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innovaphone     News 01/2016 | english

Dear Newsletter reader,


Welcome back to the new year! We hope you had a lovely new year and we are off to a flying start with our January edition. Every month we will be bringing you new information and lots of details worth knowing on the new innovaphone PBX Version 12. In today’s edition, we will be presenting the brand new IP112 IP phone, the Opus voice codec, as well as our new IP29 analogue adapter. 


We were pleased to see the high level of interest in our advent calendar and congratulate Maxime Silvestre on winning the grand prize, the Polar A300 Fitness Watch including a H7 heart rate monitor strap. Enjoy it!


Last year there were no "Christmas gifts" in the strict sense of the word, instead innovaphone donated 5,000 euros to nonprofit organizations. You voted how much we should donate to which organisation. This is the result:


2,080 euro went to the UNICEF refugee children aid “Flüchtlingskinder in Not”.
998 euro went to the WWF S.O.S polar bears
1,922 euro went to "The Ocean Cleanup" project


Click here to see the exact projects we supported and take a look at our previous fundraiser.


Did you know? 

The updated V12 portfolio overview is now available in all languages on our website.

DE | EN | FR | IT | NL | PL | ES




And now, have fun reading!


IP112 the new all-round telephone

The new IP112 is now available!


In terms of performance, the IP112 is equivalent to the IP222 and IP232 design phones. The IP112 is perfect for telephony and unified communications usage. In comparison to the IP111 entry-level model, the IP112 phone has an additional USB interface for headsets and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Both phones have the same housing with colour display and the standard innovaphone interface. The IP112 VoIP phone has the Opus codec for HD voice quality.


What is Opus?

Opus is a full band codec, which is used to transmit audio via an Internet connection. It adapts itself in real time to the available bandwidth without any distortions or discontinuity. Low latency is its unique feature. By default this is 22.5 milliseconds; latency can also be much lower, but then requires more bandwidth. Opus responds around five times faster than other competing codecs in MP3, AAC or Vorbis. Thanks to this low latency, Opus is ideally suited for audio and video conferencing via VoIP. Despite the low delay, Opus stands for high quality at low bandwidth consumption.


Thanks to Opus, the new innovaphone gateway range, as well as the IP112 VoIP phone and the IP29 analogue adapter have brilliant voice quality with low bandwidth and latency.


New IP29 analogue adapter


The compact analogue adapter has the new gateway series’ high-performance hardware platform. A 400 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM provide more than adequate power. In addition, the IP29 analogue adapter supports the Opus and G.722 voice codecs. The analogue adapter is also available as a combi-pack with two IP29s including installation frame and replaces the IP28.


End of life for the IP3010, IP1060, IP0010, IP810, IP800, IP305, IP302 and IP28 VoIP gateways

A new gateway range will be launched with Version 12. The following VoIP gateways will be discontinued. We shall continue to handle orders, but only while supplies last. Your reseller will be happy to advise you on the availability of each item.


  • IP3010 (art. no. 01-03010-001)
  • IP1060 (art. no. 01-01060-001)
  • IP0010 (art. no. 01-00010-003)
  • IP810 (art. no. 01-00810-001)
  • IP800 (art. no. 01-00800-016)
  • IP305 (art. no. 01-00305-001)
  • IP302 (art. no. 01-00302-001)
  • IP28 (art. no. 01-00028-001)
  • IP28 Combi Pack (art. no. 88-00010-024)


innovaphone licenses

innovaphone has simplified its licensing model: as of 15 January 2016 there are no Max20 licenses. You can of course still use V11-Max20 licenses that have previously been purchased for V11 installations. If a project is under SSA, the existing Vx-Max20 licenses are automatically converted to regular port licenses.


As from 15 January 2016, V11 licenses are no longer being supplied, instead only V12 licenses are available. If desired, previous software versions can, of course, still be operated as usual with the current V12 licenses.


innovaphone in practice: Mobene

The new communications solution by innovaphone ensures extremely high availability as well as enabling mobene to be reached at all times.


Mobene GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Hamburg Germany is one of the leading oil trading companies in Germany. Approximately 320 employees serve more than 30,000 commercial and governmental users, as well as over 250,000 private end customers.


A uniform solution should be installed at all company sites, including an ACD solution (automatic call distribution). The innovaphone systems in the data centres are set up as IPVAs, thus requiring just a minimum amount of hardware, i.e. they were set up virtually as software applications and include an application platform for Reporting and Fax. mobene uses the “innovaphone call connector” by Voxtron for optimal distribution of incoming calls.


As regards the cost aspect of the new communication infrastructure, the innovaphone/Voxtron
solution has turned out to be a good decision: “We were able to reduce our operating costs by some 25% compared to the old solution. In addition, by entering into service agreements with both manufacturers, innovaphone and Voxtron, we were able to put a figure to costs involved over 5 years“, Michael Peter adds.


The complete case study and other reports on successful installations with innovaphone can be found here. Click here to see the case study as a PDF file.



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