Connect App
Interactive Platform for Digital Collaboration Across Project Teams, Departments & More

Digital Collaboration with the Connect App for innovaphone myApps

The Connect App provides an interactive platform with micro blogging aspects.

Use the app to conveniently share information with others, participate in discussions, coordinate tasks with your colleagues - across teams, departments and within the entire company.

Users of the Connect App have access to all relevant information and can quickly make information available to others.

Digital collaboration is now easier than ever before.


Boost your corporate communications - enhance dialogue and collaboration!

The Connect App is a virtual message board, an interactive platform to exchange information and a working tool all in one.

A software tool that allows teams to communicate easily & without any hassle

The Connect App is the ideal tool to share information with others – across project teams, departments and the entire company. Whether you would like to know the status of an ongoing project or are missing some details – the right contact person will always be addressed.

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Advantages of the Connect App

The Alternative to E-Mails

The Connect App works according to the “pull” versus “push” strategy. Information is shared on the interactive platform. Every employee has access to the information they need for their specific purposes. The app is an efficient and modern alternative to e-mails for internal communication.

Boosting Digital Collaboration

All information is available in one place, and easily accessible via keywords and specific communication channels. Anybody can contribute to all discussions: That is how digital collaboration for modern corporate communications of tomorrow looks like.

As Transparent as You Please

Authorizations for protected areas within the Connect app can be assigned. This can come in handy for communication within the HR department or corporate management. Users can further send private messages and share information with select contacts.

Zwei Pfeile mit Pull und Push, Information steht in der Mitte, Pull mit Connect App Icon, Push mit E-Mail IconZwei Pfeile mit Pull und Push, Information steht in der Mitte, Pull mit Connect App Icon, Push mit E-Mail Icon

Pull instead of Push -
New Perspective on Collaboration

Say goodbye to...

Say hello to modern corporate communications.

How Can I Use the Connect App Productively?

The app uses the micro-blogging approach. Users create posts and share information by publishing these posts within the Connect App. Colleagues can respond to the posts and start discussions or reply with their comments.

However, interaction on the Connect App is not restricted to text contributions. Users of the app can indicate whether they like a post, and posts can be marked for the personal watch list.

Always stay up to date by following key words (tags), communication channels (channels) or users.

Would you like to address a person or a group directly? Simply tag the respective person or the group. The tagged users will then automatically receive a notification within their feed.


Areas of the Connect App:


Your feed displays messages specifically aimed at you. These can be @ mentions or comments of posts which you replied to or which you are following.



All messages from the Connect App are delivered in the stream. Scroll through all posts and retrieve information that is relevant to you.

Screenshot der Connect App, links ist Feed, rechs ist StreamScreenshot der Connect App, links ist Feed, rechs ist Stream
Connect App Icon mit Badge Count Anzeige, Screenshot der Connect AppConnect App Icon mit Badge Count Anzeige, Screenshot der Connect App



Your badge count indicates the number of unprocessed messages in your inbox.


Your inbox contains all unprocessed messages. You can save messages for later or tick them off to clear your inbox.

Taking a Closer Look at the Feed


Users can pin tags and shared channels to quickly access relevant information.


Protected areas - only visible to authorized user groups, for example specified departments.


All keywords with the respective posts can be found in this area.

Screenshot der Connect App mit Channels, Zones und TagsScreenshot der Connect App mit Channels, Zones und Tags

How is the app licensed?

Licensing of the Connect App is user-based. One license required per user who wants to use the Connect App.

How can I test the Connect App?

The first 200 discussions per installation are free of charge. You further have the option to test the Connect App within our innovaphone Community, also free of charge. Should you be new to our Community, please visit our dedicated website on getting started with the innovaphone Community.

The first 200 discussions per installation are free of charge - what happens if these discussions are all used up?

All users can keep on reading the posts within the Connect App ("read only"). Users with a valid license have the option to submit posts and to comment.

Do I get an e-mail notification with new messages?

Yes, you will be notified via e-mail. You also receive all personally relevant information within your feed.

How much memory space is required?

Memory usage of the Connect App highly depends on the user behavior. Video files and high-resolution images always require more memory space than plain text. We would recommend you to monitor the size of your message database to get a feeling for its growth.

Our experience has shown that 100 MB per user / year is a good approximation. This estimated value would include occasional attachments, some PPTs, images, screenshots and very rarely a video.

Can I send private messages within the Connect App?

Yes, it is possible to send private messages. Before you send a message, you can tag one or more users and click on the icon indicating a private message Icon der Connect App für Privatnachrichten. The message is now directed only at the person or people you tagged.

Do You Need Any Help?

Get in touch with us to get more detailed information on how to use the Connect App in your business.

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