2021-02-17 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR23
New SIP provider – Germany

104716 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Easybell-SIP_Trunk

myApps for mobile: new optimization for Android and iOS
Contacts app: optimization of the LDAP registration

104762 - App Contacts: Install Script, LDAP Authentication

A domain for the user (LDAP) can now be entered in the Contacts Plugin in the AP Manager. This makes it possible to forward LDAP queries via the Reverse Proxy with a freely definable bind domain in the user name to the correct innovaphone App Platform.


Please view the full Release Notes V13r1 SR23

2020-12-23 | Newsticker
Hacker attack on the innovaphone internal network

In december there was a hacker attack on our internal network. It seems improbable that personal data was downloaded, and there is no proof that personal data was accessed, however, we cannot fully disregard the possibility.

In the meantime all persons whose data might have been accessed have been informed by us.

Please note: the innovaphone PBX, the innovaphone App Platform or other innovaphone equipment and software were NOT accessed. All innovaphone equipment remained safe at any time during the attack.

The attackers just managed to gain access to microsoft servers within our internal network.

We are very sorry about this incident and we are currently working on ways how to better protect our data and that of our business partners in the future.

2020-12-01 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone IP511 VoIP Gateway – The Universal Hardware Platform myApps for SMEs

Our IP511 fills the gap between our IP411 and IP811 VoIP gateways. The IP511 meets all demands placed on a modern PBX and Unified Communications platform and offers the ideal solution for all businesses that have already successfully migrated from ISDN to All IP.

The compact, powerful mid-range gateway is now available for order - delivery is scheduled to begin on December 14th, 2020.

With ten hardware-based channels (DSP), the IP511 enables the integration of analog devices (e.g. fax machines or door intercoms) plus hardware-based conferencing. It is further equipped with ten software-based channels (Soft Conferencing - please note that required software licenses are not included).

Our IP511 supports the Opus codec and convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio.


Please refer to our innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information and technical data on the IP511

2020-12-01 | Newsticker
NEW: innovaphone IP6013 VoIP Gateway - Key Player for Large Installations & UC Solutions

We proudly present the successor to our IP6010: the high-performance innovaphone IP6013 VoIP gateway which we have jokingly nicknamed “the beast”. Our latest addition to the innovaphone product range offers the most powerful hardware platform to this date and is now available for order - delivery is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2021.

Fun fact that you may have already noticed: our top performer is as new as can be, we could not even provide a picture with the publication of this newsticker :-)

The IP6013 convinces with mighty 1800 MHz, a strong 4 core processor and two M.2 SSD slots. It further supports the Opus codec and is ideal for operation of the innovaphone App Platform as well as the basis for comprehensive UC solutions.

With a capacity of 25,000 users, its nickname “the beast” makes perfect sense. Our IP6013 is additionally equipped with up to 240 SIP channels with 16 possible different SIP providers, plus 60 ISDN trunk channels and 60 software-based conference channels.

Therefore, the IP6013 is the perfect VoIP gateway for large VoIP telephone systems as well as for headquarters with branch offices. It is also ideally suited for smooth migration scenarios and the integration of DECT systems - for example in the healthcare sector.

Please refer to our innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information and technical data on the IP6013

Please note: The IP6010 will soon receive the status “End of Sale” meaning it will then no longer be sold. Of course, operation, maintenance and repairs will still be possible.

2020-11-25 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR20
Profile app: Improved usability with call diversions

101583 - App Profile: More usability issues on Call Diversions tab

  • Improved input of long phone numbers
  • Input field for diversion no longer duplicated
  • Information on different sessions reliably updated
myApps Android: Mute is supported in the display for incoming calls

101448 - myApps Android: Mute was not supported in the incoming call screen

TURN: Number of configurable accounts increased

101689 - TURN: Don’t allow to enter more users than are supported
In order to be able to configure as many accounts as the system supports, the number of accounts that can be configured on the interface has been increased to 16.

Softphone app: Echo cancellation activated in WebRTC

101653 - Softphone-App: Activate echo cancellation in webrtc


For the full release notes, please click on following link and select “13r1 Service Release 20” via the navigation bar on the left side: Release Notes V13r1 SR20

2020-11-02 | Newsticker
UPDATE: Withdrawal of Service Release V13r1 SR18 - SR19 Available Soon

Due to unexpected issues concerning our UsersAdmin app, we had to withdraw the service release V13r1 SR18 and remove it from the App Store.

All features already announced with the release notes for SR18 will now be integrated into the service release V13r1 SR19 which will be available soon.

2020-10-22 | Newsticker
NEW: Provisioning App for Yealink - No Hassle when Integrating Yealink Phones into an innovaphone PBX

Do you appreciate the advantages of our modular IP telephone system but would you rather use Yealink end devices to receive and make phone calls? Or are you about to equip the workplaces of your employees with new IP phones by innovaphone while you still have some fully functioning Yealink phones in your company? Simply integrate your Yealink end devices quickly into your existing innovaphone PBX by using our new Provisioning app for Yealink.

This app is available for the administrator and can be downloaded via the innovaphone App Store. Once the app has successfully been installed, every user can provision the own Yealink phone via the personal myApps profile settings. Just as with the provisioning of an innovaphone device, the user selects the item “My phones” and then clicks on the button “Add phone”. Once the administrator has assigned the corresponding rights via the Devices app, the user will be able to select “Yealink” as telephone manufacturer in addition to “innovaphone”. All the user needs for the provisioning of end devices is the respective MAC address of the device.

The administrator can now manage the provisioned Yealink phones via the Devices app.

Would you like to integrate your own end devices or the devices of other 3rd party manufacturers just as easily into your innovaphone PBX?

With the open and expandable platform architecture of innovaphone myApps, additional Provisioning apps for the integration of almost any other IP phone provider can be developed and made available via our App Store. Please contact us.

2020-10-20 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR18

SIP Providers

New SIP providers - Austria
  • 77913 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Net_cloud_GmbH-goSIP_SIP_Trunk
  • 78008 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-peoplefone-SIP_TRUNK
  • 78143 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-RTM_businessit_GmbH-SIP_Trunk
New SIP provider - Germany

78112 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-TeleData-TELEFON_SIP_Trunk


Devices App

New: Overview of Software Rental as CSV export

100050 - App Devices: added possiblity to download the rental history (API is also available)

The Software Rental history can now be downloaded as CSV file. Following setting options are available for export:

  • manual selection of individual domains or consideration of all domains with changes
  • Freely configurable time period or monthly overview
New: Input field for invoice reference

78349 - App Devices: new domain field "invoice reference"
An optional invoice reference can now be specified in the Devices app. This will be displayed in the history of the rental system.

Changed authorization for editing a domain name

77782 - App Devices: just allow domain name changes for admins
With immediate effect, the domain name in a cloud environment can only be changed by the admin of the primary domain.


Users App & Users Admin App

Users app: Additional languages available

78053 - App Users: Add translations for the registration, password reset, confirm and expired pages
Areas such as registration, resetting of passwords, confirmations, etc. in the app are now available in following languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

Users Admin app: Customizable standard e-mails for registration and login processes

78300 - App UsersAdmin: Registration and password reset emails can be customized

The e-mails for registration and password resetting can be customized as required via the menu of Users Admin app.

Users Admin app: New filter functions with provisioning

78292 - App UsersAdmin: Allow to filter users by loc, node and template when provisioning phones
When provisioning, it is now possible to filter by “PBX name”, “node” and “template”.



Automatic provisioning of a softphone with new registration via web interface

78339 - Provision Softphone automatically when a new user is registered using the Webinterface
Once a new user is registered via the web interface, a new softphone will be registered automatically for this user. The softphone will be made available once the Softphone app has been activated in the user template.

Softphone app: Muting via WebRTC

78230 - Softphone-App: Allow to mute local microphone
 Calls with the softphone can now also be muted in the browser (WebRTC).

Application Sharing: Optimized display of listing of contents to be shared

76390 - myApps: desktop identifiers for appSharing
If multiple screens are available for sharing, the list displays the corresponding desktop ID.


For the full release notes, please click on following link and select “13r1 Service Release 18”: Release Notes V13r1 SR18

2020-10-05 | Newsticker
Rent an IP PBX Business Phone System: the innovaphone Rental Model for Full Flexibility

If you are looking for a new business telephone system, take a look at all the advantages of the innovaphone Rental Model. It combines the benefits of traditional on-premises solutions with those of a cloud solution: full flexibility, no long-term investments, in-house operation as well as complete control over hardware and servers.

The range of functions always remains the same. If you opt for the Rental Model, all needed software products can be selected from the full range of functions that our innovaphone myApps work and communication platform has to offer:


  • Typical functions of traditional IP Telephony
  • State-of-the-art Unified Communications functionalities
  • Various work and administration tools


Irrespective of the selected functions, the security functions such as the innovaphone Session Border Controller (SBC), innovaphone Reverse Proxy, end-to-end encryption plus two-factor authentication are always standardly on board.

You may also freely choose your preferred type of operation: either on dedicated hardware or virtualized - at your very own data center or with myApps Cloud.


For further information, please visit our website on the innovaphone Rental Model.

2020-09-21 | Newsticker
The Trust Seal “IT Security Made in EU” has been Awarded to innovaphone

The innovaphone myApps platform (including the innovaphone PBX IP telephone system) is equipped with a variety of different security mechanisms. Together, they provide maximum protection against a wide range of different attacks.

In this context, innovaphone has been permitted to carry the trust seal “IT Security made in EU” as of August 2020. Within the scope of a labelling initiative, TeleTrusT - the German IT security association (Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V.) - newly introduced this trust seal in 2020. It complements the trust seal “IT Security made in Germany” which has been awarded to innovaphone several years in a row now.

Following criteria need to be fulfilled in order to receive the trust seal “IT Security made in EU”:


  • The company is headquartered in the EU
  • The company offers trustworthy IT security solutions
  • No solutions that contain non-declared backdoors are offered
  • The company’s IT security research and development are conducted in the EU
  • The company is compliant with the requirements of the EU general data protection regulation


Security is a top priority for innovaphone - get more information on our various security mechanisms

2020-09-21 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r1 SR17

Devices app

Improved URL preview for automatic provisioning

76072 - App Devices: show better auto provisioning link with complete URL
For automatic provisioning, the Devices app now displays the complete device registration URL, including DNS / IP and web server path.

New in the Devices app: password display

76149 - App Devices: use password fields with show password button
A "Show password" button has been implemented in the password fields when a password is entered.

CLOUD: improved domain display

76251 - App Devices: show own domain always on top in domain list
The own domain is now always listed at the top of the list. This helps cloud providers to immediately find their own domain while simultaneously searching for customer domains.


Chat app


Phone app

Improved hotkey function

76264 - Phone-App: Improve hotkey functionality
Entire text lines with phone numbers can now be marked. The phone number is extracted by heuristics and can be dialed.


RCC app

Adjusted licensing

75967 - RCC App required softphone license
In order to use the RCC app, users will need a Phone app license and a Mobility license - just as specified in the Licensing Guidelines.


Softphone app

New config function automatically release disconnected calls

71377 - Softphone-App: New config option "Auto-release disconnected calls"
This setting can be used to define whether the softphone hangs up immediately after the end of a call even if a "disconnected" instead of a "released" message is sent.

Improved selection of audio and video devices in the browser

72804 - Softphone-App: Device management in browser context

When using WebRTC, the desired audio and video devices can now be selected under "Settings".

Please note: So far, this function is fully supported by Chrome; Mozilla Firefox does not provide "audio output".


Please visit our innovaphone Wiki to view the complete release notes V13r1 SR17

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