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News 03/2024 | english

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innovaphone CONNECT 2024 – Explore the Productive Way of Working!

77 days to go until innovaphone CONNECT 2024 opens its doors. Make sure to join us at the long-awaited innovaphone fair.

Let’s talk about...

  • Latest product highlights with V14
  • AI with its opportunities for the innovaphone universe
  • innovaphone’s Portable Solution for emergency situations
  • The Connect App and where the culture of communication is heading
  • Cloud: innovaphone & Docker/Kubernetes
  • & many more exciting topics

Watch our video: We asked exhibitors and visitors “What do you look forward to at the innovaphone CONNECT 2024?” – Their answers will make you look forward to the event of the year even more so:

Make sure to register online for the innovaphone fair and let us delve into the world of digital collaboration with all its possibilities.

NEW: Queue Board App – The Call Center Solution for Your Business

Are you looking for a call center solution that you can operate in house? Would you like to have an efficient monitoring tool for inbound calls in order to reduce waiting times and to better manage waiting queues?

The Queue Board App helps businesses to improve availability, to monitor the waiting queues and to obtain a visual overview. The call center software is accessed directly from the myApps interface and interconnected with the innovaphone PBX and the myApps app platform. Therefore, no additional components are required.

By the way: The Queue Board App was developed by our app partner MediaRunway. The app convinced us, so we added it straight to our price list. The Queue Board App replaces our innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM – still available but no further development). Customers who concluded an SSA (Software Service Agreement) for the innovaphone Queue Monitor can simply trade in the iQM licenses for Queue Board App licenses.

Now Available: Jabra Headset Bundle & kuando Busylight

Whether at the office or when working remotely, you will need a high-quality headset that is comfortable to wear so you can make calls and participate in virtual meetings without being distracted. That is exactly what you will find in the portfolio of our long-standing technology partner Jabra. A selection of three Jabra headsets (all with active noise cancelling and noise isolation) are now available in a great bundle with our UC license / Phone App & Softphone App licenses.

Do you have a colleague or family member who starts talking to you before even checking whether you are currently on the phone? Do you dislike being interrupted when you are highly focused on a particular task? We have great news: You can now order the kuando Busylight UC Omega directly from innovaphone. This little gadget is an effective visual to display your presence status at your workplace. Whether you are on the phone, busy, away or do not want to be disturbed – the busylight lights up in the color of your status & everybody knows whether it is a convenient time to talk to you.

innovaphone myApps Cloud – NEW: 24x7 Infrastructure Support Hotline

Are you looking for a business communication solution without having to make a financial investment and without having to worry about operation, maintenance and servicing? Is data protection of utmost importance to your business? Would you like a solution that flexibly adapts to your business needs and business size? Are you ready to explore new paths with digital collaboration & new productivity tools? Would you also like to rely on all well-established functions of an IP phone system?

If you answered one or more of the previous questions with a "yes", innovaphone myApps Cloud will be ideal to meet your business requirements.

What is included with innovaphone myApps Cloud? What are the advantages of innovaphone myApps Cloud? How can I get myApps Cloud for my business and how much do I have to pay?

By the way: Our innovaphone myApps Cloud services are available in two versions: Standard & Premium. The premium version includes a 24x7 infrastructure support hotline. You can now book this service together with the standard version to get your ticket processed regardless of the day / time if there are disruptions with the infrastructure.

innovaphone Rental - No Activation Key Required with Automatic iSC Reloading Service

A lot of businesses opt for renting rather than buying if new (software) solutions are to be introduced to the business. The advantages are: Operational expenditure rather than a large financial investment, billing to the second, no fixed minimum term, regular software updates and renting accounts for fluctuating business requirements. If desired, the solution can also remain on premises.

To make the rental process of our software products easier for you, we have now revised the initial process of loading iSC (innovaphone Service Credits - the electronic payment method for our software rental services) onto an account.

innovaphone Blog: The Recording of Working Times – a Journey through History

Today, we would like to take you on a journey through the history and beginnings of working time recording – an ancient practice with its origins rooted long before our digital age. Have you ever heard about the “Code of Hammurabi”? Did you know that there already was a device for time recording in the late 19th century? What happened after the landmark ruling by the European Court of Justice a few years ago on the digital recording of employees’ working hours? Read on to get the answers to these and other questions on the tracking of working times.

Did you know? The origins of tracking working times stem from 1772 BC.

New Dates for innovaphone Sales Trainings

innovaphone Sales Training | Tisch an dem mehrere Personen sitzen uns arbeiten, Laptops Brillen, Tassen, Blöcke und Stifte liegen auf dem Holztisch verteilt

The regularly held sales trainings are the perfect opportunity for prospective and existing innovaphone partners to become more acquainted with the company innovaphone, with innovaphone products and especially with our communications client myApps and its ecosystem.

Upcoming sales training in English language:
April 12th, 2024 | 10 am

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