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2022-09-27 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: WQ Status App by trizwo

The trizwo WQ Status app displays a simple status overview of calls in a waiting queue within the app. Users of the app see an overview of the number of calls on hold on a well-structured status screen. In addition, the phone number or the name resolved by the PBX as well as the time the call has been on hold is displayed for each call. The trizwo WQ Status app collects the number of calls as well as their standby time. Therefore, a detailed list of the duration of the sequence of call events is generated. The measured values are allocated for access through Prometheus and for processing by Grafana via a web server in the app.


View the innovaphone App Store for more details

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2022-09-20 | Newsticker
Mixing innovaphone Software Licenses

Renting or Buying Software Licenses? Why not Both?

From version 13 on, innovaphone software licenses can be bought and rented (on premises or from the cloud). Rented licenses do not have a minimum runtime or other limitations*. Simply ensure that enough iSC are credited to the respective customer account.

*Please note: The rented software licenses are intended to be used continuously. Activation and deactivation or up and downgrades of the configuration (e.g. downgrades for the weekends) in order to optimize the fees are not allowed.

So far, nothing new. However, we do have some news: It is now possible to combine bought and rented licenses on one single installation.

What benefits arise?


Imagine following situation:

The operator of a ski hotel plus attached gastronomy, ski lift, ski school and ski rental are all already using an IP telephony system by innovaphone. During the winter season, it would be quite handy to complement the telephony functions with a variety of UCC functionalities for video calls, application / desktop sharing, chat, fax2mail, etc. These will ease the work processes for employees during the seasonal peaks.

The solution: The (bought) licenses for IP telephony are still used around the year. During the winter season, the licenses for the required UCC functionalities & apps are rented.


Should you not be in a branch that undergoes seasonal fluctuations, following scenario may apply instead:

An automotive company has already switched its telephone system to IP telephony years ago. An innovaphone PBX is used in-house, all licenses were purchased. Now, it is high time to get more future-oriented. Employees shall be able to use UCC functionalities as well as traditional telephony. The company, however, is still uncertain about the extent to which employees will actually use functions such as video calling, virtual conferences, application or screen sharing, chat messaging & other features. Unnecessary costs due to unused functions should be avoided, of course.

The solution: The software licenses for various UCC functionalities are rented for a certain time period in order to determine whether these functionalities are actually used within the company.


In addition to the two sample scenarios, there are plenty more where the mixing of purchased and rented licenses be a sensible solution.

Should you need help to find out whether this topic is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help out evaluating your business needs.


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2022-09-19 | Newsticker
New Webinar Series


We are happy to announce our new webinar series, introducing our technology & app partners. Each webinar will be presented by one of our technology / app partners and moderated by innovaphone.

The main focus of each webinar will be the product range, integration of the solution within the innovaphone system as well as completed innovaphone customer projects. Learn about the possibilities of enhancing innovaphone solutions with the versatile products of our technology partners & app partners.


➡️ Check out the upcoming webinars & register now

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2022-09-01 | Newsticker
3rd Test Phase of Beta 13r3
3rd Test Phase of Beta 13r3

We are happy to announce the third test phase of our innovaphone software V13r3, beginning in September. Get ready for numerous improvements and several new features.


These include following:

  • New focus area to set the default view on one app within myApps
  • Provisioning Yealink
  • Connector for kuando® without busy light


Visit our Beta Forum and discover all the new functions and apps. We look forward to your feedback.

If you would like to know how to participate in our test phase, please visit our newsticker on beta test version 13r3

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2022-08-30 | Newsticker
NEW Apps in the innovaphone App Store: Appinion, Camera, Doorbell, Pinboard and Presence Favorites by MediaRunway


The Appinion app can facilitate decision-making processes by quickly and easily asking myApps users for their opinion. You can determine yourself how many answer options you offer the user to choose from. The creator of the poll sees the voting result in percent, as well as how many votes were cast. An app that every company should have installed and an easy and flexible tool for polls.

The Camera app allows users to easily access the MJPEG video image from one or more IP cameras.

Use the Doorbell app to connect your door intercom to the innovaphone myApps system. This makes it possible to receive the ringing of the doorbell by a visitor just like a phone call. Additionally, you will be able to view the image of the camera in your softphone while talking to the visitor or you can open the door by clicking on a “soft button”.

The Pinboard app can replace the information board for notices in the company and saves eternal scrolling in chat histories. If you want to publish information to all users, this is just the right app for you. You can differentiate between long-term information and short-term information by selecting an expiration date.

The Presence Favorites app allows users to create personal Presence Favorites. You can set the color of the presence status, the text and a time for how long this presence status should remain set before switching back to green/present.

Please take a look at the available apps within our innovaphone App Store.


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2022-08-30 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: LineSelect by byon

With the LineSelect app by byon, employees of a business can select different phone numbers to be displayed for external phone calls. In the byon LineSelect Admin app, multiple lines with different phone numbers can be created and assigned to specific profiles. These profiles are then distributed to the employees. In the byon LineSelect User app, the employees can select their required profile and change the outgoing phone number as needed.

Browse through our innovaphone App Store and take a look at all available innovaphone apps & partner apps.

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2022-07-19 | Newsticker
Beta13r3 – 2nd Test Phase


Beta 13r3 – The 2ndTest Phase is Starting

Last month, we announced the beginning of our beta test phase for 13r3. Now, we would like to invite you to join the 2nd beta test phase. Simply log in via the Beta Forum and discover the numerous improvements and functions of the apps. We look forward to your feedback.

More information on how to participate in our test phase is provided in our newsticker on beta test version 13r3



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2022-07-15 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone IP160 - The IP phone for Harsh Conditions


The IP160 IP phone is the successor of our innovaphone IP150 and convinces with its sturdiness and resistance to harsh environments.

With its weatherproof housing, which is also protected against vandalism, the innovaphone IP160 IP phone is well-prepared for use in environments such as machine rooms or wind turbines. Spraying water, high humidity, dust or high mechanical strain cannot harm the IP160. The illuminated red keys and the OLED display enable easy operation even in poor lighting conditions.

Get more details on the IP160

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2022-07-12 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r2 SR13
New SIP Provider - Portugal

126504 - SIP-Provider Profile PT-G9Telecom-SIP_Trunk

Users App: Removal of Deleted Users

124497 - App Users: Automatically remove user from homescreen if it does not exist anymore

Users that no longer exist on the PBX are automatically deleted from the homescreen when clicking.


Deactivation of TLS Renegotiations

124652 - TLS: Possibility to disable client-initiated renegotiation

Client-initiated TLS renegotiation can now be disabled in the TLS settings. This can be manipulated by hackers to generate high CPU load.


Read the complete Release Notes of V13r2 SR13 here

2022-07-11 | Newsticker
Information on Price Adjustments as of August 1st, 2022


Increased prices affect almost all areas of our private and professional lives. We at innovaphone have also been observing the constant price increases of our component manufacturers and suppliers in the hardware sector with concern for quite some time now.

Up until now, we managed to hold back a general increase in prices, due to well-negotiated long-term purchasing conditions. However, we are now forced to take action, due to the insecurities we see in the market regarding future price developments as well as the general inflation trend which leads to significantly higher costs for us in all areas. This means following:

As of August 1st, 2022, we will be increasing the prices of the majority of our products by approx. 15%. This price increase also applies to SSC, warranty extensions and hardware support.

1st option to save money: Buy & bind until July 31st, 2022

  • For prospective innovaphone customers planning on getting an innovaphone installation for your business:
    Decide until the end of July and benefit with the conclusion of an SSA (Software Service Agreement) by getting a more attractive SSC value (Software Service Credits).

  • For innovaphone customers who have already concluded an SSA with us:
    Now is the ideal time to reload your SSC account in order to profit from the more attractive SSC value.

2nd option to save money: Conclude the online Auto SSA contract until July 31st, 2022, and get free months for the SSA

The Software Service Agreement (SSA) enables customers to receive upgrades (new software versions / releases) from bought innovaphone software. With immediate effect, this agreement is no longer concluded on paper but exclusively online instead. These changes apply to new customers as well as established customers.

Auto SSA contracts concluded online via the portal my.innovaphone until July 31st, 2022, and with a defined runtime will get free months (number depends on contract period) to compensate for the price increases.

Please note: if you wish to benefit from this offer, please get in touch with us via e-mail:


Despite all this, we have also made some adjustments that in fact represent a reduction in price after July 31st, 2022:


Reduced prices & easier licensing: Interface licenses & channel licenses included in the future

In the future, all gateways will include all interface licenses and channel licenses (relay channels) upon delivery. This will lower the price significantly and will standardize and simplify licensing. The licenses for all gateways purchased before August 1st, 2022, will also be retrospectively activated free of charge via a firmware update.


Reduced prices for innovaphone myApps Cloud & Software Rental: Reduction of required iSC (innovaphone Service Credits) per license

innovaphone Service Credits are the electronic payment method for innovaphone myApps Cloud as well as the innovaphone Software Rental. With the adjustment of required iSC per license, the prices of the innovaphone myApps Cloud Service as well as the innovaphone Rental Service will be reduced as of August 1st, 2022.

2022-06-14 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: iFrame App, inno2TANSS App & Callback App by MediaRunway


The iFrame app allows for central access to a website, ERP, CRM or another platform. The user’s SIP ID or an individual user string can be added to the configured URL. Instant and user-based web access!

The inno2TANSS app pushes call information from the telephone system into the ticket system TANSS. All calls appear in the timeline (including phone number, customer name, call duration). Quick & accurate documentation of customer calls!

The Callback app manages callback requests and can be used to create call notes. Every message has a level of priority, a status and an optional note. It can be changed, passed on and trace for a productive and modern workflow.

Get more detailed information on the apps in the innovaphone App Store

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2022-06-13 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Tagesschau App by trizwo

The Tagesschau app by trizwo enables you to watch daily news of the German news channel ARD.

An update takes place every 60 seconds so you will not miss out on any news and you will always be up to date.

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2022-06-13 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: ToDoList App by effexx

Get yourself organized with the ToDoList app

Daily goals, weekly tasks, important notes and more can quickly be gathered with the ToDoList app by effexx. This tool is now available for the myApps environment, it is great to help with the organization of daily work and can of course be used across devices.

View the innovaphone App Store for more information



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2022-06-08 | Newsticker
Notification on Discontinued innovaphone Products


Notification on Discontinued innovaphone Products

The IP241 & IP150 IP phones as well as the wireless DECT phone d81ex are no longer available with immediate effect.



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2022-06-08 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: DynamicTeams App by aurenz


With DynamicTeams by aurenz, you can convert normal hunt groups into flexible service teams where agents can log in and out independently as required. The presence status of agents is displayed on a team basis. A call log of the group with callback status enables targeted follow-ups of lost calls. The supervisor dashboard is a monitoring tool with which team leaders can keep track of the team’s workload. If parts of the workforce work remotely or in distributed locations for example, this task alone may otherwise be quite a challenge.

Take a look at the innovaphone App Store for more detailed information

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2022-06-03 | Newsticker
Now Available: Beta Test Version 13r3


The new BETA version 13r3 is now available and we cordially invite you to join the test phase. Just log into the Beta forum, familiarize yourself with a number of new functions and apps and share your experience with us. We are looking forward to your feedback!

How to participate in the test phase:


  • Beta 13r3 comprises a number of new functions and apps and is divided into different Beta phases. The first test phase is available for you as of today, please visit the innovaphone Beta Store and the Beta Forum.
  • The Beta version is being further developed and new features, apps, etc. are continuously being added.
  • Every new Beta phase and the highlights of the release notes will be announced via our monthly innovaphone newsletter as well as our Twitter Tech account.


  • You can use the Beta Forum to get all the information on the new 13r3 features. Also use the forum to share your feedback with us.
  • Should you not be registered yet with an innovaphone Forum account, simply sign up now and get started straight away.
  • Once you have logged into the innovaphone Forum, simply click onto V13r3 Beta Forum.
  • Please note: the language for the Beta phase is English.


  • The 13r3 software is available for download from the Beta Store or the Beta Forum now.
  • Test the Beta Version of 13r3, share your experience with others and send us your feedback.
  • We have already started several discussions and would like to invite you to participate.
  • Please note: the language for the Beta phase is English.


Please note that we will no longer provide support for the 13r1 version with the release of 13r3. Versions 12r2 and 11r2 will continue to receive support.

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2022-05-12 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r2 SR12
New SIP Provider - Austria 

123606 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Telecom5-SIP_Trunk

Combining Rental and Purchased Licenses

124478 - PBX: allow rental and purchased licenses on the same PBX

It is now possible to combine rental and purchased licenses on a bought PBX.


Visit our innovaphone Wiki to view the complete release notes on V13r2 SR12

2022-04-14 | Newsticker
New innovaphone White Paper: “Hybrid Working”

We proudly present our latest innovaphone white paper: Hybrid Working

The working world has undergone quite fundamental changes over the recent past. Even if employees may slowly be returning to the office, traditional workplace models are getting replaced by more flexible & mobile models.

Read the innovaphone whitepaper and get answers to the following questions:


  • Is hybrid working the new normal?
  • What makes hybrid work a success?
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of working remotely from home?
  • Why is innovaphone myApps ideal for remote working?


Download our white paper Hybrid Working now, free of charge

Overview - innovaphone white papers

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2022-04-11 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: SendNumber App by effexx


We are happy to announce that a new feature has been added to the innovaphone solution: the SendNumber app by effexx. Users can conveniently select the phone number to be displayed for outbound phone calls from a list.

Visit the innovaphone App Store for more information

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2022-04-11 | Newsticker
innovaphone CONNECT 2022 – The innovaphone Fair: Register as a visitor now


Meet innovaphone and partners at the innovaphone fair, discover the world of myApps with all its possibilities for collaboration and the virtual workplace of tomorrow.

Date: June 30th, 2022
Location: “Motorworld & Legendenhalle” – Böblingen / Germany

What to expect:

  • Exhibitor stands with products & solutions of our partners
  • Themed areas on various use cases in practice
  • Presentations & keynotes by innovaphone and select exhibitors
  • Evening get-together for networking & getting to know each other
  • A variety of snacks & drinks - for visitors free of charge

Your visitor ticket to the fair “innovaphone CONNECT 2022” is free of charge.

Make sure to register as a visitor now

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