All IP: migration of the networks to VoIP due to ISDN switch-off

In some countries, the transition to VoIP and the ISDN switch-off have almost been completed. Telephony, television, video or mobile communication: soon, all communication channels across Europe will only be operated via Internet Protocol (IP) - therefore the term "All IP". The ISDN switch-off with the emerging unification of the networks offers great opportunities for business customers and private customers alike.

Initially, companies are confronted with additional costs and considerable technical effort once the switch to All IP is pending. However, companies are ultimately left with no other choice since ISDN lines will simply cease to exist in the future. Yet, several options are available to convert from ISDN to All IP. Good consultation and planning are essential to develop a migration plan optimally suitable for the individual companies.

Learn more about the options that come with an All IP solution and see how the steps of a successful transition may look like.

Download the innovaphone White Paper “All IP” free of charge now.

Well equipped for All IP with innovaphone

The slogan ’Pure IP Communications’ already suggests that implementing innovaphone means you are perfectly equipped for the switch to the future standard “All IP”, because:

  • from the outset, since the company was founded in 1997, innovaphone has opted fo the future standard "IP" and can therefore calls itself a "Pioneer of IP telephony".
  • innovaphone has years of experience in the areas of IP telephony and unified communications.
  • The entire product range has always been "All IP".
  • innovaphone’s “smooth migration” scenario is particularly well suited for a smooth and gradual transition to All IP.
  • the innovaphone PBX is certified for all established network operators.

Conversion from ISDN to All IP the easy way with innovaphone

The innovaphone product philosophy makes the transition from the old to the new technology easy. "Smooth migration", allows a gradual entry into the IP world, in several stages of innovation. The customer determines the speed of transition.

The first step is to “loop through” an innovaphone VoIP gateway between the conventional PBX and the existing ISDN line. This loop-through scenario has the advantage that absolutely no intervention in the existing telephone connection is necessary.
All analogue devices can initially still be used with just one innovaphone VoIP gateway by connecting them to the IP world with an analogue adapter.

It is easy to changeover completely at a later date: the traditional telephone system will be replaced completely by the innovaphone PBX, the IP telephony and Unified Communications solution. The existing VoIP gateway can be turned into a pure IP PBX with just one software update. Thus all UC functionalities are optionally available and can be selected individually.



White Paper: ALL IP

Download the innovaphone White Paper “All IP” free of charge, learn more about the options that come with an All IP solution and see how the steps of a successful transition may look like.

The White Paper Includes Following Aspects:

  • What is “All IP”?
  • Early birds and late risers: migration to All IP across Europe
  • What new possibilities open up with All IP solutions?
  • Steps for a successful transition to All IP

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