.A is to market and distribute the publishing house’s products such as newspapers, magazines, books and many other items that can be bought at newsstands in Marche and Abruzzo. A business that requires constant exchange between the publishing institutions on the one hand and the 1300 distribution agents on the other hand.


The starting scenario was clear from the beginning: The existing switchboards were no longer suitable to guarantee the ever-increasing flow of communication. The customer’s catalogue of requirements contained the following items: maximum IT integration, efficient VoIP connection, reliability of the infrastructure, absolute redundancy at each site, as well as IVR functionality.


In total, four locations had to be connected: Pescara, Ancona, Avezzano and Civitanova Marche. An innovaphone IP800 VoIP gateway was installed as a master and an IP305 in standby at the site of Pescara. In Ancona, an innovaphone IP800 was used as a slave. Maximum redundancy is achieved between the devices: in the case of malfunctions of the local IP800, the extension numbers at Ancona would register to Pescara, while all SIP trunks have a double active registration at both sites. At the other two locations, Avezzano and Civitanova Marche, the analogue adapters IP22/IP28 are used for fax support.


"One of our key requirements was to have the various Unified Communications functionalities", adds Andrea Artoni by Adriatica Press S.p.A. "Currently we have implemented the innovaphone myPBX as well as Voicemail and Video Conferencing. The result is more than satisfactory. The users greatly appreciate the improved communication and interaction between the various departments, as well as the positive user experience due to the intuitive handling of these functions."


The complete case study and other reports on successful installations with innovaphone can be found here. Click here to see the case study as a PDF file.


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