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Digitally Record Working Times

In many member states of the EU, the (electronic) recording of working times is already mandatory, as a result of the time-clock ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the year 2019. The precise stipulations regarding the working time regulations may differ from country to country. However, employers need to ensure the implementation of an objective, reliable and accessible system to record the daily working hours of employees.

With the innovaphone Working App, companies are equipped with the ideal software tool for employees to easily track and record their working times in a digital manner.

What Does the App Offer for Employees?

Employees can conveniently record their working times as well as break times. The app is user-friendly and the design fits the familiar myApps UI. No additional tool is required and users can easily record their working times within the myApps ecosystem.

Screenshot der Working AppScreenshot der Working App
Screenshot der Working Manager App (Desktop- und Smartphoneansicht)Screenshot der Working Manager App (Desktop- und Smartphoneansicht)

What Does the App Offer for Personnel Managers & HR?

The Working App is easily set up and users can quickly be transferred from the PBX / Users app. There is no need to add users manually.

Once the app is installed, HR can manage the working times of employees within the familiar myApps UI. The app provides a well-structured overview whether users adhere to the regulations on working times such as break times and rest periods, working on Sundays or working on public holidays. Various notifications inform the users during the recording of their working times if any requirements are about to be violated.

For innovaphone Partners: Use the Working App – Free of Charge


If you do not yet have a tool to track working times, you can now use the innovaphone Working app within your business, with myApps4U – exclusively for our authorized partners.

more information on myApps4U

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Advantages for Users

Advantages for Businesses

  • Available anywhere & anytime: recording of working times also outside the office (remote work); synchronized on the various end devices (desktop, smartphone, laptop, etc.)
  • User-friendly & intuitive: Easy to use and familiar myApps UI
  • No external tools required: Time-tracking directly integrated within the myApps ecosystem; no need to switch back and forth between different programs
  • Quick installation & set-up: Users do not need to be added manually - the app is a component of the comprehensive innovaphone PBX telephone system

  • User acceptance: Users are familiar with myApps

  • Legally compliant: Adherence to working time regulations, tamper-proof time tracking

  • Less effort for HR: Well-structured overview of working hours; automatic notifications if any form of action is necessary

Working User App

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Recording of Working Times with innovaphone

Would you like to receive more information on the innovaphone Working app? Take a look at our overview of all the features and functions our Working app has to offer.


Digitally Track Working Times with the Working App

Which licenses do I need in order to use the Working App?

All you need is one Working App license per user (no additional licenses - e.g. Port license - required). There are no further costs.

Will my working times be recorded, even if I close the app?

Your working times will continue to be recorded automatically in the background, even if you close the app.

How can an employee use the Working App, even if he / she does not have a company-issued device?

Employees have the opportunity to access and use the Working app via the browser, on any end device.

Can I add my working times at a later point in time, for example if I forgot to start the recording?

Yes, you can easily adjust your working times by clicking onto the button "add times".

Can I use the Working App, even if I do not have an innovaphone PBX?

Yes, you can. The Working App can be used without an operating innovaphone PBX. In order to run the app, the myApps platform is required. This means that you can use the app with any telephone system. Charges only apply to the Working App license.

Can the Working App be used outside of Germany?

Warnings and notifications have been optimized to fit German legislation. However, the Working app can also be used as a tool to digitally record working hours outside of Germany. Especially within Europe, the member states are required to adhere to directives on working times issued by the European Parliament. Therefore, European countries show great similarities concerning the regulations on working times. It is further possible to adjust the settings within the Working app (e.g. minimum break time).

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