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2023-09-13 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR8
New SIP Provider | Germany

149968 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Vodafone-IP_Anlagen_Anschluss_TCP

myApps Client (Windows): Chromium Update

147098 - myApps for Windows: Chromium update to .199


OAuth2: Extended Configuration Options

149697 - OAuth2: allow configuration of additional authorization URL query parameters

For example, it is now possible to configure ’&prompt=login’ for Microsoft AD to enforce re-login irrespective of already existing OAuth2 sessions.


Further optimizations for the innovaphone myApps Client für MacOS have also been released.


Get the Detailed Release Notes V13r3 SR8

2023-07-24 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR7
Conference Web Access: More Information if Access to Conference is not Possible

147118 - Conference-Web-Access: Display more helpful information

If an error occurs and a virtual conference cannot be accessed, more information on the cause will now be provided.


VoIP Gateways: Support H.323 Local Domain

147119 - Gateway: Support H.323 local domain

The domain (system name) no longer needs to match the domain you would like to use to federate with other systems. This can be adjusted in the GW object (local domain).


Softphone App: NEW Configuration Option "No Physical Location"

146088 - myApps Softphone: New config option "No physical location"

There is a new configuration option (PBX/Config/myApps/Softphone Registration/No physical location). It affects the behavior of the Softphone app.
If the checkmark is enabled, the softphone in the myApps launcher will not use any physical location, unless it has been configured explicitly. In general, the trunk line of the actual registration PBX will be used.



myPhoneKeys App: Now Available in the Release Store

146990 - myPhoneKeys App on Release Store

The myPhoneKeys app is now available in the release store.


Additional improvements concerning headsets, the RCC app & the Softphone app have been implemented.


Read the complete release notes V13r3 SR7.

2023-06-19 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Releases V13r3 SR5 + SR6

V13r3 SR5

Switchboard App: Several Improvements

143547 - App Switchboard: 2 clicks are needed to cancel a transfer

A call transfer can now be terminated with one single click.

143523 - App Switchboard: Calls cannot be parked if another call is ringing

Calls on hold can only be resumed if there are currently no other inbound calls.

143725 - App Switchboard: Contact is sometimes deleted from BLF

No more contacts are deleted from the busy lamp field during data synchronization.

143549 - App Switchboard: Contacts with no phone cannot close BLF details

Contacts without a phone number can now also close the dialog box with the opened details for a contact again.

143554 - App Switchboard: Display the Info field from Contacts

Additional information on individual users (e.g. employee does not work on Fridays) can now be stored manually. Changes made in the Contacts app are now automatically displayed within the Switchboard app.


SDK for Yealink Headsets

143855 - myApps Windows: Update of the Yealink headset SDK to version

A new headset SDK for Yealink devices is now available.


"Password Protection for all http Pages" Activated by Default

143535 - Enable "password protect all HTTP pages" in install.htm

The option "password protection for all http pages" is standardly activated once installation is completed.
Information which displayed in the advanced UI such as device type, MAC address and firmware version is not visible.


myApps Now Supports the Languages Catalan and Basque

143762 - myApps: Add new languages ca and eu


Phone App: Several Improvements

143990 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at favorites

Once an active call has been established, a button to forward / transfer the call is displayed in the favorites of the Phone app.

144061 - Phone-App: Added "Cancel transfer" button

Once the transfer button with an active call has been clicked, a button with "cancel transfer"will appear.


NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Working App Beta

143406 - Working App in Release Store

The beta version of the new innovaphone Working app for convenient time tracking of working hours is now available in our app store. The app (beta) can be downloaded without requiring a license.


Get all the release notes on V13r3 SR5.


V13r3 SR6


Connector for Microsoft 165 Runs More Stable

144370 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: Reconnect due to unexpected HTTP shutdown in Token Provider

145779 - innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365: User notification can lead to undefined behaviour


Improvements myApps for macOS

145476 - myApps macOS: Fixed a crash on specific installations when making a call

145348 - myApps macOS: Update of the EPOS headset SDK to v11.3.3


Phone App: New Functions with the Display of Search Results

144194 - Phone-App: Display Chat-Button at search-results

144170 - Phone-App: Display Transfer-Button at search-results


Get all the release notes on V13r3 SR6.

2023-05-10 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Service Release V13r3 SR4
New SIP Providers | Germany

142379 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

141861 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Netcologne-SIP_Premium_TLS

New SIP Providers | Austria

142367 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

142380 - SIP-Provider Profile AT-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk


New SIP Providers | Switzerland

142384 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Plus_Vier_Eins-IPTelefonie

142381 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

142992 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-UPC Business-SIP_Trunk

142364 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-VoIP_Tel_Internacional-SIP_Trunk_Voip_Tell


New SIP Provider | Netherlands

142385 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-Enreach-SIP_Trunk


More Available SCNF Channels with Select Gateways

142552 - SCNF interface: More available channels

The number of available SCNF channels was increased with select gateways:

  • IP311: 15 channels
  • IP411: 15 channels
  • IP511: 30 channels
  • IP811: 30 channels
  • IP0013: 150 channels
  • IP6013: 150 channels


Read the full release notes V13r3 SR4.

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