2017-03-16 | Newsticker
Telecom Handel interviews innovaphone

Dagmar Geer (CEO) was recently interviewed by Telecom Handel: „We always were plan B“

“The transition to All-IP, the weaknesses of the old top dogs in the TC-market and the increase in demand, it all plays into the hands of smaller manufacturers. Innovaphone-CEO Dagmar Geer also knows of the growing pains involved…”

Read the whole article here…

2017-02-20 | Newsticker
CeBIT 2017 - innovaphone puts six partners on its stand

innovaphone will again be hosting a stand at this year’s CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany from March 20-24.
We will be presenting the latest solutions developed by innovaphone. You can also learn more about WebRTC, All IP, Anywhere Workplace, Security and co. We are looking forward to your visit! You can find us at Hall 12, stand D14.

Click here to arrange a specific appointment with an innovaphone employee or one of our partners. Are you looking for an exhibition fair ticket? We will send you one when you request your appointment with us. Simply tick the box "Ticket wanted".


You can meet with the following partners at the innovaphone CeBIT stand:


The IT company ASEKO was founded in 2004 and focuses on security and support for Linux users in Hanover. Having provided comprehensive IT services during the first years, ASEKO has been specialising in software development since 2010. ASEKO benefits from decades of experience in the field of telecommunications systems and offers intelligent multi-client software solutions that help companies to manage and bill ICT processes. It is also possible to manage systems from multiple vendors thus simplifying and automating day-to-day operations. The interface of the innovaphone PBX allows ASEKO to connect another important system and the company look forward to further dialogue and cooperation.

With its virtual telephone system, byon vTK, byon GmbH successfully offers cloud solutions on the basis of the innovaphone PBX. These can be seamlessly combined with the call management system byon vACD. In addition, the reseller and provider also offers call centre technology, data lines, IP voice connections, unified communications and service line numbers. As an innovaphone partner, byon develops high-quality industry solutions and site concepts in close dialogue with its customers.

The latest version of the unified communications & CTI software suite from estos - ProCall 6 Enterprise - not only provides a SIP compatible softphone for selected telecommunications systems and integration of audio and VideoChat for Web pages (based on the Internet technology WebRTC), but also facilitates e.g. app installations for iOS and Android with ProCall Mobility Services powered by UCConnect. The design of the native apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, Mac client and Windows clients have been revised and improvements have been made to the user friendliness. estos software products also work perfectly with the innovaphone PBX.

Jabra audio solutions are the perfect addition to all innovaphone PBX devices. As an internationally leading developer and manufacturer, Jabra has a comprehensive portfolio of communication and sound solutions under the motto "hear more, do more and be more" adding value for the customer. Having two business units for both home and business users, Jabra produces corded and cordless headsets and hands-free solutions for more freedom of movement, comfort and functionality in the office and on the road. As part of the GN group, Jabra stands for almost 150 years of innovation, reliability and usability. The GN portfolio includes unique sound solutions for medical, professional and private use, making life sound better thanks to the company’s extensive experience in research, vast study results and know-how in the field of sound. GN is active in more than 90 countries around the world, employs over 5,000 members of staff and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX.


jtel has been a producer of web-based ContactCenter solutions since 1997. With complex call distribution, voice chat and conference systems, it offers the full suite of multichannel solutions via any media. jtel solutions are characterised by their flexibility, high integration level, high in-house maintenance capability, and extreme scalability. All solutions can be used both on-premises or cloud-based. Thanks to the direct interface to innovaphone, it is also possible to connect to the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system. A wide range of projects have already been realised together.


TE-SYSTEMS is a technology leader in the area of VoIP. TE-SYSTEMS’ software solution XCAPI has been enabling simple migration of CAPI compatible voice and fax applications to the innovaphone PBX for many years. As a specialist for VoIP protocols, TE SYSTEMS developed the software session border controller (SBC), anynode. With anynode as the SBC and tool for SIP protocol adaptation, the last barriers preventing SIP communication are being crossed - it’s really simple thanks to the installation and configuration wizard. The new UCMA functionality allows anynode to improve the integration of SIP communication solutions - such as that of innovaphone - in heterogeneous environments in Skype for business environments. TE-SYSTEMS stands for competence in making complex systems easy to use.



2016-12-22 | Newsticker
Beta12r2 is available

The innovaphone Apps are one of the major innovations in Version 12r2. They extend the myPBX client for additional functionality that goes beyond unified communications. That could be, for example, a calendar or even reporting or voice recording. The innovaphone Apps are started directly from the myPBX client. With Beta 12r2, innovaphone is already bringing out the first apps:

  • PBX Boolean: this app allows timers to be set such as “Christmas holidays” or call diversions.
  • PBX Conference: a separate conference room for the myPBX user. The conference master sees who has joined the conference call and can decide, at will, to mute them or exclude them from the conference call.
  • PBX user settings: manages, for example, dynamic groups. Users see all of their dynamic groups and can enable or disable them simply by setting a tick.

Smartphone Integration – Call through
In addition to call back, the innovaphone Version 12r2 now also offers Call through. A GSM call first enters into the system and is then relayed to the outside. Users of the innovaphone apps for iOS and Android can now decide which variant they prefer - call back or call through.

Simple Outlook contact search
As part of the Office integration, innovaphone PBX Version 12r2 has enabled the Outlook search in the launcher. myPBX can now search through private Outlook contacts.

Hyper-V support
We have heeded to the feature request to support IPVA also on other virtualisation platforms. As from 12r2, IPVA is also supported on Hyper-V. The advantage of this is that Hyper-V is freeware from Microsoft and the IPVA can easily be installed in existing Windows Server infrastructure.

SDK headset support
The software development kit simplifies the compatibility of headsets (Sennheiser, Plantronics, Jabra) with innovaphone and ensures interoperability throughout.

More features

  • Filter for IPv6 interfaces
  • TURN via TCP
  • Thai language support
  • myPBX client on the Windows Launcher now uses Chromium

You can also easily download Beta 12r2 via the new update feature. You can now update any innovaphone gateway or phone to the latest firmware version - with just one click. To do this, click the “Maintenance” tab on your device and then "Update". Please note: for this to work, your device must run on at least V12r1sr4. If you don’t have V12r1sr4, download Beta 12r2 here for installation.

Our Wiki provides more information, e.g. on discontinued products, Beta 12r2 etc.

Discuss 12r2 in the Beta forum.

Are you looking to develop an app yourself? Then we ask you to be patient. In the new year, innovaphone will publish a preview of 13r1 with the App platform. This runs on devices with Beta 12r2 and can be used for app development.

2016-12-20 | Newsticker
Water and fire cannot harm the innovaphone gateways ;-)

Not only did an innovaphone IP800 gateway IP800 survive a flood without malfunctioning in June 2013, an IP305 has now defied fire.

A technical malfunction in the air conditioning caused a fire at one of Telepark Passau’s customer premises in May of this year. The innovaphone VoIP IP305 gateway was the only device to survive the fire and heat without damage. The external scorch marks were the only visible proof that the device had been in a fire.

After this experience, the customer was so convinced of the innovaphone VoIP gateway’s durability and robust construction that it has meanwhile decided to configure its entire telephone system as an innovaphone solution. Until it was replaced by the IP411 in November, the fire-tested IP305 VoIP gateway continued its service without any problems.

2016-12-14 | Newsticker
Looking back on the Dialogues 2016

The innovaphone Dialogues ended successfully after a month-long tour across Europe where innovaphone partners interacted with and learned from each other and innovaphone:

12 Dialogues in 10 different countries with over 450 participants.

A big thank you to all participants. It was a joy to enter into dialogues with you again this year. We have a few photos for you.

2016-12-06 | Newsticker
Updating firmware is easier than ever!

The most recent service release has made updating firmware much easier.
You can now update any innovaphone gateway or phone to the latest firmware version - with just one click. To do this, click the “Maintenance” tab on your device and then "Update". You immediately see whether a more recent firmware version is available, and which version innovaphone recommends for your device.

This new update function also allows you to download beta versions provided by innovaphone.

2016-11-28 | Newsticker
innovaphone "Call Me Button" - direct customer contact at the click of a button

The innovaphone "Call Me Button" consists of free Java scripts, which can easily be incorporated into each company’s website. The button can be placed either at the edge of the website or like a business card directly on the website and gives visitors to the website the possibility of contacting their chosen person at the click of a button via a call, video call or via e-mail.

2016-10-20 | Newsticker
innovaphone makes the podium!

innovaphone says thank you!

Lots of votes were cast during the funkschau Leserwahl 2016 (Readers’ choice) - and many of them were in favour of the innovaphone IP PBX, which competed in the category "IP PBXs for large companies". innovaphone made it to the podium for the 5th time!


2016-09-29 | Newsticker
G.729 licenses will cease from the first Service Release in 2017

The patents for G. 729 expire as of January 2017. With the first service release in 2017, innovaphone will be implementing this standard on all devices. As a result, G.729 licenses will no longer be required once the first Service release in 2017 has been implemented. However, purchase of the G.729 license is imperative if you would like to use G.729 this year.

2016-09-07 | Newsticker
myPBX for iOS

myPBX for iOS app is available! Thanks to our myPBX for iOS app, iPhone owners and  innovaphone PBX subscribers no longer have to make do with limitations concerning mobile telephony. iPhones and iPads can now be business phones. But what does the app actually do? Read more about myPBX for iOS app.

2016-08-30 | Newsticker
The IP24 is being replaced by the IP29-4

Our IP24 analogue adapter is no longer available effective immediately. The IP29-4 is also an analogue adapter with four analogue interfaces, but also additionally makes use of the Opus voice codec. This provides HD voice quality at low bandwidth. The IP29-4 needs no external 40 V power supply (order number: 03-00010-226).


2016-08-04 | Newsticker
funkschau readers’ choice 2016: give innovaphone your vote!

Once again this year, the German specialist magazine funkschau is searching for the best ICT product of the year 2016. funkschau is the specialist magazine in Germany spanning the industries of voice, wireless, system integrators, carriers and providers as well as measurement technology and the medium for professional communication technology.

We are represented in four categories at the funkschau readers choice this year. The voting is in German, but it would be fantastic if you could also support us. We will guide you through the German voting labyrinth here.

Many thanks in advance. We are hoping for lots of votes!

2016-08-01 | Newsticker
End of support for versions prior to V10

Please note that with the release of V12, the support for versions prior to V10 is discontinued. No further development will be made and no errors will be corrected. However, if you have any questions regarding the affected versions, we will be happy to answer them.

2016-07-27 | Newsticker
False error report by Windows Defender

Since this morning, Microsoft’s security software Windows Defender, incorrectly reports a part of the code of the myPBX webapplication V12r1 as harmful. If your myPBX software does not work, you can fix it immediately by following the instructions in this article:

myPBX has been modified so that Windows Defender does not report an error. This change will be reflected in the upcoming 12r1 Service Release 1.

We have also reported this error to Microsoft,  and it shouldn’t occur anymore after the next update of their security software.

Update 28-07-2016: Microsoft immediately solved the problem yesterday with virus definition 1.225.2575.0


2016-07-11 | Newsticker
V12 release 1 now available!

You can now update your innovaphone PBX. Version 12r1 stands under the motto "New devices. New services. More Security.” Look forward to conference calls with video and voice recognition, innovaphone solutions with WebRTC, the innovaphone widget from the myPBX Toolbox, the innovaphone "Call Me button”, and much more. One important part of the V12 is the upgraded security concept with the innovaphone Session Border Controller and the innovaphone Reverse Proxy.

2016-07-08 | Newsticker
innovaphone PBX version 12 release is imminent!

V12 will be released on 11 July. Under the motto "New devices. New services. More Security.” Look forward to conference calls with video and voice recognition, innovaphone solutions with WebRTC, the innovaphone widget from the myPBX Toolbox, the innovaphone "Call Me button”, and much more. One important part of the V12 is the upgraded security concept with the innovaphone Session Border Controller and the innovaphone Reverse Proxy.

2016-05-25 | Newsticker
Touch panel units only work with the current firmware

Our IP232 (from HW1301) and the extension module IP2X2-X (from HW402) are now produced with a touch panel that only works with the current firmware (v12r1 / v11r2sr10 / v11r1eol). This information is also available in our Wiki.