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innovaphone     News 05/2017 | english

Dear newsletter reader,


In our May newsletter, we will be announcing the release date of our innovaphone Software Version 12r2. The highlights of 12r2 will also be revealed in this month’s newsletter. It is well worth the read ;)


Did you know?

IP112 is immediately available for delivery again! We were taken by surprise at the high demand of IP112. Of course, we were extremely pleased about this circumstance but at the same time it caused a supply shortage. Since the beginning of this month, IP112 can be delivered as usual.


We are awfully sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!



Your innovaphone team


The Release Date of Version 12r2 is Final!

The time has come: innovaphone Software Version 12r2 will be released on 01.06.2017. Today, we are going to introduce the most interesting features of 12r2. Some of the major innovations will be the innovaphone Apps.


innovaphone Apps

PBX specific apps are started directly from the myPBX Client. With 12r2, there are license-free apps, and apps subject to licensing. PBX Boolean and PBX User Settings are license-free apps:

  • PBX Boolean: timers such as “Christmas holidays” and call diversions can be managed with this app
  • PBX User Settings: dynamic groups can be managed with this app. Users see all of their dynamic groups and can enable or disable these by simply setting a tick

Conference App

myPBX users can administer and set up conference rooms with the Conference App. You as the conference master can see the participants presently attending the conference, you can mute certain participants, or block them from the conference altogether. This also applies to video conferences and conferences with application sharing. The current speaker is visually highlighted in the Conference App and in a video conference, the video image of the current speaker is additionally displayed. The Conference App is subject to licensing and every user requires one separate license. An unlimited number of conference rooms can be used with this license.

Smartphone Integration – Call Through

Besides call back, innovaphone now also offers call through. First, the GSM call first enters into the system and is then relayed to the outside. innovaphone app users for iOS and Android can now decide which option they prefer.


Simple Outlook Contact Search

As part of office integration, innovaphone has activated Outlook Search in the launcher in its PBX Version 12r2. Private Outlook contacts can now be searched with myPBX.


Hyper-V Support

From 12r2 on, IPVA will be supported on Hyper-V. The advantage is easy installation and easy integration of the IPVA in an existing Windows server infrastructure.


SDK Headset Support

With support of the software development kits of the individual manufacturers, the compatibility of headsets (Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronics) with innovaphone are considerably simplified and comprehensive interoperability is easier to ensure.


Software Version 12r2 needs more memory space, which may result in limited operability on some devices. Find further information about upgrade 12r2 and discontinued devices in following Wiki article: 



Gateway Upgrade Promotion 2017 – Fit for the future?


IP6000, IP2000, IP800, IP305 or IP302 – Do you own one of these gateways? innovaphone PBX has outgrown these gateways with all the new features of 12r2. More space is needed than could be provided by these gateways. That is why innovaphone PBX cannot be operated on these gateways from Version 12r2 onward.


Simultaneously to our release of Version 12r2, we are starting the suitable promotion for you:
The Gateway Upgrade Promotion

Existing customers can now upgrade to current innovaphone hardware platforms (IPxx11) with attractive conditions. This promotion runs until September 30th, 2017. More detailed information concerning the promotion is provided under following link:



innovaphone in practice: CNR Nanotec Lecce - Institute for Nanotechnology

When a relocation for the Institute for Nanotechnology in Lecce (Apulia, Italy), a part of the National Research Council (CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), was impending, the necessity of completely renovating the network and telecommunications infrastructure emerged. Considering its own objective, coined by the development of the newest and most efficient technologies, it had always been of utter importance to CNR to have the best technologies available on the market for its own infrastructure and for the employees, especially in the area of business communication.


The complete case study and other reports on successful installations with innovaphone can be found here. You can download this case study as a PDF.


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