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Wireless IP1202
innovaphone IP1202: IP DECT Gateway to extend the innovaphone PBX

The IP1202 is an IP-DECT gateway which extends the innovaphone PBX to include DECT compatible subscribers. It enables very complex DECT systems to be configured. The base station IP1202 has multicell capability which allows installation of a number of devices. Roaming and automatic handover features are available between these devices. One base... more 

Wireless IP62
innovaphone IP62: WLAN phone for use in offices

The IP WiFi telephone IP62 is suitable for use in office environments. It can be operated on the innovaphone PBX as an extension line on its own or on the same extension number in addition to a desk top phone. The WiFi connection enables the subscriber to move more than 100m away from the base station.

The innovaphone IP62 is the first VoWiFi... more 

Wireless IP64
innovaphone IP64: Modern IP DECT phone

The innovaphone IP64 is a convenient mobile for office environments. The IP DECT based cordless phone convinces with its sturdy yet modern design. Handling and navigation are very comfortable due to the large colour display and the 4-way direction navigation key. The lithium ion battery provides extremely long airtime and standby time for the IP... more 

Wireless IP65
innovaphone IP65: IP DECT phone with bluetooth

The innovaphone IP65 is an elegant phone for office environments. Equipped with Bluetooth Technology and a large display, the modern IP DECT phone convinces right from the start. The 4-way direction navigation key enables easy navigation and comfortable handling. The wireless IP65 is IP DECT based and provides very long airtime and standby time... more 

innovaphone Wireless IP telephony, IP DECT gateways and IP DECT  telephones

Cordless IP DECT telephones in office environments increase employee mobility and thus company efficiency. There are various IP DECT telephones for the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system to cover different requirements based on DECT, WiFi and GSM technologies.

The IP1202 is an IP DECT gateway, as well as a base station extending the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system with DECT compatible subscribers.

Mobile IP telephones for voice over WiFi are also an alternative to DECT. The innovaphone IP62 is the first VoWiFi handset, operating on all IEEE-802.11a/b/g/n networks. The innovaphone IP62 fully supports the IEEE-802.11n standard thus supporting the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of the network. The SIP and H.323 protocols are fully supported; therefore, the VoWiFi telephone is completely compatible with the innovaphone PBX and supports the standardised features of this telephone system.

GSM phones can be integrated in the innovaphone PBX by means of the innovative one number concept and a GSM client available on the market, which can be installed on mobile phones as an application.

innovaphone currently has 1 IP DECT gateway and 3 cordless IP telephones in its range for wireless telephony: the IP1202 IP DECT gateway and the IP65, IP64 and IP62 IP DECT devices. Click on the respective device for more detailed information. 


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