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2023-09-18 | Newsticker
New in the innovaphone App Store: WordGuess App and Calculator App (Beta)


Sometimes, you just need a quick break to get your mind off things. So, grab a cup of coffee, guess the daily word and extend your vocabulary in a fun way with the innovaphone WordGuess app

The new innovaphone WordGuess app is available free of charge and will let you guess new words every day. With the app, you can select the length of the word (from 4 to 8 letters per word) as well as the language.

Test the app in our innovaphone Community

Use the Calculator app for simple calculations such as additions, subtractions, divisions or multiplications and much more. Trigonometric functions as well as angle measures and calculations with various number systems (decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal) are additional functions of the app.

Our Calculator app is now available in our innovaphone Community. Here, you can test the app with the various functions on any device.

Share your Feedback in our Beta Forum

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2023-09-13 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR8
New SIP Provider | Germany

149968 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss_TCP

myApps Client (Windows): Chromium Update

147098 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update to .199


OAuth2: Extended Configuration Options

149697 - OAuth2: allow configuration of additional authorization URL query parameters

For example, it is now possible to configure ’&prompt=login’ for Microsoft AD to enforce re-login irrespective of already existing OAuth2 sessions.


Further optimizations for the innovaphone myApps Client für MacOS have also been released.


Get the Detailed Release Notes V13r3 SR8

2023-07-31 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Working App – Easy to Install & Legally Compliant


The innovaphone Working app provides a smart solution to track working times in a digital and efficient manner. With the Working app, employees can easily document their working hours and submit these to HR. The Working app is the ideal tool for employees to digitally document their working hours via desktop, browser or smartphone.

Working times and break times are recorded in real-time. Once entries are submitted, they can no longer be edited, making them tamperproof. The app automatically considers general legal guidelines for working hours, required breaks and resting times, as well as work on Sundays and public holidays. Additionally, it is easy for HR to determine whether any action is required. As with all innovaphone products, data protection and security are always in the focus.


Please visit our website for more detailed information on the innovaphone Working app.

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2023-07-24 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR7
Conference Web Access: More Information if Access to Conference is not Possible

147118 - Conference-Web-Access: Display more helpful information

If an error occurs and a virtual conference cannot be accessed, more information on the cause will now be provided.


VoIP Gateways: Support H.323 Local Domain

147119 - Gateway: Support H.323 local domain

The domain (system name) no longer needs to match the domain you would like to use to federate with other systems. This can be adjusted in the GW object (local domain).


Softphone App: NEW Configuration Option "No Physical Location"

146088 - myApps Softphone: New config option "No physical location"

There is a new configuration option (PBX/Config/myApps/Softphone Registration/No physical location). It affects the behavior of the Softphone app.
If the checkmark is enabled, the softphone in the myApps launcher will not use any physical location, unless it has been configured explicitly. In general, the trunk line of the actual registration PBX will be used.



myPhoneKeys App: Now Available in the Release Store

146990 - myPhoneKeys App on Release Store

The myPhoneKeys app is now available in the release store.


Additional improvements concerning headsets, the RCC app & the Softphone app have been implemented.


Read the complete release notes V13r3 SR7.

2023-07-17 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium


With our innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium, we set new standards in terms of availability and security of our cloud-based work and communication platforms.

Get a virtualized innovaphone PBX operated in an IPVA in German data centers with active/active geo-redundancy. Should one data center fail, the affected systems will be fully restored automatically within a matter of seconds. Even with a regional power outage, innovaphone myApps Cloud Premium secures operation and data of the virtualized myApps instances for a minimum of five days.

If nevertheless issues with a cloud instance that is in operation occur, authorized partners are able to get in touch with our 24 / 7 cloud infrastructure hotline. Here, we are available around the clock, 365 days a year, to provide the best support and service possible for the cloud.

Book the myApps Cloud Service Premium now, in the portal my.innovaphone.

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2023-06-26 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Callback Manager App by effexx


Sometimes, there are call flows with multiple nested waiting queues. The app works differently than a queue monitor. It adapts to the existing waiting queues and their interconnection.
You can define if the queue should only be counted or missed calls should also be recorded in the callback queue.
With the Callback Manager app, the calls of waiting queues are recorded and displayed in a daily history. Missed calls can be commented and processed from a list.
The app can monitor multiple waiting queues at the same time and summarize them in one overview. Agents can start the call directly on the app. The default device of myApps is used here. Calls from the same caller within a group are totaled and combined. For contact identification, the app uses the reverse lookup of the PBX.


Please refer to our overview of all apps for more details.

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2023-06-19 | Newsticker
Available Soon in the innovaphone App Store: myPhoneKeys App by innovaphone
Available Soon in the innovaphone App Store: myPhoneKeys App by innovaphone


The new myPhoneKeys app is an admin tool, replacing the website myPhoneKeys. Any innovaphone desk phone can be displayed and configured remotely with this new app.

The three central functions are following:

  • innovaphone IP phones from the Devices API are displayed
  • The display of an innovaphone IP phone is shown remotely, within the app
  • The IP phone can be fully operated remotely

The app further displays the connection status of the configured device, and the keyboard type can be switched by the user.

The myPhoneKeys app allows users to operate any registered innovaphone desk phone remotely, without having to be on site.

Please note: The innovaphone myPhoneKeys app will be available with the next service release.

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2023-06-19 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Releases V13r3 SR5 + SR6

V13r3 SR5

Switchboard App: Several Improvements

143547 - App Switchboard: 2 clicks are needed to cancel a transfer

A call transfer can now be terminated with one single click.

143523 - App Switchboard: Calls cannot be parked if another call is ringing

Calls on hold can only be resumed if there are currently no other inbound calls.

143725 - App Switchboard: Contact is sometimes deleted from BLF

No more contacts are deleted from the busy lamp field during data synchronization.

143549 - App Switchboard: Contacts with no phone cannot close BLF details

Contacts without a phone number can now also close the dialog box with the opened details for a contact again.

143554 - App Switchboard: Display the Info field from Contacts

Additional information on individual users (e.g. employee does not work on Fridays) can now be stored manually. Changes made in the Contacts app are now automatically displayed within the Switchboard app.


SDK for Yealink Headsets

143855 - myApps Windows: Update of the Yealink headset SDK to version

A new headset SDK for Yealink devices is now available.


"Password Protection for all http Pages" Activated by Default

143535 - Enable "password protect all HTTP pages" in install.htm

The option "password protection for all http pages" is standardly activated once installation is completed.
Information which displayed in the advanced UI such as device type, MAC address and firmware version is not visible.


myApps Now Supports the Languages Catalan and Basque

143762 - myApps: Add new languages ca and eu


Phone App: Several Improvements

143990 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at favorites

Once an active call has been established, a button to forward / transfer the call is displayed in the favorites of the Phone app.

144061 - Phone-App: Added "Cancel transfer" button

Once the transfer button with an active call has been clicked, a button with "cancel transfer"will appear.


NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Working App Beta

143406 - Working App in Release Store

The beta version of the new innovaphone Working app for convenient time tracking of working hours is now available in our app store. The app (beta) can be downloaded without requiring a license.


Get all the release notes on V13r3 SR5.


V13r3 SR6


Connector for Microsoft 165 Runs More Stable

144370 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Reconnect due to unexpected HTTP shutdown in Token Provider

145779 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: User notification can lead to undefined behaviour


Improvements myApps for macOS

145476 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash on specific installations when making a call

145348 - myApps macOS: Update of the EPOS headset SDK to v11.3.3


Phone App: New Functions with the Display of Search Results

144194 - Phone-App: Display Chat-Button at search-results

144170 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at search-results


Get all the release notes on V13r3 SR6.

2023-06-15 | Newsticker
Looking Back: innovaphone Exhibited at Nor-Shipping in Lillestrøm, Norway


From June 6th until June 9th, innovaphone exhibited at Nor-Shipping in Lillestrøm, Norway. Nor-Shipping is the leading exhibition for maritime and ocean business environments.

In collaboration with our partners COBS AB, Snom Technology GmbH and Eaton, we presented a high availability communication system for the maritime sector. Thanks to the integration possibilities of the innovaphone PBX, efficient monitoring and alarm scenarios with light signal system, external loudspeakers and camera solutions can be realized. Our sturdy, weatherproof and shock-proof devices are DNV approved and provide the solid basis for the IP communication system. innovaphone solutions can be combined seamlessly with 3rd party products, therefore providing a comprehensive portfolio for onshore and offshore locations.


Would you like to receive more information? Please check our innovaphone solutions for the maritime industry.



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2023-06-05 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: innovaphone Working App (Beta Version)
New in the innovaphone App Store: Beta Version of the innovaphone Working App


The innovaphone Working app for myApps is a time tracking tool to digitally document working hours. The app complies with legal regulations. Customers and partners can now download the working beta version from the innovaphone App Store.


The app enables employees to easily record and track their working times as well as break times. Once entries are confirmed, they can no longer be edited, making them tamperproof. The app automatically considers general legal guidelines for working hours, required breaks and resting times, as well as work on Sundays and public holidays.


Test the beta version of the Working app now on all your end devices, including all features and functions such as live time-tracking. Once you have tried and tested, please make sure to share your feedback with us in our Beta Forum.


You can also use the Beta Forum to get in touch with technicians around the globe and you can participate in discussions. 


Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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2023-05-10 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Service Release V13r3 SR4
New SIP Providers | Germany

142379 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

141861 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Netcologne-SIP_Premium_TLS

New SIP Providers | Austria

142367 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

142380 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk


New SIP Providers | Switzerland

142384 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Plus_Vier_Eins-IPTelefonie

142381 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

142992 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-UPC Business-SIP_Trunk

142364 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-VoIP_Tel_Internacional-SIP_Trunk_Voip_Tell


New SIP Provider | Netherlands

142385 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Enreach-SIP_Trunk


More Available SCNF Channels with Select Gateways

142552 - SCNF interface: More available channels

The number of available SCNF channels was increased with select gateways:

  • IP311: 15 channels
  • IP411: 15 channels
  • IP511: 30 channels
  • IP811: 30 channels
  • IP0013: 150 channels
  • IP6013: 150 channels


Read the full release notes V13r3 SR4.

2023-05-08 | Newsticker
NOW AVAILABLE: Our Catalog "innovaphone Products and Solutions 2023 / 2024"


We proudly present our recently published catalog “innovaphone Products and Solutions 2023 / 2024". This is the successor to our product catalog from previous years.


Our revamped catalog provides information on our corporate values, our motivation as well as detailed information on our extensive product portfolio. We also included sample scenarios to portray the advantages of our versatile solutions.


Download the PDF version of “innovaphone Products and Solutions 2023 / 2024” now

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2023-05-02 | Newsticker
innovaphone Certified according to ISO 14001

The globally recognized standard ISO 14001 is related to the environmental management of companies and organizations. It focuses on conscious and sustainable management as well as the economical use of resources. innovaphone is now certified according to the strict criteria of ISO 14001.

We have always considered ecologically responsible, sustainable action to be an important guiding principle for our business decisions. The compact housing of our VoIP gateways, the repair service for our products and the unrivalled low energy consumption of our collaboration and conference platform myApps are all designed with sustainability in mind. Many of the measures that were subjected to the critical review as part of the ISO 14001 certification had already been firmly established at innovaphone beforehand.

Here are even more examples:

  • The innovaphone headquarters building (completed in 2019) in Sindelfingen was built in line with the latest energy standards
  • High number of electrically powered vehicles in the company fleet plus charging points in the underground company car park
  • Benefits for employees such as the subsidized “Jobrad” bicycle leasing and public transport abonnements
  • Reusing shredded cardboard for product packaging
  • and many more…


For more detailed information, please also check our latest press release:
“Consciously Protecting the Environment: innovaphone Certified according to ISO 14001”

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2023-04-28 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Call Info, Queue Board, Presence Heartbeat by MediaRunway


NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Call Info, Queue Board and Presence Heartbeat by MediaRunway

Call Info can show you important information about the caller in your myApps Phone App for easier and more qualitative (customer) communication. The app obtains the information from an external LDAP server, which in turn can collect its information from a wide variety of sources. With the editor integrated in the Admin App, you can create your individual display template so that more important information can be highlighted with bold letters, a larger font or color.

Queue Board is an easy way to improve the quality of your corporate communication by using this app to get an overview (live and the supervisor also historical) of the waiting time and the number of callers. You can see how many callers and after how long these callers gave up the wait. Give each individual team member (call agent) and the supervisor an easy way for all team members to log in or out of the group. If you want to keep an eye on several waiting queues at the same time, simply open the desired waiting queues next to each other on the supervisor monitor or visible to the team on a larger display. The information can just as well be viewed mobile on a smartphone. In addition, the following can be configured in the app: wrap-up time, how active agents are counted, alarm thresholds and the resetting of values. A supervisor can also be a call agent at the same time. 

Presence Heartbeat improve the clarity of the myApps presence state of your employees, in which the color and the text are automatically set with a preset when the Windows screen lock is activated and unlocked again, as well as when Windows logs on and logs off/ shutdown. This works on the local Windows PC as well as in a Windows Terminal session.

Overview of all available apps within the innovaphone App Store.

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2023-04-19 | Newsticker
Test Virtual innovaphone myApps Meetings Now

Test the innovaphone Conferencing Solution and Join an Online myApps Meeting 


You can now test innovaphone Conferencing with a variety of features such as video calling, chat messaging and screen / application sharing. The testing is free of charge and requires no registration. Simply click on one of the innovaphone myApps meeting rooms to enter the virtual room.

Please visit our website for more detailed information on innovaphone Conferencing.

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