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2023-03-16 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR3
New SIP Providers

140838 - SIP-Provider Profile BE-X2com-X2voip

139920 - SIP-Provider Profile CH-4Ts_Computers-SIP_Trunk

140839 - SIP-Provider Profile DE-Swissnet-SIP_Trunk

140841 - SIP-Provider Profile FR-Linkt-TRUNK_SIP

139417 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-oneCentral-SIP_Trunk_TLS

139783 - SIP-Provider Profile NL-SonaBusiness_BV-SIP_Trunking

Switchboard App: Configuration via Queues PBX Manager Plugin

139184 - App Switchboard: Allow to set the queues group config with the Pbx Plugin

Groups for the Switchboard app can now be configured via the Queues (Switchboard) PBX Manager Plugin.


myApps for iOS: Video Supported

138495 - iPad: Video not playing on latest iPad OS

Video is now supported with the latest iPad OS.


Softphone App: Deleting Dialed Number from Input Field

139886 - Softphone-App: Remove dialed number from input field

The dialed phone number is now also deleted from the input field in the Softphone app when the call is initiated.


Softphone App: No Ringtone with "Do not Disturb" Presence

138492 - Softphone-App: Silent ringing while DND is active

The ringtone does not play if the presence status is set to "do not disturb". However, the call itself is signaled silently.


Softphone App: Displayed when Call is Accepted via Headset

139579 - Softphone2: softphone app in the foreground if call connected with the headset

The Softphone app will be brought to the foreground if a call is accepted via the headset.


innovaphone myApps Meeting via Web Browser: Improved Configuration of Audio Devices

140359 - Web Access: Rework device configuration

When joining a virtual myApps meeting via weblink, audio devices are now pre-selected automatically. The names of the active audio devices are displayed within the dropdown menu.


Get more details on the full release notes V13r3 SR3

2023-03-06 | Newsticker
Highlights V13r3 | myApps Client: Pinning Apps & App Focus


Is it sometimes difficult to keep track with the growing number of available apps? We have good news for you. With our new software version, you can now go ahead and pin often used apps to your myApps task bar. Every pinned app will be displayed permanently within the task bar at the bottom of the client. This also applies when the user closes the app and even if the computer on which the myApps client is used is shut down and started up again at a later point. This allows for quick access to all apps used on a daily basis.


Do you mainly use myApps as telephony and UCC client? In this case, we would like to recommend the function app focus. This goes one step further than the previously described pin function. Select any app you please and place it into the app focus right next to your home button in myApps. This one app will then be fixed to your task bar.


Here is an example: If you select the Softphone app and set it into the app focus, the interface of the Softphone app will open up automatically instead of your home screen once you start myApps. Should you close apps within myApps, you will also end up in the app that was set for the focus. myApps power users can place the focus on any app via drag & drop.


By the way: No matter what app has been placed into focus, you can now check and edit your own presence status directly within this app.


Take a look at the demo video of our colleague Lars for more details on pinning apps and on how to place the focus on an app.

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2023-02-27 | Newsticker
innovaphone Conferencing & Conference App: Join Virtual myApps Meetings, Plan myApps Meetings & Invite Others


Schedule myApps Meetings & Invite Internal and External Participants to Meetings

Plan myApps meetings and generate invitations to these virtual meetings directly within the Conference app. External participants can join the online meeting via a web link and without having to install any software or plug-in. Users can also generate a calendar entry with all relevant information on the meeting and on how to participate. This calendar entry can then be sent out as an invitation to the meeting.


Presence Status in Real-Time

Once a user dials into a myApps meeting using the Phone app or Softphone app, this will be displayed within the presence information in myApps. If someone tries to call this user, either the busy signal will be heard or the call will be forwarded according to the user settings – if this function has previously been activated.


Online Meetings or Hybrid Meetings – Utmost Flexibility with innovaphone Conferencing

The admin determines who has access to which conference room. A user can be assigned as many conference rooms as desired. Each room, indicated with its own icon, can then be added to the myApps home screen for quick access. The badge count at the app icon indicates how many people have entered the virtual conference room. This allows users to see how many people are present in the meeting before even entering the virtual room. Physical meeting rooms are thus perfectly simulated: Whether virtually or physically on site - you can see who is already in a room and then simply enter it.


By the way: Our myApps meetings provide end to end encryption. In order to avoid unauthorized access to a conference room, it is also possible to create an individual PIN. This PIN is then required when dialing into the virtual room.


Please visit our website for more detailed information on the innovaphone Conference app & innovaphone Conferencing solution.

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2023-02-20 | Newsticker
Highlights V13r3 | NEW innovaphone Recording for Voice Recordings & More Features in the Recordings App


Recording phone calls is part of your daily business routine? We are happy to announce a variety of improvements such as extended filter and arrangement options as well as some new features of our innovaphone Recording solution.


Here is an excerpt:

  • The user can now begin with a recording (PCAP recording) manually and locally (and specifically selected) via the Softphone app
  • Users can select between three recording modes
  • Recordings can be set up for groups
  • Deleted recordings are not entirely deleted straight away. They will be transferred to a waste basket where they can either be deleted for good or restored

Get all the details on our website for the innovaphone Recording solution and the innovaphone Recordings app.

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2023-02-20 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR2
Switchboard App: Sending Contact Information via E-Mail

137292 - App Switchboard: Add button to send per email the contact details

In the Switchboard app, you can now use a button to transfer contact information of a found contact into an e-mail to send it.


Switchboard App: Sending Callback Requests during an Active Call

137325 - App Switchboard: Callback request email during an incoming or outgoing call

In the Switchboard app, you can now send a call-back request (with the phone number and - if available - the resolved name, which are automatically included within the mail) to a contact during an active call.


myApps Meetings for External Participants via Browser: Notification on Missing Channel Licenses

138728 - Conference-Web-Access: Show helpful info text if meeting room is full

If a participant tries to enter a virtual myApps meeting and no more channel licenses are available, following information is now displayed: "currently occupied".


Improved IPVA Network Performance under Hyper-V

137018 - IPVA NIC: Hyper-V, VLance Improvements

IPVA network performance under Hyper-V has been improved.


OAuth2 Now Works with Microsoft Azure

137774 - OAuth2: added configuration options to support Microsoft Azure AD

OAuth2 Windows authentication for users to log into myApps with the Windows password now also works with Microsoft Azure.


Take a look at the release notes of V13r3 SR2.

2023-02-13 | Newsticker
Highlights V13r3 | Softphone App & Phone App: Unified Multi-Video UI, Enhanced Stability and New Functions


With the Phone app and the Softphone app (via launcher or web browser), the user interfaces now look the same. This applies to all types of calls: Whether you are in a one-on-one phone call, in a 3-party conference or joining a virtual myApps meeting via one of these two apps.


The major overhaul includes:

  • Multi-video
  • Non-persistent chat directly within the call: Chat messages are transferred as part of the call
  • A “raise your hand” button to indicate that you would like to speak
  • A listing of all participants within a myApps meeting
  • Favorites list, call history and a search field including functions such as visible presence status, initiating a call / chat conversation, take over a phone call (only within the favorites list) or call transfer

Advantages for users of the native myApps client:

Once the Softphone app is used as default app for telephony, a call is no longer disconnected if the Softphone app / the myApps Custom app for MS Teams is closed. Inbound calls can be accepted even if the Softphone app and myApps are not open. Especially when using mobile devices, call signalling is accelerated and general stability is improved.


Please visit our website to receive more information on our Phone app and Softphone app.

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2023-01-24 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Current Service Release V13r3 SR1
Update of * Certificate

137123 - Update of * certificate in trust list of devices

On February 10th, 2023, the current certificate * will expire.
With this software update, the new * certificate will be added to the trust list of all devices.

myApps Conferences: Participation via Internet Browser

137122 - Web-Access: Allow to join without microphone

Participants can now join a conference without microphone.


View the complete release notes of V13r3 SR1.

2022-12-20 | Newsticker
ANNOUNCEMENT: Release of innovaphone V13r3

Our new version 13r3 is now available. Discover all the great features such as the multi-video UI for virtual myApps meetings, new apps and much more.


What to expect with 13r3:

  • New:
    • Online meetings & video conferences with innovaphone Conferencing
    • New Softphone app / Phone app including new functions and new user interface
    • Connectors for presence synchronization with other conference solutions
    • New innovaphone Recording for voice recording (also via softphone)
    • Authentication via OAuth2

  • Major overhaul with significant new functions:
    • Fax app
    • Contacts app
    • Chat app
    • Conference app
    • Easier integration of SIP phones
    • Improved redundancy options
  • For app developers:
    • Expanded SDK and new TEXT interface (speech to text)

  • Additional apps & improved features:
    • App platform replication
    • Recordings
    • PIN apps
    • App focus in the myApps task bar
    • Calendar presence mapping
    • New user interface for settings in the App Platform Manager
    • Users app service & Users Admin app
    • Profile app
    • Users Admin: New field on CSV provisioning file
    • TLS 1.3 support
    • App Devices expert configuration
    • Improved innovaphone App Store
    • myApps Proxy support
    • And much more...

  • Implemented feature requests: 
    • Contacts app: add / edit / delete contacts
    • Outlook contacts are checked with incoming calls to identify the caller within innovaphone myApps
    • Audio signal when someone enters the virtual myApps meeting room
    • Numerous apps start automatically
    • App starts automatically when brought to the foreground
    • Users can hide their phone number when making calls from the Phone app and the Softphone app (settings in the app menu)
    • Users can log into / out of (call) groups within the Phone app and the Softphone app
    • (Automatic) report on sent faxes via e-mail
    • innovaphone myApps can also be used in terminal server environments (e.g. Citrix). A local innovaphone myApps Softphone from the terminal server environment or Citrix is operated remotely via the innovaphone RCC app.
    • Camera & screen sharing can be deactivated if Video or UC license is missing
    • With the innovaphone Phone app & the Softphone app, the audio device can be switched conveniently during a call (via the media panel at the bottom of the call screen)
    • Devices app: Configuration of essential settings in the Devices app; individual device settings via expert configuration
    • New feature with voicemails: Users can send audio files via mail to their inbox
    • Active call diversion displayed in the innovaphone Phone app & the Softphone app
    • Call duration of an active call is displayed in the call status within the Softphone
    • For forwarded calls, both the caller and the forwarding party are displayed in the innovaphone Phone app & the Softphone app, as well as in the OS notification pop-up.




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2022-12-13 | Newsticker
6th Test Phase for V13r3 Beta Launched
6th Test Phase for V13r3 Beta Launched

Following features and apps have been improved for the current Beta 13r3 test phase:

  • myApps & Softphone redundancy
  • innovaphone Connector for Microsoft 365: Synchronization in both directions


Please visit our newsticker to get all details on participating in the beta test phase.

Visit our V13r3 Beta Forum.

We look forward to your feedback.

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2022-11-24 | Newsticker
Fifth Test Phase for BETA V13r3 Launched
5th Test Phase for V13r3 Beta Launched


Following features and apps have been improved for the current Beta 13r3 test phase:

  • OAuth2: myApps Windows authentication using OAuth2
  • Recordings app: new features and improvements
  • Media relay improvements for 3rd party phones
  • TEXT interface
  • SDK 13r3


Please visit our newsticker to get all details on participating in the beta test phase

We also cordially invite you to join our Beta 5 dialog:

Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2022
Time: 11 am
Location: virtual meeting

For more detailed information and the web link to join in, please visit our Beta Forum.

We very much look forward to your feedback & to meeting you online.

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2022-10-18 | Newsticker
Next Test Phase for V13r3 Beta Launched
4th Test Phase for V13r3 Beta Launched


Following features and apps have been improved:


  • Switchboard app
  • Users Admin app (CSV export) 
  • innovaphone myApps Connector for Microsoft 365
  • Local 3 party conferences


Please visit our newsticker to get all general details on participating in the beta test phase.

We also cordially invite you to join our Beta 4 dialog:

Date: Wednesday, October 26th, 2022
Time: 11 am
Location: virtual meeting

For more detailed information and the web link to join in, please visit our Beta Forum.

We very much look forward to your feedback & to meeting you online.



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2022-10-12 | Newsticker
Highlights of the Service Releases V13r2 SR16 & SR17
myApps Android: Availability of Huawei Libraries

131737 - myApps Android: Include Huawei push messaging only in a separate distribution for the Huawei App Gallery

Huawei Libraries are now only included within the Huawei App Gallery (removed from the Google Store).

Support of Gigaset ION 

112306 - phone USB: support Gigaset ION (DECT Handset/Speaker)

innovaphone desk end devices now support Gigaset ION (DECT handset / speaker).


New Fields to Configure LLDP Settings

129696 - LLDP configuration via advanced GUI

The advanced UI now provides additional fields to configure LLDP.



View the complete release notes of V13r2 SR16.


View the complete release notes of V13r2 SR17.

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