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Dear Newsletter reader,


CeBIT is just around the corner! Visit us from March 14-18 at stand C20 in Hall 13 in Hanover, Germany. Click here to make an appointment with one of our staff members or partners and to get your free ticket.


We will also be introducing our new IPXX11 gateway series, informing you about changes to our license model as well as the estos upgrade campaign.


And now have fun with our February newsletter!


Will we be seeing you at CeBIT?

innovaphone will again be hosting a stand at this year’s CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany from March 14-18. We will be showing our innovative IP telephony and Unified Communications solution. Find out all about WebRTC, All IP, Anywhere Workplace, Security and UC from the cloud by innovaphone. We look forward to greeting you in Hanover! You can find us at Hall 13, stand C20.


The seamless integration of the innovaphone PBX in a variety of the areas of expertise provided by our technology partners, can usefully complement and complete our IP telephony and UC solution. That is why we will again be introducing you to a number of our technology and cooperation partners. Click here for more information about our partners at CeBIT.



Ascom - DECT telephony manufacturer, particularly in the health care segment

byon - platform provider for telecommunications solutions

estos - communication software modules for unified communications solutions

Jabra - hands-free communications solutions

jtel - manufacturer of Web-based ContactCenter solutions

TE-Systems - audiotex and telecommunication for ISDN and VoIP



Feel free to request an appointment with one of our staff members or our partners through our website. Are you looking for a ticket to this global event? Simply check "Ticket wanted" in the application form. We are looking forward to your visit!


New IPXX11 gateway generation

The new generation of VoIP gateways has much more power. With a powerful CPU and significantly more memory, along with software tailored specifically to this hardware, they fulfil all necessary tasks in record time.


All of the gateways, which provide a platform for the innovaphone PBX, are equipped with an internal slot for SSD memory. The computing power of the gateways is designed so that they can also easily operate a Linux API. Thus, there is virtually no limit to the number and scope of possible additional applications. In addition to the commonly used codecs, the innovaphone gateways also support the modern Opus codec.


More information about our gateways can be found on our website.


IP311 - PBX and UC in one box for analogue trunk connections or All IP
IP411 - PBX and UC in one box for ISDN connections or All IP
IP811 - Future viability and conferences for mid-sized installations
IP3011 - New top model for ISDN connections or All IP
IP0011 - The "secret weapon" - SBC, Reverse Proxy, Media Relay, PBX and UC
IP1130 - New powerful media gateway





We currently expect shipping to begin in calendar week 8 and we are already taking pre-orders. The next Service Release of software version 11R2 (expected from March 2016) will include support of the new gateways in the V11r2.  


All about licenses

innovaphone started exclusively supplying V12 licenses since 15 January, 2016. The Max20 license no longer exists. The following information advises you of the peculiarities that may arise if you use licenses with various version numbers and how the discontinuation of the Max20 license will affect you.


Version numbers
The license version number indicates what innovaphone software can be operated.

As a general rule: it is necessary for a license to have the same or a greater version number than the software in order to use this software.

Thus, for example, a V12 license enables the innovaphone Software version 12, as well as the innovaphone software version 11, 10 etc. An installation that is running with software V11, can easily be extended with V12 licenses.


Mixing licenses
If licenses with various version numbers are put together in one installation, the lowest version number determines which software version (maximum) can be used for the entire installation. Operating an installation with so-called mixed licenses does not pose any problems.

An example: if the innovaphone software version 12 is installed on a V11 installation, which still has some V11 licenses, the software version 12 cannot be used. The innovaphone software version 12 cannot be used until the V11 licenses have been upgraded to V12 licenses via SSA, or until these existing V11 licenses have been removed from the installation.


The discontinued Max20 license
The Max20 license was discontinued on 15 January, 2016. For projects under SSA, the Max20 licenses will be converted to V12 Max20 licenses, despite the fact that Max20 licenses are otherwise not on sale for V12. This means that the SSA customer can continue to benefit from the cost advantage of Max20 licenses. Max20 licenses can no longer be purchased for installations that are not under SSA. You can of course still use V11-Max20 licenses that have previously been purchased for V11 installations.


For more information about our licensing model, please read our license guidelines.


estos: Upgrade campaign for ProCall 5 Enterprise (4.0/4 +) - valid until March 31, 2016

estos provides a campaign for orders of ProCall 5 Enterprise upgrade licenses from version 4.0/4 +. There is a 50% discount on the list price. The campaign is only valid for orders from 1 February to 31 March, 2016.


  • 51-00030-126 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 5 users 421.71 - promotion price: 210.86 euro
  • 51-00030-127 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 10 users 748.26 - promotion price: 374.13 euro
  • 51-00030-128 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 25 users 1,620.95 - promotion price: 810.48 euro
  • 51-00030-129 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 50 users 2,814.56 - promotion price: 1,407.28 euro
  • 51-00030-130 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 75 users 3,940.61 - promotion price: 1,970.31 euro
  • 51-00030-131 ProCall 5 Enterprise, upgrade from version 4.0 and 4 + 100 users 4,920.28 - promotion price: 2,460.14 euro


RRP plus VAT


innovaphone in practice: Stasto

Stasto could significantly reduce operating costs thanks to the new communication solution by innovaphone.


The Austrian company STASTO Ing. Stocker KG is an international trading and service company engaged in the field of automation technology. When planning the new telephone system, one of the central requirements was to ensure that the new solution should integrate seamlessly into the existing CRM system. In the long run, the idea was to integrate all of STASTO’s branch offices into one standardized IP infrastructure.


The implementation of the new telephone system in the existing CRM system went off with no problems whatsoever. Supporting standard protocols and interfaces is a fundamental part of the innovaphone product philosophy. Thus, innovaphone systems work together perfectly with solutions from many different manufacturers. Furthermore, maintenance and administration work is much easier compared to the former system, says Robert Storer, Responsible for IT at STASTO Automation: “Certain routine tasks such as “adding users”, “time scheduled switching” or “routing setup” can be carried out easily by our inhouse IT department. We are now able to do almost any job in connection with the new telephone system and no longer need to rely on external maintenance and service companies. Apart from the fact that we are much faster and more flexible, this also leads to significantly lower running costs. Maintenance costs have been reduced considerably”.


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.


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