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Development work on the 11th generation of the innovaphone PBX is drawing to a close. Under the motto “New Devices. New Features. New Flexibility.”, we have selected a couple of highlights to give you a short insight on Version 11 Release 1. In this context, we present innovaphone Application Sharing and the innovaphone IP2X2-X extension module.



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innovaphone Advent Calendar 2014

The Advent period will soon be upon us: join innovaphone in the countdown to Christmas by visiting the online advent calendar on our website! Exciting tips & tricks, puzzles, games and raffles will be waiting behind each window.


V11 release 1: Application Sharing

Application sharing with myPBX V11 is as easy and as fast as making phone calls.


Working together has never been more efficient, easier or faster than it is now when using innovaphone Version 11. No annoying installation of plugins, no need to send emails with URLs back and forth, no administrative overhead needed before starting.


One single click on the myPBX interface starts innovaphone Application Sharing, allowing you to share selected contents of your screen. All this with no need for any installation, configuration, dial-in or authentication as this was already done via the telephone connection. Data encryption takes place according to the principle of voice data encryption.


You can quickly and easily hand over or request the control for the shared application to/from calling partners. The person who granted the approval has control of the application. Application Sharing with control transfer also works for three-party conferences in the usual innovaphone way: without any need for an additional server.

Internal webinars are made easy with Application Sharing: Webinars are set up in the same simple way. A large conference on an innovaphone gateway also offers Application Sharing for all internal subscribers of the PBX. After dialing into the conference, subscribers see the presentation on the computer automatically and without any extra settings. It couldn’t be easier to set up internal webinars.


In order to use innovaphone Application Sharing, both a myPBX and Application Sharing license are required for each user. The innovaphone Application Sharing solution also forms part of the innovaphone V11 UC license. This incorporates all innovaphone UC components (myPBX, Video, Fax, Mobility, Voicemail, Application Sharing) and is offered at an especially favourable all-inclusive price.


By the way: when upgrading to V11, we give you a free Application Sharing license for all V10 UC licences with a valid SSA!


V11 release 1: Extension module IP2X2-X

Would you like to see all of your Favourites on your phone, just like on myPBX? With the IP2X2-X phone extension module you can access all your Favourites on a permanent basis, even if you are only using the phone to transfer a call or for consultation. The installation of the extension module is automatic and Favourites are transferred automatically without any specific configuration. The new, intuitive V11 operating concept comes into play and is therefore very easy for the user.


The extension module can be used with the IP222 and IP232 phones. It has a large touch screen (480 x 232 pixels). One phone supports up to two extension modules, which are switched in a row. The extension module is placed on the right of the phone and is connected via a short USB cable. The aluminium base is clicked into place and connected to the phone physically, uniting both devices and forming an aesthetically pleasing unit.


No installation is necessary for the phone software to detect the extension module and it is operational within seconds. There are two apps on the extension module that work just like the corresponding apps on the phone. The Home app contains up to 32 freely programmable function keys. The second app, the Favourites app, shows all Favourites in alphabetical order.


innovaphone in practice: Arkema

Arkema Italy: The French chemical group opts for a solution by innovaphone for its sites in Italy

The Arkema Group is one of the leading companies in the field of chemical industry and has three business divisions High Performance Materials, Vinyl Products and Industrial Chemicals with some 14,000 employees at industrial sites, development and research centers across 40 countries.


Arkema Italy was looking for a reliable and sturdy phone solution that could offer both UC applications and advanced services. The project consisted of five sites with approx. 400 VoIP subscribers and some 130 ISDN channels. "At Arkema in Italy, the changeover took place in three places at the same time: replacement of the Internetworking infrastructure, activation of new PBX systems and reconstruction of all connections", explains Paolo Bombelli, innovaphone Certified Engineer at ERT. "All of this was completed in three days for Porto Marghera and Rho."


The global numbering plan was extended to five numbers, bringing three desired results at the same time: a hierarchical geographical organization, the ability to easily integrate additional new sites and to maintain the existing numbering plan at the individual sites. The subscribers have UC features such as Voicemail and Reporting. A majority of the subscribers are now equipped with innovaphone IP110 IP end devices, while IP240 and IP241 were installed for the switchboard, the main system control stations and specific needs.


The ambitious project, which involved all aspects of the company’s telecommunications, remains a successful and rewarding challenge for all involved.


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.

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