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Expand Your Knowledge with the innovaphone Plus Training

The innovaphone Plus training is based on a modular structure. The training is flexible in terms of time, location and contents. The training contents are available to iT Connect and iT Advanced technicians. The contents introduce new subject areas which complement already acquired knowledge. All topics can be learned at any time in self-study.

Contents of the innovaphone Plus training are adjusted and expanded continuously. In order to gain access to this training, we offer a 12-month corporate subscription. With a valid corporate subscription, all technicians of the respective company will receive unrestricted access to all available innovaphone Plus training contents.

Participants have the opportunity to study the relevant topics at their own pace. For best training results, participants can get in touch with experienced trainers via the innovaphone Forum.

During the period of an active corporate subscription, all technicians have unrestricted access to the resources available on the Moodle training platform. Contents and exercises of already completed trainings can be repeated with own training devices. Select topics can be brushed up when deemed necessary.

Technicians with a completed V13 training further have access to extended V14 contents of their training level (once available). These new contents can be studied by the technicians anytime and without additional costs.


Advantages of the innovaphone Plus Corporate Subscription for Technicians

  • Unrestricted access to latest innovaphone Plus training contents for iT Connect and iT Advanced technicians
  • Support of trainee via innovaphone Plus Forum
  • Unrestricted editing access to contents and exercises of already completed trainings - for recap purposes
  • Free access to all extended V14 training contents (once available)



Accessing the innovaphone Plus Training

All technicians of a company with a valid innovaphone Plus corporate subscription have unrestricted access to all training contents.


The training material is available in English language. Support via the innovaphone Forum is provided in English and German language.

Mann sitzt an Tisch und liest Ordner


Trainers provide support via the innovaphone Forum.

Times: Monday to Friday | 9 am to 1pm

Responses: Depends on the volume of support requests (maximum response time: two hours)

Exam and Certification

The innovaphone Plus training is divided into several different topics. Participants can study these at their individual pace. Once a topic has been completed, participants have the possibility to take a small final exam on this topic.

Successful completion of one or several exams on the various topics does not result in a new technical status.

If a topic has been completed successfully, participants have the opportunity to receive a confirmation of participation. Please contact with your request.




  • A successfully completed training (under V13 or V14)
  • Workplace with OS Windows 10/11 Pro/Enterprise, a browser that is
    up to date (FF, Chrome, no Internet Explorer), e-mail and admin rights
    Pro/Enterprise version is required because of the topic virtualization
    with Hyper-V
  • Unrestricted internet access (no blocked ports, no web proxy)
  • Mobile phone with Android or iOS
    WiFi access point with direct connection to IP411RIGHT
    The mobile phone must be able to register at the WiFi access point
  • One free PoE port in the house / home network with direct access
    to IP411RIGHT
  • Installed innovaphone training hardware*

  • Virtual PBX 
  • Conference infrastructure
  • Structured numbering plans
  • E.164
  • Troubleshooting

 other training contents will be added in due time

Corporate Subscription for innovaphone Plus Trainings


In order to subscribe to the innovaphone Plus corporate subscription, one technician needs to have certification (under V13 or V14).


The annual costs for one corporate subscription amount to 400 EUR plus VAT.

Grafik zum innovaphone Plus Training

Subscription Term

The corporate subscription is always valid for one year. It is automatically extended for another year if the subscription is not cancelled at the end of the booked 12 months. Please send an e-mail to: in order to terminate the corporate subscription.

Contents of the Training

Training contents can only be activated in combination with a valid innovaphone Plus corporate subscription. 

After completing the innovaphone Plus corporate subscription, all technicians will receive an e-mail with the exact details on how to unlock the training contents for the already existing training accounts. The participants activate their own accounts in the Moodle training platform.

For information on activating the training contents, please contact us via e-mail at

You can access the training platform via the link

Get the innovaphone Plus Corporate Subscription

Would you like to continue with your training and expand your knowledge with the innovaphone Plus training? Get the innovaphone Plus corporate subscription now.

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