innovaphone PBX
The IP PBX for Modern Business Communication

At the core of every communication and collaboration solution is its telephone system. It establishes a telephone network for real-time communication within the business (PBX - Private Branch Exchange) and ensures external communication.

In addition to transferring calls, the innovaphone PBX also offers a variety of Unified Communications functions and allows the integration of applications.



The IP Telephony & UCC Solution that Covers it All

The innovaphone PBX is a professional IP telephone system, suitable for any business size and business structure. Essential functions such as conferencing, voicemail, group functions, announcements, waiting queues and much more are already standardly integrated.

The innovaphone PBX is designed as a stand-alone IP telephone system. Yet, its full performance is achieved when combined with the Unified Communications functionalities of the innovaphone myApps platform.

The full range of features is available without restrictions either on premises, as a rental or in the cloud.


Digital Security for Your Company

Security has always been a top priority for innovaphone. That is why the innovaphone PBX is already standardly equipped with high security standards to ensure safe real-time communication.

Security is also about investment protection: due to its unique modularity and the variety of functions, hardware platforms, end devices and software solutions, all individual requirements placed on the business communication system will be fully met. The solution is further seamlessly scalable so it can be expanded as needed. This will allow companies to flexibly react to fluctuation and changing business conditions.


Always on Board: myApps Client

The myApps client is integrated into the innovaphone PBX and offers much more than merely traditional IP telephony functions. With the integration of myApps, the IP PBX is turned into a Unified Communications solution.

The Presence status of contacts is displayed in the client, users have access to an internal directory and the Chat app for instant messaging, the call history is clearly structured in a call list: these are only a selection of the functions the client has to offer.

Users can edit the own profile, set call diversions, upload a profile picture and even add more telephones. Watch the video workspace 4.0 with myApps

“In order to address the specific requirements of our employees and our guests, we needed an easy-to-use, manageable and scalable telephony solution for the coming years – and the  innovaphone PBX covers it all.”

Mathias Munoz, Managing Director of Boutique Hotel Martigny


Read the full case study on Boutique Hotel Martigny.



Advantages of the innovaphone PBX for your Company:

Advantages of the innovaphone PBX for your Employees:

  • Seamless scalability: the telephone system will grow with your business
  • Flexibly adapts to business fluctuation and changing requirements
  • All IP and smooth migration
  • All-in-one box: lean solution for IP Telephony and Unified Communications
  • Highest security standards integrated at no additional cost
  • Easy and central administration: operation saves resources
  • Quick integration of remote workplaces and branches
  • All classic IP telephony functionalities available to the users
  • Comprehensive Unified Communications & Collaboration tools
  • Different communication channels such as voice, video, chat, application sharing, fax
  • Softphone, smartphone, desk phone, tablet, DECT
  • Maximum mobility
  • Easy & intuitive use
  • Work at the office, remotely from home or on the go


Rent, Buy or Move to the Cloud


Did you know?
You can either rent, buy or move your IP PBX to the cloud, depending on what model best suits your business needs.

Get in Touch with Us


Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.


Additional Components of the innovaphone PBX 

The innovaphone gateways or the innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA) form the basis of the IP telephone system. The IP phones unite modern design and groundbreaking technical details, mobility scenarios enhance availability - within the company and when travelling or on the go. Central component of the Unified Communications and Collaboration solution is the myApps client.


 innovaphone VoIP Gateways & Analog Adapters

innovaphone IP Phones

  • Form the hardware platform
  • Suitable for any company size, whether small or mid-sized business or large enterprise
  • SIP, ISDN or analog connections
  • innovaphone Session Border Controller (SBC) and innovaphone Reverse Proxy included
  • Seamless integration of analog devices into the innovaphone PBX & the professional work and communication platform myApps
  • Versatile and modern devices for every need
  • Best sound quality, latest security protocols and touch / color display, depending on model
  • All standard features supported
  • Intuitive and easy to use, incl. Favorites and Presence status

IP DECT and WiFi

innovaphone Virtual Appliance (IPVA)

  • Mobile subscribers can use the IP telephony functionalities they are accustomed to, anywhere and anytime. They will always be available at their usual office phone number
  • Perfect VoIP integration
  • IP DECT and WiFi end devices provide the same familiar features and functions, irrespective of the network being used
  • Virtual communication platform is a lean & reliable solution
  • IPVA set up in a VMware or Hyper V environment (e.g. Proxmox)
  • Low installation effort
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