innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA): The virtual VoIP telephone system, innovaphone PBX


The VoIP telephone system, innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA), is an innovaphone PBX, which has been installed as a Virtual Appliance in a VMware environment. Despite this virtualization of the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system, the complete scope of the communication solution is available and there are no restrictions. The VMware environment, however, makes it possible to set up multiple virtual servers on a single hardware platform. This allows telephone systems with a variable number of entities to be managed centrally which is especially interesting for PBX hosting, providers or other service providers. The installation of new VoIP telephone systems is limited to setting up an innovaphone PBX in a new VMware entity. Individual customer PBXs are securely separate from each other and can be managed and billed easily. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of registrations on the innovaphone Virtual Appliance as long as the VMware platform has been designed with sufficient memory.

The innovaphone Virtual Appliance VoIP telephone system is a particularly attractive solution for newcomers to the market. It can be implemented for solutions of any installation size with relatively simple means. End users who already have a VMware environment in their company should not be forgotten. The innovaphone Virtual Appliance  VoIP telephone system represents the ideal solution for this customer group allowing them to also operate their corporate communications via this infrastructure. In such cases, the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system is just set up in a new VMware entity thus avoiding any major investment in hardware. The media gateway IP1060 or any other innovaphone gateway can be used if the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system, as an IPVA, should still manage ISDN connections.

The innovaphone Virtual Appliance VoIP telephone system (IPVA) boasts an elaborate concept and represents a particularly lean virtualised solution that works and directly uses the VMware entity regardless of third party operating systems such as Windows or Linux. Thus, the innovaphone Virtual Appliance VoIP telephone system (IPVA) is highly reliable and powerful.


IPVA technical data are in the innovaphone Wiki.

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