innovaphone Recording
Record Emergency Phone Calls & Contractually Binding Phone Calls

In times of wiretapping scandals, recording phone calls is often associated with something negative. However, for certain companies, institutions and authorities, it is necessary to record conversations. Sometimes even lives depend on it. These critical areas of use may include emergency call centers of the police and fire departments (e.g. 911 call centers in the US). With criminal investigations, being able to record threatening phone calls for example is very important to carry out the investigations. Financial institutions such as banks and other service providers engaging in contractually binding phone calls with customers also need to be able to record these calls.

innovaphone Recording enables the recording of all phone calls – no matter whether inbound or outbound calls are to be recorded.

What does the innovaphone Recording Solution Offer?

innovaphone Recording is a solution to flexibly record phone calls. It is ideal for critical workplaces, for example when calls are contractually binding or if the recording of calls is required in any form. Users can either record entire phone calls or they can record sections of certain calls.

The call recording can be initiated either automatically by the administrator or manually by the user. It does not matter which end device is being used. Phone calls can be recorded with all IP phones, analog phones, DECT phones and with mobile phones.


How can I Record Calls?

Where can I Record Calls?

  • Permanently (transparent): all calls are always recorded (this option is set up by the admin)
  • Manually: the user activates and deactivates the recording function directly at the end device (innovaphone desk phone or innovaphone Softphone app) via button
  • Optional: the recording function is always turned on but the user can turn this function off via a button on the end device (innovaphone desk phone or innovaphone Softphone app)
  • At the innovaphone desk phone or the innovaphone Softphone app
  • At the interfaces (VoIP gateways, waiting queue, conference). This also enables the recording of calls where the phone counterpart is an analog phone or a mobile phone via GSM

Advantages of innovaphone Recording

Do You Need Help?

If you have any questions on innovaphone Recording or other innovaphone products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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