innovaphone Partner Program
Become a Partner for IP Telephony & Unified Communications

Make your company viable for the future and become a specialist for modern and innovative technologies – made in Germany.

In a continuously growing market for IP and Unified Communications solutions, innovaphone is always on the lookout for competent and reliable partners for the distribution and installation of innovaphone products.

The innovaphone Partner Program offers you the opportunity to acquire great expertise, right from the first level of certification and with comparatively low initial investment.

The different partner levels are successive and perfectly complement each other: every investment will be an investment for the future.



Säulendiagramm Partnerprogramm

innovaphone Partner Connect (iP Connect)

The innovaphone Partner Connect level is the first certification level of the innovaphone Partner Program. In order to achieve the partner level iP Connect, you will need to fulfil following requirements:

  • At least one of your technicians must currently be trained as innovaphone Technician Connect (iT Connect). This status is achieved by successfully completing the innovaphone Technician Connect Training. Contents of this training are the configuration and administration of the innovaphone PBX in order to be able to set up standard installations.
  • Your sales representatives have successfully completed a current innovaphone Sales Training, for example via an online webinar or upon consultation also on site with an innovaphone sales representative.
  • You promote innovaphone as UC solution on your website (provided that other manufacturers are listed there) and link directly to With this reference, you use the current innovaphone logo.
  • Your business has an innovaphone Plus corporate subscription for all technicians to remain up to date.
iP Connect Logo

More detailed information on the iP Connect partnership



innovaphone Partner Advanced (iP Advanced)

The innovaphone Partner Advanced level is the second level of certification of the innovaphone Partner Program. Following requirements need to be fulfilled in order to receive the status iP Advanced:

  • You already fulfil the requirements of iP Connect
  • At least one of your technicians must currently be trained as innovaphone Technician Advanced (iT Advanced). This status is achieved by successfully completing the iT Advanced Training. Prerequirement for the admission to the iT Advanced Training is the certification of the technician as innovaphone Technician Connect (iT Connect).


iP Advanced Logo

More detailed information on the iP Advanced partnership


innovaphone Partner Advanced Pro (iP Advanced Pro)

These partners are selected innovaphone Resellers. They are distinguished through their long-standing, reliable cooperation and their expertise concerning innovaphone. iP Advanced Pro stands for outstanding performance in distributing innovaphone IP Telephony and Unified Communications solutions. Customers benefit from extensive project experience, competent consultation, technical support and reliable services.

This status is only granted to a select number of particularly qualified and successful innovaphone partners, due to strictly defined criteria by innovaphone. An iP Advanced Pro partnership is always limited to one year and will be evaluated annually. After having fulfilled certain requirements, you can apply for the status innovaphone iP Advanced Pro.

iP Advanced Pro Logo

More detailed information on the iP Advanced Pro partnership

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