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2024-06-10 | Newsticker
2nd Test Phase of Beta Version 14r2


We recently released our Beta Version 14r2. Today, we are pleased to announce the second Beta test phase.

NEW with BETA 2:

  • Contacts App: Send a fax directly via the app 
  • Remote Control App: Further improvements
  • Connect App: Various UI improvements
  • Working App: Create working time types and groups


More information will be provided soon. We hope you enjoy testing the new Beta 14r2 and we look forward to your feedback.

Download 14r2 from the Beta Store and send us your feedback via the Connect App in our innovaphone Community.




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2024-05-20 | Newsticker


We are happy to announce that the new Beta Version 14r2 from innovaphone is now available and ready for testing.
The beta version includes many new features and enhancements such as the overhaul of the Contacts App, Fax App, Connect App & more, as well as brand new products that help save time in corporate communication and collaboration.


NEW with BETA 1: 

  • Contacts App: Improved display of contacts incl. profile picture & presence status
  • Fax App: Mail-to-Fax function & transmission report with front page
  • Translations App: Interface for other apps to conveniently translate user contents on the fly
  • Accessibility: Support for screen reader & keyboard control in the myApps client
  • Remote Control App: Quick support for Windows computers via remote control
  • myApps Plugin for Linux: Directly answer calls from a terminal server environment
  • Connect App: Numerous UI improvements


More information will be provided soon. We hope you enjoy testing the new Beta 14r2 and we look forward to your feedback.

Download 14r2 from the Beta Store and send us your feedback via the Connect App in our innovaphone Community.

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2024-04-22 | Newsticker
Quick Guide on Integrating Websites into myApps – How to Create Your own App for a Website


Integrating a website into the myApps interface has many advantages. It allows your employees to quickly access frequently used websites via the myApps client.
Here are some examples where this may come in handy: Your employees can check the meal plan of the cafeteria. You use myApps as your digital event platform and would like to add links to the agenda, information on location & accommodation, presentations & more. Your company relies on external services such as booking portals for business trips, translation tools, Wikis, etc.

Create an extra app for each respective (external) website

Step-by-step instructions:

    1. Go ahead and open the Devices App. Click on the tab "Devices" & select the respective PBX
    2. Now, go to "PBX/Objects"
    3. Select the object type "App" from the left dropdown menu and confirm with "New"
    4. Define the "Long Name" and "Display Name" and confirm with "Apply"
    5. Now, switch to the tab "App"
    6. Enter the respective URL
    7. Optional: You can add an icon URL (can be generated here:
    8. Check the box "Plain Website"
    9. Confirm with "OK"
    10. Open the PBX Manager and select "Templates/Config User" and select the newly created app.

2024-04-22 | Newsticker
Sant Boi Town Administration with innovaphone Installation wins @aslan Award


The innovaphone project with the town administration of Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain, was awarded the @aslan prize* for digital transformation in public administration (category: “Improving Efficiency & Staff Experience”).

Objective of the project is to improve communication by implementing an IP telephony and Unified Communications solution. This is one key component of the roadmap to the digital transformation of the town administration, enabling remote working and the continuous improvement of services offered to the citizens.  

Get more details on the project, the challenges and advantages of the newly implemented functions and features.


*@aslan is a Spanish non-profit organization, made up of 190 technology companies from the ICT industry. Driven by innovation, the association provides a neutral and agile environment to boost the market and to promote new technologies such as: cyber security | intelligent networks | data management & AI | cloud & data centers | digital workspace.

2024-03-19 | Newsticker
innovaphone Rental - Now Easier: No Activation Key with Automatic iSC Reloading Service Required


A lot of businesses opt for renting rather than buying if new (software) solutions are to be introduced to the business. The advantages are: Operational expenditure rather than a large financial investment, billing to the second, no fixed minimum term, regular software updates and renting accounts for fluctuating business requirements. If desired, the solution can also remain on premises.

To make things easier for you and your customers, we have now revised the initial process of loading iSC* onto an account.

So far, an activation key from innovaphone was necessary to initially charge iSC onto an account. This step is no longer required if a contract for the Automatic iSC Reloading Service is concluded.

4 Simple Steps:

  1. Log into the portal my.innovaphone
    1. Install the PBX (on premises onto own hardware or in the cloud)
    2. If on premises: Create a new project with the domain and activate the checkbox “rental project”
  2. Open the Devices App in myApps, go to the tab "Software Rental" and  set up / activate the licenses accordingly
  3. Conclude the contract for the Automatic iSC Reloading Service in the portal my.innovaphone

Please Note:

  • When setting up a new contract on the Automatic iSC Reloading Service, the account is loaded with iSC overnight. If you would like to get started straight away, you can trigger an initial loading within the Devices App under the tab “Software Rental”.
  • If you do not wish to conclude a contract on the Automatic iSC Reloading Service, you still have the option to load the account with an activation key, just as before.

* iSC: innovaphone Service Credits - the electronic payment method for our software rental services

2024-03-18 | Newsticker
NEW: Queue Board App – The Call Center Solution for Your Business


Are you looking for a call center solution that you can operate in house? Would you like to have an efficient monitoring tool for inbound calls in order to reduce waiting times and to better manage waiting queues?

The Queue Board App - now an item on the innovaphone price list – helps businesses to improve availability, to monitor the waiting queues and to obtain a visual overview. The call center software is accessed directly from the myApps interface and interconnected with the innovaphone PBX and the myApps app platform. Therefore, no additional components are required.

Please note: The Queue Board App replaces our innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM).


What are my options if I have been using the innovaphone Queue Monitor up until now?

If you concluded an SSA (Software Service Agreement) together with the innovaphone Queue Monitor, you can simply trade in your iQM licenses for new Queue Board App licenses. You will receive:

  • 1x WQ license | PBX-Service(mediarunway-queueboard-admin)
  • 8x User licenses | PBX-App(mediarunway-queueboard-user)
  • 1x Supervisor license | PBX-App(mediarunway-queueboard-supervisor)


I would like to continue using the iQM – is that possible?

Yes, you can continue using the iQM. Please note, however, that the iQM will not undergo any further development since we provide a modern and performant alternative with the Queue Board App.

Important notice: It is not possible to use both tools (iQM & Queue Board App) simultaneously.

Is the range of functions identical with both products?

The Queue Board app is an entirely new product. There may be deviations in terms of functionality and handling. The UI of the Queue Board App is fully integrated into myApps – this is not the case with the iQM. The Queue Board App further enables the management and visualization of multiple waiting queues simultaneously.


By the way: The Queue Board App was developed by our app partner MediaRunway. The app convinced us, so we added it straight to our price list.


Get more details on the Queue Board App.

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2024-03-15 | Newsticker
Jabra Headsets & kuando Busylights – Great Addition to Your Digital Workplace with innovaphone myApps


Jabra Evolve2 65/55/40 


The headsets from our long-standing technology partner Jabra are the ideal addition to our work and communication platform myApps. Enjoy a headset that is comfortable to wear with high quality and functions such as active noise cancelling and noise isolation to enhance everyday office life.

We now offer great bundles to make things easier for our customers and partners:


Bundle Contents
Jabra Evolve2 65 FLEX Link 380A Stereo + UC License
Jabra Evolve2 65 FLEX Link 380A Stereo + Softphone App + Phone App Licenses
Jabra Evolve2 55 Mono + UC License
Jabra Evolve2 55 Mono + Softphone App + Phone App Licenses
Jabra Evolve2 55 Stereo + UC License
Jabra Evolve2 55 Stereo + Softphone App + Phone App Licenses
Jabra Evolve2 40 Mono + UC License
Jabra Evolve2 40 Mono + Softphone App + Phone App Licenses
Jabra Evolve2 40 Stereo + UC License
Jabra Evolve2 40 Stereo + Softphone App + Phone App Licenses



kuando Busylight UC Omega 


The kuando Busylight UC Omega further provides an effective visual at the office to display your presence status from myApps. You can participate in virtual meetings or make phone calls at your desk without being interrupted.


Interoperability of both products is continuously monitored to ensure smooth operations after software updates. 

Get everything you need for your business communication and digital collaboration from innovaphone.

2024-03-12 | Newsticker
CONNECT 2024 | Explore the Productive Way of Working - June 13th, 2024, in Böblingen (Germany)


The countdown is running: Another 92 days to go until innovaphone CONNECT 2024 opens its doors. Make sure to register online for the innovaphone fair and let us delve into the world of digital collaboration with all its possibilities.

This year’s innovaphone fair features following motto:

CONNECT3 – Explore the Productive Way of Working

Connect – the name of our innovaphone fair

Connect – our social platform for interactive collaboration across departments and the company

Connect – our paramount objective: Bring together customers, app partners and technology partners to create synergies

What to Expect

Let`s talk about...

  • Latest product highlights with V14
  • AI with its opportunities for the innovaphone universe
  • innovaphone’s Portable Solution for emergency situations
  • The Connect App and where the culture of communication is heading
  • The new dream team: innovaphone & Docker/Kubernetes
  • Examples of best practice by partners, for partners
  • ...and much more

Would you like to join us and attend this event? >>> Register now to get your free visitor ticket <<<

Please visit our dedicated innovaphone CONNECT 2024 website to receive more information on the event.

Please note: Contents of the website are updated regularly – make sure to revisit the website to remain up to date.

2023-12-19 | Newsticker
NEW RELEASE: Software 14r1 Available Now


The new innovaphone software version 14r1 introduces new additions such as the Connect App, a digital collaboration platform, and the Contact Widgets App for better business availability via the company website, as well as numerous improvements and new features to already available apps.


Get more details on the highlights of 14r1

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