Digitizing the Public Sector
Data Protection AND Innovation for Public Institutions

Get a Head Start with Your Digital & Collaborative Communication

The thought of a virtual council meeting where all members meet online would have seemed far-fetched just a few years ago. Today, collaboration and digital communication are indispensable across all kinds of fields and industries. 

innovaphone provides the suitable solution to meet all requirements. These may include: digitization, remote working, integration of new sites, cloud services, transition to All IP and much more.


Get a customized infrastructure and digitally transform your municipality.


Work on any device, either at the office or from home and always have access to the same functions and apps.

  • Mobile and hybrid working
  • Remote working & anywhere workplace
  • Real-time synchronization across all devices
  • Video conferences and virtual meetings with screen sharing options


When working with confidential information and personal data on a daily basis, a high level of security is imperative.

  • Compliance with GDPR
  • 100% made in EU
  • Numerous security mechanisms on board
  • Operation within (own) data center possible
  • Own operation system
  • Sophisticated operation system
  • Digital sovereignty


Reduce long-term costs with a sustainable, energy-efficient solution that enhances collaboration across locations.

  • Save energy (Green IT)
  • Reduce costs of electricity: no servers required
  • Repair service for all devices saves resources
  • IT infrastructure viable for the future
  • Scalability: The system grows with the business


User-friendly, a modular design and easy to learn: Users individually select only those applications that will be used on a daily basis.

  • Customized according to the needs of the company
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile communication tools
  • Central and remote administrations with admin apps
  • Extensive UCC functionalities


A collaborative work and communication solution that always provides the same range of functions - anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Scalability and smooth migration
  • Individualized solutions
  • Connect distributed sites (multi-location concept)
  • Pick a commercial model: On premises, rental, from the cloud
  • Work anywhere: Remotely from home, when on the go, at the office 


Download our whitepaper - free of charge:
Managing Communication during a Blackout – An Emergency Communications Kit for States and Municipalities

Rent, Buy, Move to the Cloud - Or Mix it Up!

Opt for any commercial model and always receive the ideal innovaphone solution that perfectly matches your individual business requirements. Our entire product portfolio is always available with the full set of features, without limitations, and it is even possible to combine or switch between the different commercial models.

It’s your choice:

Buying a Solution: Installation On-Premises & Long-Term Investment

Would you like to have your enterprise communications solution with all user and operational data on your very own company premises? Do you prefer not to be tied to any monthly fees or subscriptions? If so, you should choose to purchase your solution.

Renting a Solution: On Premises with Full Liquidity & Flexibility

Would you like a solution on your own premises but without the financial investment and without being bound to a fixed term? In this case, you should opt for innovaphone Software and Hardware Rental.

Cloud Security with “Cloud Services Made in Germany”

Are you looking for a solution customized to your specific business needs without having to make a financial investment and without having to worry about operation, maintenance and servicing? Data protection is of utmost importance to your business? Look no further: innovaphone myApps Cloud is a sound decision for you.


Secure and energy-efficient systems for the public sector

innovaphone provides flexible and mobile solutions for enhanced enterprise communications.

Realizing the Digital Work and Communication System Step by Step

All software and hardware from one single provider.

innovaphone provides flexible and mobile solutions that fully meet the demands of the public sector. The all-in-one communications solution by innovaphone is platform-independent and municipalities of any size will receive access to new technologies, optimizing work processes and ensuring pleased employees and citizens. Smooth migration with innovaphone allows for the transition of the communication system to new technologies step by step and without interrupting services.


Versatile apps to improve work processes


ollustration with people, street, different buildings

Better Safe than Sorry - "IT Security made in EU"

Make security your top priority with your digital transformation.

We are a German IT company placing utmost emphasis on the security of European authorities and citizens. Our products are GDPR compliant and carry both trust seals "IT Security made in EU" and "IT Security made in Germany".

We support businesses in their digital sovereignty.

Firmenlogo Teletrust | Security Trust Seal


These public institutions and municipalities already have a communication solution by innovaphone:

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